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Hello and welcome to this fine guide for all your travels in the accursed land of Boletaria.

General Tips

Prepare to DIE
This is not a joke. You will die. You will die a LOT.
Souls games teach their players to accept death and overcome it.
It may sound strange at first, but the concept is very simple to get used to.

In any game, once you die, its game over. You lose all your progress and have to start from your last save, or checkpoint. In Souls games, your death will simply return you to the beginning of the location, or any checkpoint you reached on your way.

  • You will retain all your picked up items, but won't get back the items you already used.
  • All already picked up items will remain in your inventory and thus won't appear again in the world.
  • All non-boss and non-NPC enemies will respawn.
  • You will lose all your Souls.
  • The Durability of your items will be lowered. It's lowered by your death, but also by fighting.

Souls are the game's currency, but also experience points used to level up.
You use Souls to purchase items and weapons, to upgrade and repair your gear, to learn spells and to level up. However once you die, you lose all of your Souls. They can't be stocked anywhere, so you always have to carry your Souls on you.

No need to panic if you have a large sum of Souls on you. While it is best to use them as soon as you can, if you die, not all hope is lost. Once you die, you leave a Bloodstain on the place of your death. If you can reach this Bloodstain without dying, you will recover all your lost Souls.

Soul and Body Forms
First thing you must learn is the difference between your Soul and Body Forms.

You start as a human, in your Body Form. Once you die, you will be in the Soul Form. Being in the Soul Form has several effects.

  • In Soul Form your maximum HP is reduced to half, that is 50% of the HP you have in Body Form.
  • In Soul Form you can place your summon sign by using Blue Eye Stone, or invade other players by using Black Eye Stone.
  • In Body Form you can summon other players and be invaded.

You can be revived back to your Body Form if you:

  • Kill a boss in your world.
  • Kill a boss in somebody else's world as a Blue Phantom.
  • Kill another player, which you invaded, or were summoned to as a Black Phantom.
  • Use the item Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, which can be found in many places in the whole of Boletaria.

As you can see, the concept is very easy to understand. However it doesn't end here, because player's Soul Form is further affected by Tendencies, which are explained later.

In world 1-1, which is the first world you'll visit after leaving Nexus for the first time, you can find the Cling Ring. This ring raises your max HP in Soul Form. I strongly recommend that you take this ring and have it on you whenever you're in Soul Form.

Equip and Carry Burden
You have a limit to how much items you can carry on yourself.
This limit is split into Equip Burden and Carry Burden.

Equip Burden is the total weight of the gear you have currently equipped.
  • If your current Equip Burden is less than half (50%) of the max Equip Burden, you will move quickly and will roll around quickly as well. This is called a fast roll.
  • If your current Equip Burden is more than half (50%) of the max Equip Burden, you will move slowly and roll slowly as well. This makes you more vulnerable and makes evading enemy attacks more difficult. This is called a fat roll.
  • If your current Equip Burden is more than the max Equip Burden value, you will only be able to walk. You will become overencumbered and will not be able to run and sprint and you will also not be able to roll to evade enemy attacks.

Carry Burden is a total of all the items in your current possession. If you carry too many items, you won't be able to pick any new ones. There is a very nice NPC, with very poor mathematical skills named Stockpile Thomas. He is the guy sitting in Nexus with several boxes behind him.

If you bring him a Jade Hair Ornament from 1-1 he will reward you with the Ring of Herculean Strength, which raises your Carry Burden by 50%.[/spoiler]

Archstones and the Nexus
[spoil]The place where you will find yourself after the tutorial level is called the Nexus. It houses most of the NPCs and it's a place of rest. The Nexus serves as a hub for your journeys and you travel to each of the five worlds through their respective Archstones.

In the cutscene you're welcomed to the Nexus by the Maiden in Black. After killing Phalanx in 1-1 she will allow you to use her powers to gain levels, to level up your stats and SL. This can be done only through her.

You will find other NPCs in the Nexus.
All available trainers here who will teach you Sorceries and Miracles, however you must first free the best of them to be able to obtain the best spells.
There's also a blacksmith who will sell you some starter weapons and do some basic upgrades and repairs. Lastly, there's Stockpile Thomas, who will take care of your belongings.

There are five worlds in Demon's Souls.
Each symbolized by an Archstone in the Nexus.

    [1] Boletarian Palace.
    [2] Stonefang Tunnel.
    [3] Tower of Latria.
    [4] Shrine of Storms.
    [5] Valley of Defilement.

With exception of Boletarian palace, each world consists of three parts, each ending with a boss. Boletarian Palace has four parts, because the first part, guarded by Phalanx is still considered a tutorial of sorts.

Most players refer to the worlds by numbers, like 3-2. the first number is the number of the world. This number is given to the world from left to right, when you view them in the Nexus. Boletarian Palace is first and Valley of Defilement is last. To make it simple, I put a number for each of the worlds in the list above.
The second number is the part of the specific world. In case of 3-2, it refers to Tower of Latria and to the part of the world you get into after killing the first boss in that world.

You will be able to venture to other worlds as you please once you kill Phalanx in 1-1 and talk to few NPCs in the Nexus.

I'm sure you noticed the notorious Sixth Archstone. It's a destroyed Archstone between Tower of Latria and Shrine of Storms. It is even mentioned in one of the cutscenes. There have been some wild speculations that it can be unlocked, or that it is a DLC, but none of those are true. Whatever the reasons are behind its current state remain a mystery, however one thing is clear and that is the player's inability to use this Archstone.

In order to play "online", all you need to do is be signed into PSN. The game takes care of the rest, giving you the bloodstains, hints and ghosts from other players.

