Have you found that the facial animations are better or more fitting than if you use a custom face? 
Nobody plays with the default Shepard face huh? lol
Nobody plays with the default Shepard face huh? lol
I play with my imported custom Shepard. Both of them

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my room mate did and the animations are no different than my custom shep face.

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i like default better. the animations are the same, except the face itself looks more life like.

the custom character looks like their features have been sanded smooth. and when you select a rougher complexion, you get some 50 year old smoker's face. maybe there should be something in between smooth and pockmarked elderly.
The reason I wondered is before the game came out, I saw some screenshots of the default Shepard face and they looked WAY better than anything in ME 1 or 2. I'm wondering now if they were part of a cutscene video or something rather than in-game.
I only play male default shep, everytime i make a custom the voice sync sounds weird >.>
I only use the default Shepard face, anything else seems just weird to me.
I thought there was a bit more detail purposely put into Default Shepard because it's an actual facial scan...?