I have Mass Effect 2 for the Playstation, and i wanted to start a New Game+ on it, so I imported an ME2 character I had. The thing is, after the intro and Shep dying, Mass Effect Genesis started playing, and I could make decisions, even though I had already done this with the original character I was importing. I just wanted to know if this is supposed to happen, or if something fishy is going on?
Odd. Thoughyt I'd just answered this. No, nothing fishy. AFAIK Genesis starts every time you begin a new game in ME2, including NG+. The only way to stop it is to temporarily uninstall it, though I believe doing that means you get stuck with default decisions such as dead Wrex, who survives Virmire and so on that would otherwise be alterable with Genesis.
When ME1 comes out for PS3 and we have Genesis installed in ME2, what will happen when we import a character? Do we have to make the same choices in Genesis as in ME1? On PS3 Genesis isn't a separate DLC. It's in the same download file as the Cerberus Network stuff. So the only way not to have Genesis, is by not having any DLC, such as Zaeed. The only separate DLC download was Arrival.
they might throw a patch on the genesis comic? maybe a on off switch or something but this is guess work,