Co-op and PvP are rich aspects of this game and it's recommended you dive right into it. You will win some, you will lose some, but you will have fun and will make a bunch of new friends. Working as a Blue Phantom in particular is a great way to help a fellow rookie and learn about the worlds in a risk free way. If you die as a Blue Phantom you won't lose your Souls. Helping as a Blue Phantom is also a great way to earn those valuable Souls early on.

Demon's Souls was released by a different publisher in different regions. That means that EU, NA and Asian players cannot play together, because each of these regions has servers from a different company.

You can see messages written by other players on the ground. These messages can be helpful, but they can also deceive you and lure you to your death.

If you write a message, which is done by pressing the Select Button (no item required), other players can view and rate this message. You have to choose from several pre-set words to create your message, which can ultimately say anything you wish. If they do so, your HP will be completely recovered when your message gets a positive rating. This happens immediately when your message has been rated. In case that you're offline, this HP rejuvenation will be remembered by the server and will happen as soon as you get online again.

You can see Bloodstains of other players. If you touch these Bloodstains, you can see the last few seconds before they died. This can reveal dangerous traps, or hiding enemies. Learn from the mistakes of those that walked this path before you.

There can be spirits, or ghosts if you will, that will move through your world. Grey, human-like apparitions. These ghosts are other players. You can see them and they can see you as well, but you cannot interact with each other. If there are a lot of these ghosts nearby, you may be able to traverse across the worlds to assist one other in jolly cooperation.
...or fight each other to death.

The guide will cover Co-Op and PvP separately in other sections.

This is just a short warning.
Any NPCs that will aggro on you, for whatever reason, like falling on the, or outright attacking them, will remain in this state until you kill them, or finish the game. This applies to every NPC in the game, even merchants, trainers and Stockpile Thomas.
It's best to unequip all weapons before talking to NPCs, just to be safe. Nobody wants to be left alone without an option to stock, or retrieve his items.

Out of all possible NPCs I will mention here only four. Three are trainers, which will teach the player high level spells in trade for Demon's Souls. and one is a blacksmith, which will enable you to do higher levels of upgrades and will make Boss Weapons for you. You first have to find and free the three trainers in order to gain access to their services. After freeing them, they will move to the Nexus.


Sage Freke
Sage Freke will teach you high level Sorceries.
He is locked in a cell in 3-1. You'll need the Special key, found right before the boss to free him.

Saint Urbain
Saint Urbain will teach you high level Miracles.
He is trapped in Patches' trap in 4-2. To free him, simply defeat the Black Phantom guarding the only way out.

Yuria the Witch
Yuria the Witch will teach you high level Sorceries, called Witchcraft.
She is being held prisoner by a Fat Official in 1-3. Getting to her is quite tricky though.

First, you need to go 1-3 and kill the Fat Official who has closed down the iron bar gate in a cutscene. He will drop the Official's Hat and Iron Ring of Keys. With these keys, return to 1-2, right before the fight with Tower Knight and you'll see a locked door on your right. Open the door and enter a dungeon. In here, you can free Biorr, of the Twin Fangs, who will the assist you with fighting Penetrator. There is also another Fat Official who drops Bloody Key.

With the Bloody Key and Official's Hat return back to 1-3 and unlock the small door on the rightmost side of the plaza with dogs and wagons with dogs. Proceed further on to reach a small tower where Yuria is held. The top floor is guarded by a Fat Official who has to lower the stairs for you, but will not do so, until you equip the Official's Hat. So equip the hat, kill the Fat Official and you have freed Yuria.

Blacksmith Ed
Blacksmith Ed is a brother of Blacksmith Boldwin who resides in Nexus. You can find Ed in 2-1 after you activate the second elevator.

Ed will allow you to use more upgrade paths than Boldwin and if you give him Red Hot Demon's Soul from Flamelurker, he will make Boss weapons for you from Demon's Souls.

In your travels, you will, sooner, or later, meet a peculiar character. If you free this person from his predicament, he will move to the Nexus. Once he does so, two dead bodies will appear on the stairs leading to the second floor of the Nexus. For every boss that you defeat, this character will kill one NPC in the Nexus. The NPCs that can be killed include all trainers and even Stockpile Thomas. I strongly recommend getting rid of this malicious NPC as soon as possible, or he can ruin your game, by killing an important NPC.

World Tendency
World Tendency and Character Tendency are a large part of this game. HOWEVER, it may be better to disregard their effects in your first playthrough. If you want to see all this game has to offer, plan on multiple playthroughs at which point you will be more prepared to manipulate tendencies.

World Tendency, or in short WT, is one of two Tendency mechanics in Demon's Souls. Both of these affect your character, the world around you and can unlock several events. Events unlocked by changes in World tendency are called World Tendency events. These usually unlock new locations and powerful enemies to fight. They also hold valuable rewards if the player completes them.
WT changes in response to your actions towards either White, or Black side. However, to see the change, you have to leave the world and return to the Nexus. Only then the icon in the Tendency menu will change, depending on your actions.

White World Tendency Effects

  • Enemies have lower HP, attack power and defenses. The further the world shifts towards Pure White, the weaker the enemies will be.
  • Enemies are more likely to drop healing items.
  • Enemies are less likely to drop upgrade materials and rare loot.
  • All damage dealt is increased in Soul Form by 10% on White and 20% on Pure white. This damage increase stacks with Character Tendency.

How to move World Tendency towards Pure White

  • Kill a boss, or a sub-boss (anything that drops a Demon's Souls, except for Vanguard in 4-1).
  • Kill one of the special Black Phantom NPCs that appear on PBWT.
  • Kill a Primeval Demon, which spawns on Black WT and PBWT.
  • Kill an invading player.
  • Resurrect a summoned Blue Phantom, by using the Miracle Resurrection.

