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Hi. I'm a late comer to the game, but am enjoying it. After getting lost in The Depths, I decided to map it out. I joined the Wiki specifically to add these maps. Maybe some other newcomers (or late comers) will get some use out of them. Any suggestions for future maps or map ideas...I toyed with the idea of just doing a straight map without indications of objects/enemies...but for the first pass, included everything (mostly).



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Hi and welcome! Maps are certainly great additions to the wiki, i appreciate how time consuming it is to make them so a big thank you!

There are several areas missing some maps. People often like to see everything in them as they are already in the page with the info, however it is possible to add a separate blank map if you'd like too!
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Wow! I saw this for the first time and had to take a look. Nice job! I especially like the fact that it is hand-drawn. It is certainly fitting for the game - it looks exactly like what a desperate adventurer would be carrying around with them if they found themselves in such a confusing place.

My only critique would be that you appear to have left out the Kirk invasion point. (Unless I am reading the map wrong.) I think this would be a helpful marker to add, as his spawn-point can be missed - annoying if you are hunting for his gear. I never new where to find him until I was summoned by another player who triggered his invasion.