I'd like to ask if there will be provided some kind of patch which would restore english dialogue option for Polish release of Mass Effect 2 (dual english/polish release of game has been promised and confirmed by EA Poland)?

And since some stores broken street date and started selling game early we know this was false promisses.
Same here
To quote Mr. Udina: This is an outrage!

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Have you tried setting the installer language to English?

That's how it worked for ME1 (at least in Germany) and I guess it's the same for ME2.
There is no such option.

We can only set - polish, czech and hungarian version.
Sounds like cause for a refund, worst case scenario you can order from Direct2drive.co.uk or something?
Same 'ere. We were promised both versions, and I ordered ME2 for the original dialogues. I don't want polish dubs (as I prefer playing with english) and I paid for both options. That's just not nice. And we should get some kind of a patch.
Same 'ere.

Can't you just stitch together some quick (but somewhat huge) patch that contains the english language files?
hey! there is a solution invented by someone on polish bioware board:

we have to edit sku.ini and change all POL to INT.

In Mass Effect 2\\BioGame\\CookedPC change BIOGame_POL.tlk to BIOGame_INT.tlk

This way we have english voices with polish subtitles, I know it's a half of a success - cause I'm one of people that would like to have 100% english version... but better that than hearing ugly polish voice acting

Thats all! works great for me :)

I thinkt hat this will work with other ME2 games that don't have english voice option.

did you guys buy digital version or retail box version?