White World Tendency Events

  • The iron bar door at the beginning of the location will be unlocked.
    You can find Brushwood Set, Binded Set and Colorless Demon's Soul in there.
    However you will also encounter a hostile NPC, Executioner Miralda. She drops Binded Set.
  • The dragons left. That means no more aerial fire breath attacks (this applies to whole Boletarian Palace) and their nest will be empty, so you can go pick all the treasure in there without worrying about getting killed by the dragons there.

  • Scirvir the Wanderer will appear in a small cave in the middle of the shortcut leading to Flamelurker. If you show him Dragon Bone Smasher from 2-3, he will give you a Pure Greystone. Just equip it (stats doesn't matter) and talk to him.

  • The debris on the left side of the first intersection will be gone and you can proceed to pick the large "sword" that is stuck in the ground there. This is the Dragon Bone Smasher, which Scirvir in 2-2 wants to see.

  • The blocked path in 2F West will be cleared. You can find Three-Cornered Hat and Venerable Sage's Set in there.
  • Lord Rydell, the Blue Phantom imprisoned in 2F West can be freed with the key from 3-2. He will give you Dull Rat's Ring, which raises your defences by 50% when your HP is critically low.
  • After you free Lord Rydell, the locked cells in 2F East will be accessible. You can find Rogue's Set, Parrying Dagger and two Chunks of Mercurystone in there.

  • The broken path on top of the first tower with chains will be repaired. You will find the key to Lord Rydell's cell in 3-1 in there.

  • NPC Satsuki will appear next to the first skeleton. He will ask you to show him the Magic Sword "Makoto". If you have the sword, Satsuki will present you with three choices. All of them result in Satsuki attacking you. Killing him reduces World Tendency.

  • In the room where you met Saint Urbain, the inaccessible treasure has dropped down and you can pick it up. It is the Magic Sword "Makoto“, which Satsuki in 4-1 seeks.

  • On the small path between the rats and the giant enemy will be a ladder leading upwards. You will find three giant enemies guarding the spear Istarelle.

  • Selen Vinlad will appear on a tiny island...I can't really describe where exactly, but it should be close to the first fog. If you give her the Crest of Vinland from 5-3, she will give you Ring of Devout Prayer. Drops Dull Gold set if killed, but it can be found on a lone Slug as well.

  • Black Phantom Carl Vinland will appear if you already killed the Archdemon in this world. He will drop Bramd and the Crest of Vinland, sought by Selen Vinland in 5-2.

Black World Tendency Effects

  • Enemies have higher HP, attack power and defences. The further the world shifts towards Pure White, the stronger the enemies will be.
  • Enemies drop more Souls (1,5 times more on Pure Black).
  • Enemies are less likely to drop healing items.
  • Enemies are more likely to drop upgrade materials and rare loot.
  • Maximum HP in Soul Form is reduced to 47,5% on Black and further reduced to 45% on Pure Black. This stacks with Character Tendency. That means, that a player with PBWT and PBCT will have only 40% of the maximum HP of his Body Form.
  • Black Phantom versions of normal enemies appear in the world. These enemies have higher stats than the average enemies, but they have 100% chance to drop items and also drop more Souls than their normal versions.

How to move World Tendency towards Pure Black

  • Die in Body Form.
  • Kill one of the special NPCs that appear on PWWT.

Black World Tendency Events

  • The iron bar door at the beginning of the location will be unlocked.
    You can find Brushwood Set and Colorless Demon's Soul in there. However you will also encounter a Black Phantom NPC, Executioner Miralda. She drops Guillotine Axe.

  • Primeval Demon will appear on the landing with two archers, close to the stairs leading to the boss.

  • Primeval Demon will appear outside the first elevator, on the lowest floor.

  • Black Phantom Scirvir the Wanderer will appear in a small cave in the middle of the shortcut leading to Flamelurker. He drops the Talisman of the Beast.

  • Black Phantom Lord Rydell will spawn outside of his cell in 2F West. He drops Phosphorescent Pole.

  • Primeval Demon will appear in the dead end part of the swamp, where you can find the Ring of Disease Resistance.

I recommend clearing PBWT Tower of Latria from 3-1 onwards, because it's impossible to go back to 3-1 from 3-2 without returning to the Nexus.

  • Black Phantom Satsuki will appear next to the first skeleton. He drops Hiltless.

  • Primeval Demon will appear on the sidewalk leading to the White Bow. You can get there by finding a secret path in the first room with a Reaper. Take care that the path is guarded by a powerful Dual-Katana Black Skeleton.

  • Black Phantom Selen Vinland will appear. Again...I have no idea how to navigate there, but she should be close to the location of her Body Form version.
  • Primeval Demon will appear in a dead end cave, close to the second fog.

World Tendency Manipulation

If you wish to manipulate WT to get all of the WT related events in one playthrough, it is recommended by reaching the world's Archdemon, but not defeating it. Instead, commit several suicides in Body Form. 7 should be enough to switch from PWWT to PBBT. Don't forget to return to the Nexus to see the changes done to WT.
After achieving PBWT, return to the world and do all of the PBWT events. You must do so without returning to the Nexus and without dying in Body Form, so using Soul Form is recommended. After killing Primeval Demon and Black Phantom NPC, proceed to kill the world's Archdemon. By doing so, you will achieve PWWT and can return to do PWWT events. With exception of killing Satsuki in 4-1 all PWWT events do not shift WT towards Black, so after completing all PWWT events, your worlds will remain in PWWT. Retaining worlds in PWWT will give you advantages in Soul Form and will boost your summoned Blue Phantoms. Since the game retains WT upon entering NG+, this will make starting NG+ slightly easier.

