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Due to gameplay purposes. Because it allows you to go back to the Asylum in case that you screw up,
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I would want to see proof that the crow was actually killed. I've assaulted it numerous times, my most "successful" of which was two handing a great scythe with lemon buff, power within and the red tearstone active and overhand chopping it into oblivion and the damn thing just flies off (but does return when reloading the game). Same thing for Alvina. With Alvina I've actually done more than enough damage for the kill but she does vanishes the same regardless.

Now I don't remember for a fact if I took the entire health bar of the crow so I could be wrong but I do recall trying like hell.
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On about various questions asked on this thread (I know, late, but only just now discovered this thread ;p):
Any spoiler tags can be looked at if you've reached the last area accessible via bonfire (you'll be able to tell if you have).

- The Crow: it is possible it is undead, yet unlikely. After all, like for example the Primodials, it just flies away.
-> However, we DO know that beings other than humans can be affected by the curse. Just look at the rats. Don't tell me they're alive...

- Lifehunt and Lifedrain are two totally different things. Lifedrain is Kaathe's power and grants the power to sap someone's humanity. This, indeed IS used to gather pieces of the Dark Soul as it has natural affinity towards itself
->This concept also plays a major role in Dark Souls II ...

->Lifehunt, however, CAN damage Giants. Priscilla's heritage explains her having this unique ability, which in game is represented by a 50% bleed damage scythe rather than 30%. It's the very reason she's locked in the Painted World as the Giants knew she can effectively kill them.

- Velka is a "rogue deity" meaning she has NO affiliation, but others have affiliation with her. With Karmic Justice, she has the effectively strongest miracle in the game as Karmic Justice, though tricky to use, is quite a lot stronger than Wrath of the Gods and can easily deal 2000 damage (yes, it IS possible to make a one-shot build with it because it scales with INT better than with Faith, then just add red tearstone and there you go...)

- Dark Set doesn't have feathers. The texture is WAY too narrow. If you actually look at it, you notice lines indicating they possibly can't be feathers.
In Dark Souls II, this is even more visible.

- She is the strongest of the Giants, seeing as she has power over other Giants (not only strongest miracle in the game, but also Vow of Silence which prevents all casting and all the so-called Gods in some way use magic). It is known she can use the power of Sin to affect the other Giants. That is why Gwyn especially feared her... apart from the fact she also has other means to kill them.
-> It is basically presumed fact she helped Havel in his uprising yet didn't involve herself directly. Occult, after all, comes from her.
-> Velka neither supports the Darkmoon NOR the Darkwraiths. Gwyndolin just dared to take over her role. He's an imposter, really. The God of the Dark Moon is not the God of Sin, for it is Velka who decides Sin and Punishment.
-> Note that in-game, this is referred to in PRESENT TENSE... as is any sentence regarding her. That means: she DEFINITELY is alive in Dark Souls, just chooses to rather make a point in absense for whatever reason.
Almost definitely, you can say this still is the case in Dark Souls II as you still have the pardoner and Velka STILL makes a point in being absent... also, one doesn't know whether or not Cromwell knows what the clothes he's wearing mean... so Velka might just be the last Giant of Lordran still alive. And as such, the last BEING from Dark Souls still alive in Dark Souls II ...

The Black Dragon Kalameet is overrated. Granted, he's extremely strong, even for a dragon, but Gwyn in his prime should have easily been able to kill him. Also, it is notable that it seems like his biggest strength was fear as Gough more than readily helps the player if he wishes to actually challenge him. It's like Gough has been waiting for it for a long time ...

The Primordials were killed by Vendrick in Dark Souls 2, as seen by the Shrine of Winter and the cut-off snake heads at the statue in the middle. Why Vendrick? Because he obviously renounced being either and ended up hollowing for it. That is why the player now has Shannalotte and Nashandra to guide them...

I hope this answers any questions regarding her.