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Hi guys,
Im new to the website, does anyone know how to get from the darkroot basin to the darkroot gardens..? I was led down the path to the lake where the crystal golems are and leaped down a few cliffs, now im unable to find a route back to the gardens a safe way, as my character level is too weak to progress.
All help is much appreciated,



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Hi and welcome!

The Basin is the area with the Golems and a Hydra. To get back towards the safety of the Undead Burg or blacksmith Andre : with your back to the hydra, you want to hug the right wall until a path opens. Follow the winding path and opt to go up whenever possible. One you reach the top of the cliff, turn left and mind your rear for some enemy trees ready to attack you. If you go this way there's a titanite Demon, who you can run past :)
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What the boss said, hug the wall and find the narrow path going up, if you find the leather armour and long bow on a dead body, you're on the right path.
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