If you wish to manipulate WT, it's better to do so offline.
When you log onto Demon's Souls servers, your overall WT is shifted closer to server median, which is calculated on the collective WT stats from all online players. To use an example. Imagine you wanted to do PBWT events and prepared one of the worlds for doing so and left the game. When you resumed the game, you'll notice that the said is no longer in PBWT, but shifted slightly towards White WT, thanks to server median.
Also, manipulating WT is more difficult, because all of the offline actions, such as killing Black Phantom NPCs and Primeval Demons won't be enough to achieve PWWT. You will also need to kill at least one invader, which can be difficult to achieve, especially now, when the game has only a handful of players.

On the other hand, if you wish to get PWWT, being online can help you as the server median is usually set to PWWT and will shift you closer to PWWT with each log in to the game's server.

World Tendency is displayed in the menu, however it is hard to ascertain the current Tendency and the game doesn't really explain it to you.
In this picture, you can see all WT levels, from Pure Black to Pure White.

Character Tendency
World Tendency and Character Tendency are a large part of this game. HOWEVER, it may be better to disregard their effects in your first playthrough. If you want to see all this game has to offer, plan on multiple playthroughs at which point you will be more prepared to manipulate tendencies.

Character Tendency, or in short CT, is one of two Tendency mechanics in Demon's Souls. Both of these affect your character, the world around you and can unlock several events. CT changes in response to your actions towards either White, or Black side. You can think of it as karma, Jedi/Sith, Good/Evil, whatever stains your sword. There are rewards waiting for the player if he manages to achieve one of the Pure sides of CT.

To put it simply, CT moves only when you kill another player, or NPC.

White Character Tendency Changes

  • All damage done in Soul Form is raised by 10% on White and by 20% on Pure White. This increase in damage also works when you're summoned as a Blue Phantom and it stacks with Friend's Ring and World Tendency.

How to move Character Tendency towards Pure White

  • Kill an invading player, either as a host, or as a Blue Phantom (you must strike the killing blow as a Blue Phantom to change your CT).
  • Kill one of the special NPC Black Phantoms that appear only on PBWT.

When your CT is Pure White, the Monumental will reward you with Friend's Ring, which increases all damage done by its wielder by 20% in Blue Phantom form.

Black Character Tendency Changes

  • Maximum HP in Soul Form is reduced to 47,5% on Black and further reduced to 45% on Pure Black. This stacks with World Tendency. That means, that a player with PBWT and PBCT will have only 40% of the maximum HP of his Body Form.
  • All damage done as an invader is increased by 10% on Black and by 20% on Pure Black. This damage increase stacks with Foe's Ring.

How to move Character Tendency towards Pure Black

  • Kill a host as an invader.
  • Kill one of the many non-hostile NPCs, most notably merchants and trainers. This part is quite tricky, because there are several NPCs that will not affect your CT even if you kill them. These NPCs and Black Phantoms are usually story related, or will get aggressive towards the player at some point of the game.

When your CT is Pure Black and you killed Yurt, the mysterious Mephistopheles will appear on the second floor of the Nexus and will have several quests for you, which all include killing non-hostile NPCs. After you complete all of her quests, she will reward you with Foe's Ring, which raises all damage done by its wielder by 20% in Black Phantom form.

Story spoiler ahead!
Old Monk fight counts as a normal invasion and as such will affect CT of both the host and the invader.

Character Tendency is displayed in the menu, however it is hard to ascertain your current Tendency and the game doesn't really explain it to you.
In this picture, you can see some CT levels, from Pure Black to Pure White.

Repairing and Upgrading
As you no doubt noticed, repairing your gear is quite expensive in Demon's Soul and your gear gets damaged fast as well. This can be especially troublesome at early stages of the game. The best way around this is to change your gear after it gets below half of its Durability, especially if you don't have enough Souls to afford repair costs. You can repair everything once you get more accustomed to the game and will be able to gather more Souls.

Upgrading can be very confusing at first.
The basic upgrades are done by Hardstone and Sharpstone, depending on the weapon you wish to upgrade. Upgrade paths deviate further on as you use either Sharpstone, or Hardstone. There is no general way the upgrade paths go, because each has one, or few weapons that are upgraded slightly differently.

Hardstone is used for Str weapons, such as Axes, Straight Swords and Blunt weapons. It is also used to upgrade Shields and Bows.

Sharpstone is used for Dex weapons, such as Curved Swords, Piercing Swords and Spears.

These charts will show you what weapons are upgraded by Hardstones and by Sharpstones and on which upgrade level will they be available to upgrade in a different path. The chart also contains how much of each upgrade stone type you'll need and in what numbers. Since the number of stones required for upgrades differ weapon by weapon, I've put a rough estimate that you'll need to reach the next upgrade level. You can precisely find how many stones will be required for the next upgraded when you compare the amount for the current upgrade with the numbers in rough estimate shown next to each upgrade level.

It sounds more difficult than it really is. Image
The charts have been made very large so that they can hold all the relevant information. Please open it in a new window to see it in full size.
Hardstone Upgrade Chart
Sharpstone Upgrade Chart

New Game Plus
New Game Plus, or NG+ for short is a New Game, which you enter automatically after viewing the end game credits.

You start the game again from the beginning, however you retain your level, items, spells, everything. Except for Key Items, like keys and other things that unlock you progress.

When you go to NG+ all enemies will get tougher. All their stats will be boosted roughly by 50%, but it varies slightly enemy by enemy and location by location. You will keep all your items, even those kept by Stockpile Thomas. You will however lose all Key Items.

Lastly, you will also keep your World Tendencies and Character Tendency, just like they were before completing the game.

Before completing the game, prepare for some PvP. You will be forced to clear 1-1 again before you will be able to venture to other worlds. People like to invade 1-1 on higher SLs to attack players who just got to NG+.

