The fine folks at our online store have come up with a new t-shirt based on everyone's favorite hanar Spectre, Blasto!

Take a look at this image: http://social.biowar...ms/618982/45076

First: Tell us what you think of this shirt. Would you buy it if we sold it on the store? Liek it? Not so much? What do you think?

Second: See the outlines of the 6 weapons around Blasto? Our friends at the online store are going to give a $24 credit, good for use on the store, to the first 10 people who correctly identify what these 6 weapons are.

So? Feedback please, and try to name the weapons. :)



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I honestly think it could be better. It's good as it is, but could still be better.

As for the weapons, no clue, but #2 is definitely a P90. Image IPBImage IPBImage IPBImage IPBImage IPBImage IPB

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To be honest the image looks a little boring, and I wouldn't buy it.  If the image was better then I would consider it.
Well, I buy pretty much anything ME, but I'm not interested in that at all sorry.
Why are the guns blacked out?
4 looks like M41-A... 6 - portal gun?

Blasto looks kinda "dry", and I personally always imagined him as a biotic, among other things (i.e. with that biotic glow around him).

Would I buy this? Maybe...

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Eh, the shirt is ok...
Han solo gun from star wars?


That's all I got. I think the idea is cool, but make it on a white shirt to contrast the black guns. The black just kills it.

I would love a Blasto T-Shirt, Really!! But the design displayed there I wouldn't buy, There is quite a lot of Blasto concept art around designed by the fans. Maybe get the artists to take some inspiration from them...

Edit:  Im guessing thats not actually the T-shirt but the competition entry picture...  I hope!  :P

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3-Flare Gun


5-Anti-Aircraft rocket Launcher

6-Gravity gun (Half-Life Series)