By derterifii
So... I finally decided mapping Mass Effect 1 keys to a 360 controller. and it works! for the most part...
whenever I hit left (A) on the left analog stick, and left (move mouse left) on the right analog stick, the entire screen just starts spinning out of control, and usually end up looking behind me.
Is there a fix? or am I screwed.
and to deter any "why u play with controller" comments, YOU try playing on a couch, where the laptop, and coffee table is half a mile away from you, and you have no extra Keyboards. (that, and I'm tired of hunching over to play my games. it's not comfortable after a while.)
By derterifii
Never mind... found a fix. funnily enough, I couldn't find this the first time I googled this.
Essentially, what you're going to want to do is map right analog stick to a mouse button, any mouse button, AND the mouse movement.
I recomend the middle mouse button
why this needs to be done, I've no clue. but it works.

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By sltPoison
Could you link your Xpadder Profile and keybindings? That would be awesome
By Gungoose86

I just wanted to say thank you for posting these instructions!
ME 1 is/was my all time favorite game on the Xbox 360 until i realized the XB graphics card was not displaying my favourite games to their full potential! So for the last 3 months i have been playing PC games. I bought the PC version of ME1 last November (2012), yet because of the spinning view glitch i couldn't stand to play the game, even using all my xpadder guile to tweak the dead zones, sensitivity, emulation speed..:crying:

Now i can play the game the wway it was meant to be, with a controller and unlimited PC graphics and mods!
But i never would have figured out the trick was to assign a mouse function over the directional mouse buttons for the right analog stick. 
I will try to display my Xpadder setup in my profile somewhere, as soon as i can figure out how to upload or copy the Xpadder image with all the ME1 buttons mapped, as my print screen option does not appear to work with Xpadder.. Oh well, , i think it is the ULTIMATE Xpadder setup for ME1! (except for the fact i can't get the MAKO to run at different speeds with stick pressure like with the Xbox 360 version, which has out of date graphics but the gameplay controls and execution were great..) Anyway thanks!


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By Jungle Souljah
Hi there,

I am having this same problem, but how do you assign the mouse button and movement to the right analogue stick? When I try to do it I can only have either a mouse direction or a mouse button, but not both. Any help appreciated

Edit: Oops sorry, I've just figured it out. I didn't notice the advanced options tab, and the ability to select a second function.

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By ahh20011983
Thanks Derterifii, you are really a life saver.