Please follow one of the following links for a complex guides on how to get Platinum Trophy in Demon's Souls.
Demon's Souls Wiki
Demon's Souls Trophy Guide by Grintwist

~This guide has been created in collaboration with Walter_White, Emergence and FexDS.
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Now that you've been introduced to the various mechanics of this amazing game, it's time to take a closer look at its PvE. As before, I will avoid all possible story spoilers, with exceptions to the boss section. Even so, each boss will have its separate section, so you don't spoiler yourself in case if you're looking for help with only one particular bossfight.

General Tips
  • Save every stone, item, etc. you pick up initially.
    Try not to leave anything behind, make frequent trips to Stockpile Thomas to unload anything you aren't using now such as stones, weapons, armor.
    If you don't need/know what it is, you may need it later.
  • At the beginning, use your shield. Keep it raised when you are exploring new areas, and ideally have one that blocks 100% Physical Damage.
    You can find out its damage block and minimum stats required in the menus.
    You will encounter many shields as you go, so finding a decent one initially won't be a problem.
    As you progress you'll be able to make more informed choices, so don't stress yourself too much.
  • Roll to give yourself space, and don't get greedy with attacks.
    Slash once or twice and raise your shield.
    Keep an eye on your Stamina bar, because it governs everything from attacking to blocking to rolling. Once you run out of Stamina, you can't perform any actions and you become very vulnerable.
  • Divide and conquer. Don't take on enemies head straight, try and and take them out one by one.
  • When it comes to starting classes, it needs to be established that any starting class can be molded into anything you want. What you choose at the beginning marginally affects how you start the game, but by no means determines how you finish.
  • The class most newcomers find easiest to use is Royalty, due to starting out with a Catalyst and the spell Soul Arrow which can make the early going easier. Not only that. Royalty also starts with an item called Fragrant Ring, which slowly recovers its wielders MP. That allows the player to cast Soul Arrow infinitely, if he is willing to wait a little for the ring to replenish his MP.
    Otherwise, choose what you will and whatever sticks out to you.
  • Initially focus on Vitality and Endurance when raising your level. Those are what will keep you upright in the early going. Focus on upgrading your weapon as well with basic Hardstone and Sharpstones. Boldwin in the Nexus can do your basic upgrades and Ed in 2-1 will handle your advanced ones later on.
  • Every weapon and shield has a minimum stat requirement that must be met.
    You can check your stat requirements and which stats are needed in your menu.
    If you try and equip a weapon and your attack power number is highlighted in red, then you don't meet the requirements just yet.
  • Watch your Equip Burden in the menus. Ideally you want to be less than 50% of your max equip burden, which will ensure you move faster and are able to effectively roll.
  • Armor, weapons and shields all add to your Equip Burden so keep that in mind when choosing what to use.
  • Armor is fairly cosmetic providing nominal protection. Early on, your best friends will be your shield and your Vitality.
  • You can find Thief's Ring in 1-1, which reduces your presence. This makes enemies aggro on you from smaller distance and will also lose their aggro sooner. This is very useful for avoiding fights with group of enemies, but rather picking the group apart one by one.
  • DO NOT CONSUME / USE Demon's Souls or Colorless Demon Souls!
    They are crucial for forging unique and powerful weapons and to obtain powerful spells and are not worth wasting on leveling you character. Any other non-boss Soul Items, like Legendary, Hero, and Soldier Souls are safe for consumption.



You're supposed to die to this guy, but fear not, it is possible to kill it and it bears some nice rewards.

  • Remove your armor if needed, just make sure you can fast roll, to be able to evade Vanguard's attacks, because you won't be able to block them.
  • You can simply circle strafe around the boss to keep at its back, where it cannot attack you.
  • You can also bait its flying attack and attack it when it lands. However, be careful, as its lading creates a small shockwave that can damage you. Raise your shield as you approach the boss to block any possible damage from this shockwave.
  • You will do little damage while the boss can kill you with one hit. Prepare yourself for the fight and be very patient. One mistake may kill you before you even know it.
  • Since you're supposed to die here, you have only one chance to win this fight. If you lose, you'll be teleported to the Nexus and have to make a new character to have another go with him.
  • On NG+ the tutorial is automatically skipped, so you can't have your revenge when you're stronger.

Boletarian Palace

Phalanx itself is a harmless blob of darkness, with no attacks of its own. It relies on the many smaller blobs with shields and spears that cover its body for offence and defence. The small blobs are released from Phalanx's body and will try to surround the player. They are difficult to defeat up front thanks to their shields, but they are very vulnerable to attacks from back.

  • Do not let your guard down. Both Phalanx and its minions are slow, but its minions can throw their spear at great distances if they need to.
  • Use one of the many pillars as a cover from their attacks to heal and rest.
  • Phalanx has exactly 35 minions upon spawning, but can regenerate them when they die. However if all minions are dead, Phalanx cannot spawn any new ones.
  • Phalanx can also regenerate it's minion's HP when they attach themselves to Phalanx and they can in return recover Phalanx's HP.
  • Both Phalanx and its minions are weak to Fire. You can find several Fire Bombs and Turpentine, which coats your weapon with Fire in the world. They can make your fight a lot easier.
  • Phalanx will try to position itself so that its side with less, or no minions is not exposed to the player and will even try to move to a wall to protect its exposed side.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon will never land on the bridge to fight you and instead will keep using its breath from the air. This fight is entirely optional.

  • The safest strategy to defeat it is to stock yourself on many arrows (150 is ideal) and go on top of one of the towers. There you can use your Bow, or Spells to attack the dragon every time it descends to breath fire over the bridge.
    To use spells, it's best to stock on Spices, or use MP recovery items, like Fragrant Ring, or a Crescent weapon.
  • It is possible to attack the dragon with melee weapons with long reach once it descends to the bridge, but this strategy is far more risky.
  • Take note that once you defeat the next boss Tower Knight, Red Dragon will disappear.
  • Red Dragon's Soul is one of the two Boss Souls that has no use and is meant to be consumed.

Tower Knight
Tower Knight fights slowly, but has indestructible shield and also a deadly ranged attack to make up for its lack of mobility.

  • Best you deal with the crossbow wielding soldiers on the walls first, as they are quite bothersome and make the fight with Tower Knight harder.
  • Use walls as a cover from Tower Knights ranged attack when you kill the crossbow soldiers.
  • Tower Knight has a weakspot on his head. You can easily kill him with few attacks to the head, however to reach it, you must first topple him by attacking his ankles.
  • To get behind Tower Knight to attacks its legs, the safest way is to run between his legs, under his shield. There's a risk of getting crushed if you try to do this when he prepares one of his shield attacks though.
  • Try not to stand directly behind Tower Knight's legs as he does a back step which can damage you.
  • Once you attack both of his legs enough he will lose balance and fall on his back. Remember this and once Tower Knight starts to fall down, evade to a side so you don't get crushed beneath him.

Penetrator uses a very long sword with huge horizontal attacks. He is quite slow, however he is still much faster than some of the other bosses and can catch the player by surprise by this.

  • Unlike Phalanx, the pillars in this room will provide no protection from his attacks.
  • As the name suggest Penetrator's sword penetrates. This means it will do partial damage to the player even through a shield with 100% Physical Damage Reduction.
  • Penetrator has a special grab attack that is likely to kill you. His sword will start to glow when he prepares this attack, so try to get away from him when you see his sword glow. If you have help for this fight, be on the lookout for this attack as he can shish kebab several players on his sword at one time.
  • If you freed Biorr prior to the fight he will come to your aid. He will draw most of Penetrator's aggro on himself and he is capable of killing Penetrator without player's help.
  • Biorr is not a Blue Phantom and thus can be damaged and killed by the player. Be careful where you aim your attacks so you don't hit Biorr by accident. Doing too much damage to Biorr will make him permanently hostile towards you.

Blue Dragon
This is the second dragon you saw at the nest in 1-1 and just like the Red Dragon it isn't a real enemy per say, but an elaborate environmental trap, that can be killed. You have to use ranged attacks to kill this dragon, however, just like his Red brethren it is entirely optional.

  • It's best to stack Critical HP effects of Morion Blade and Clever Rat's Ring and use bows, or spells to deal as much damage to Blue Dragon as you can while it overlooks the narrow path with two Fat Officials.
  • Once you deal enough damage to it, or run past its breath it will move on the wall above the entrance to the palace. If you freed Biorr prior to fighting Penetrator and he survived the fight, he will appear to aid you here as well. However his help is useless for the most part, because his crossbow deals little damage to the dragon and thus Biorr will die to the dragon's attacks if you don't dispose of it.
  • Dragon's breath attacks moves in sweeping motion from one side to another, use this pattern to move through his attacks to reach the entrance to the palace.
  • If you position yourself in the palace's doorway, directly below the dragon, you can lock onto its head and use ranged attacks to finally kill it.
  • Again, while not safe, the fastest way is to let the dragon hit you with his breath to get critically low HP and use Morion Blade with Clever Rat's Ring.
  • Blue Dragon's Soul is the second of two Boss Souls that has no other use than to consume it.

Old King Allant
This is the Archdemon of Boletarian Palace and is mostly considered to be the last Archdemon to be killed. Thanks to that, the fight is one of the most difficult in the game.

  • Old King Allant is one of the few enemies that are resistant to Magic and as such it's best to use Physical attacks against him.
  • Allant's attacks are fast and hard to block, but easy to dodge. However, most of his swings also do a ranged shockwave that will attack you if you evade them in the wrong direction.
  • The rush attack he uses to close the distance between you is easily avoided by rolling to the side. However this particular attack has wacky targeting and can sometimes do silly things, like making Allant run circles around you etc. Try to be away from walls as it makes this attack less likely to go crazy and won't result in your death.
  • His combo attack is best evaded as it can break through even the best shields.
  • Allant has an AoE attack, which is telegraphed by creating a glowing ball of energy on the tip of his sword and stabbing it into the ground. You can stop him from doing so if you attack him enough times. So this attack is good chance to land a few extra hits on him. If you decide to evade this attack instead, unlock and run to the other side of the room, because this attack has gigantic range, which will cover more than half of the room.
  • If you get too close, Allant will try to grab you with his hand. If he manages to get a hold of you, he will stab you with his sword, doing a lot of damage and he will also drain your SL by one! The attack is unblockable and as such must be avoided.
  • If you interrupt Allant's grab, he will counter-attack you back.

Old King Doran
Old King Doran is an optional "boss".
It's not a boss per say, as he doesn't drop Demon's Souls, nor has HP bar on the low part of the screen. However the fight can be very difficult and definitely deserves its place here.

Old King resides in the Mausoleum, which is guarded by the notorious Red Eye Knight in 1-1. The Mausoleum doors are locked, with the key being in Ostrava's possession. You can get the key when Ostrava dies. For whatever reason.

Old King is a NPC, like any other and thus all PvP related tips and skills apply to him as well. You can backstab, parry him and fight him in any way you would fight a player, or a NPC. The first part of the fight is a test to the player by Old King, to prove his worth. After doing some damage to Doran, he will allow you to take the sword Demonbrandt, resting in the ground behind him. However, if you keep on attacking him, he will start fighting seriously.

  • Old King has around 2400 HP and around 2000 HP on PWWT. It may not sound as much, but with his high defences this fight may prove to be very long.
  • As stated before. You can backstab and parry Old King Doran. However once he starts fighting seriously, he will do a lot more damage, thus any mistake can cost you dearly.
  • Old King's sword does split Physical and Magical damage, meaning you can't fully block it unless you use the Dark Silver Shield.
  • You can lure Old King onto the bridge with few soldiers, where his aggro range ends and use ranged attack to deal with him with no danger to yourself.
  • You can also use Poison and Death Cloud Sorceries to inflict Old King with Poison and Plague and simply wait for him to die.
  • After losing around half of his HP, Old King will start to two hand his sword, dealing much more damage and becomes more aggressive as well.

Stonefang Tunnel
Armor Spider
Armor Spider is one of the easiest bosses to fight if you have spells. Thanks to its size it can't move from its small location into the tunnel you're in, but it will use its ranged attacks on you there.

  • Strafe from one side to another in the tunnel to avoid its attacks and use your own ranged attacks. Alternatively, you can use one of the bodies stuck to the left wall as a cover from most of Armor Spider's attacks, while being able to attack yourself.
  • Armor Spider can spit it's webbings at you, which will make you walk slowly, just like if you're overencumbered for a short duration of time. The attack can be blocked to reduce, or nullify its damage, but it will still slow you down.
  • If you wish, or have to use melee, block and dodge its attacks to get inside its room. There, you can actually hide behind one of its legs and use it as a cover from its ranged attacks.
  • Once you get close Armor Spider will do only three attacks. It will try to swing at you with its shortest legs, or to crush you if you get beneath it. The best way to fight it is to get beneath it to bait its crushing attack and evade it. You can then land a few hits to its head as long as it stays on the ground.
  • If you attack the boss too many times it will start charging its AoE attack. You must run away as soon as you see it gather flames in its mouth, for it will set the whole room it sits in with a good half of the tunnel leading to it on fire.
Flamelurker is probably the first, really difficult boss you will encounter. The difficulty here isn't due to its strength, but thanks to its speed. Its attacks are fast, hard to block and it does a lot of AoE explosions as well.

  • All of Flamelurker's attacks do Fire damage. To reduce the damage done by this boss, it's best to use the Sorcery Water Veil, Purple Flame Shield and the Ring of Fire Resistance.
  • The pools of lava on the ground can damage you if you step in the, but the damage is much weaker than those of the lava outside the boss room.
  • Flamelurker's body is covered in flames and as such you will receive damage if you get too close to him.
  • Flamelurker is super weak to magic, so it's a good idea to invest into some spells, or summon a phantom who can use spells. If both of these options are unavailable to you, you can always use Sticky White Stuff to buff your weapon.
  • You can actually block most of its attack, but they will leave you guard broken. It's especially useful on its AoE blasts, which it doesn't follow up with other attacks, but blocking its melee can result in quick death.
  • The lower its HP gets, the stronger and aggressive the boss becomes. After it gets below 25-20% of its max HP it will start to be extremely aggressive.

Dragon God
This is the Archdemon of Stonefang Tunnel.
This isn't a real fight, but a giant and deadly puzzle instead.

  • You have to activate special ballistae on each side of the temple. Each will deal massive damage to Dragon God and when you activate them both, you can finally attack Dragon God itself.
  • To reach the ballistae you must first clear the rubble blocking your path. You can run to the rubble and melee attack it, or use ranged attacks to destroy it. Any large weapon, regarding of stat requirements, will destroy the rubble with only a few attacks. You can also use a Shield Bash (L2) with one of the Greatshields to destroy the rubble.
  • Alternatively, you can bait Dragon God to do one of its attacks and destroy the rubble in your stead.
  • Use the pillars to hide from Dragon God's sight, but remember that they won't protect you from its attacks.
  • Take a look at Dragon God's eyes. If they're yellow it doesn't see you. If its eyes are red it can see you and if you remain in its sight long enough it will attack you.

Tower of Latria

Fool's Idol
Fool's Idol is one of the easiest bossfights, mostly because the boss seems to have little intentions to deal with the player. However, if you have any mercy in your heart, this bossfight can troll you for some time.

  • Kill all the enemies in the church before going to the altar to summon the boss. While these enemies won't attack you, they still get in your way and block your paths.
  • Fool's Idol attacks only with ranged spells. It has no close range attacks.
  • If you attack the boss, it will teleport away from you and create copies of herself. The less HP she has, the more copies she will create.
  • The copies use smaller version of the same spell and if you lock on them you will see a HP bar above them, which the real boss lacks. Use this to find the boss among its clones.
  • If you attack the copy a few times it will disappear.
  • The boss creates paralyzing traps on the floor. If you step on the, they will paralyze you just like Mindflayer's attack and the boss will attack you. You can see the traps being placed when the fight starts and with each of the boss' teleports.
  • Remember the guy who was sitting in a strange yellow light, on the upper floor of the church, next to the key? The one, that says to not kill him? Kill him.
    As long as he is alive the boss will revive each time you leave the room and no matter how many times you kill it, the path to the next part of the world will not appear.

Do not let the name of this boss fool you. While the name is in singular form, there are actually two of these guys. Also, they have no intention of eating you either.
This fight is very difficult, mostly thanks to the area where you fight.
In my personal opinion, this is the hardest fight in the game.

  • At first you will fight only one Maneater. The second one will fly towards you and join the fight when the first Maneater loses more than 20% of its HP, or when 100 seconds have passed.
  • Be extra careful that you don't fall down from the narrow bridge. It's advised to get to the center area with the bonfire as soon as possible.
  • You can use this large area with the bonfire to fight the boss and also use the bonfire itself as a makeshift cover from their lunges and AoE sound attacks.
  • Knocking Maneaters from the bridge will not kill them. Unlike Dark Souls, enemies with wings can really fly in Demon's Souls.
  • Both Maneaters have a snake tail, which can be locked on and permanently cut off. Doing so is beneficial to the player, because Maneater can use its tail to buff itself. This buff takes few seconds to execute, which makes the Maneater vulnerable and you can use this time to interrupt the buff. If the Maneater finishes the buff, its body will start to glow with yellow color and its damage will be raised. The buff has around 30 second duration.
  • Cutting Maneater's tail will also disable its long range homing spell.
  • You can block Maneater's attacks, with the exception of their lunge attack.
  • You can use their lunge attack to your advantage and bait the Maneater to lunge from the bridge. While this does not kill it, it will give you some time to fight the other Maneater without interruptions from the one that just fell down.
  • Good luck!

Old Monk
This is the Archdemon of Tower of Latria and it's also a very special bossfight, which course depends on whether you're playing online, or offline.

If you're playing offline, Old Monk will create a NPC Black Phantom which will fight you in his stead.

  • The phantom uses Claws for weapons. That means it's very fast and will try to interrupt your actions.
  • For an AI it's very fast and capable of rolling through your attacks and evading your ranged attacks.
  • Never attack the phantom with a melee weapon more than twice in a row. It can and it will parry and riposte you without fail.
  • If you keep your distance from the phantom for some time, it will equip a Insanity Catalyst and will start casting Soul Ray.
  • When its HP gets below 75% its headwrap will start casting yellow version of Homing Soul Arrow. The lower its HP gets, the more orbs it will cast to the maximum number of five orbs. The orbs will be recasted periodically without the phantoms input, thus you cannot interrupt the casting, nor exploit it to get some hits on the phantom.
  • If you keep some distance between you and the phantom, it will eat a Moon Grass and recover its HP.

If you're playing online, there's a chance that a player will be summoned by the Old Monk to fight for him as a Black Phantom. However, even if you're online and there's no player available, you will fight the AI version of the boss instead. You can tell the difference easily by having a fog gate that separates you from the Archstone and by the cutscene of the boss summoning his phantom being unskippable.

  • You will have to fight another player. There's no foolproof tactic to win a PvP match. Take your best equipment, don't be shy to heal and most of all be relentless. Show no mercy.
  • The player has boosted HP of 1800, or 2100 if he has Cling Ring.
  • The player retains all of its stats, equipment, spells, everything.
  • The player has the Monk's Headwrap, which will cast yellow Homing Soul Arrows, just like it does for the AI version of the boss.
  • The spell is not affected by the player's stats, so even if the player is evidently pure melee build, the spell will do the same damage. Which is, thankfully, low.
  • The player can heal using Miracles and Grasses even as a boss. This can make matters very complicated, thanks to the boss' HP boost.

How to get summoned by Old Monk

  • The Old Monk summons players randomly. Any player who uses the Blue, Red, or Black Eye Stones in the whole of Tower of Latria has a chance of being summoned by the Old Monk. However if you use Black Eye Stone in 3-3, you force Old Monk to summon you, if there is any host to be summoned to.
  • The game will tell you that you're being summoned to as a Black Phantom when you're summoned by the Old Monk, no matter what Eye Stone you used.
  • As mentioned previously, as a Old Monk Black Phantom, you will receive a massive HP boost, which will give you 1800 HP, or 2100 HP if you're using Cling Ring. You will also get the automatic yellow Homing Soul Arrow.
  • If you kill the host, your CT will get lowered, exactly as if you invaded the host and killed him
  • If you kill the host, or if the host dies to anything else, you will receive Monk's Head Wrappings as a reward. It's the same thing you wear as the boss, but now you have your very own. While it looks ridiculous and obstructs your field of vision, it also boosts your Sorcery and Miracle damage by 30%. But it also lowers you magic defence by 40%.

Shrine of Storms

Our old friend from Tutorial level. The fight is entirely optional, but you still get a Demon's Soul from him and you can also get your revenge if he killed you in tutorial.

  • Make sure to kill the flying Stormbeasts and Skeletons in the area, so they don't interrupt your fight and make it harder that it really is.
  • If you have any, use ranged attacks. They make the whole fight ridiculously easy.
  • Don't worry if your attacks do little damage. You're not underleveled (unless you're crazy enough to come here with starter gear), it's just that the boss has huge amount of HP.
  • The whole fight is very similar to the Asylum Demon fight in Dark Souls.
    As such, you can simply circle strafe around the boss and bait its flying attack and attack it when it lands.

You can find a Adjudicator's Shield in 4-1. The shield's description gives you a good idea on how to fight Adjudicator himself. However, there's hardly any need for that, because the fights is regarded as the easiest one in whole of Demon's Souls.

  • The boss's body is completely invulnerable and impervious to all forms of damage with two exceptions.
  • Adjudicator has a glowing bird on its head. That is his weakpoint and that is what you must attack to kill the boss.
  • The room with the boss has three floors. Adjudicator will leash out its long tongue to attack you when you're on the floors above him. However it has limited range and you can hide from it if you stick close to the walls. You can then proceed to attack the bird on Adjudicator's head with spells and ranged attacks.
  • You can't reach the bird with melee weapons. To do that, you have to attack the wound on Adjudicator's right side. It's easily spot able, because Adjudicator somehow managed to broke one of his Meat Cleavers and stab himself with it. O_o
  • If you attack this spot enough times, Adjudicator will lose balance and fall down. This will enable you to attack the bird on his head.
  • When you're down, Adjudicator will do a dangerous, albeit very slow horizontal sweep with its Meat Cleaver. The bird on his head will call to telegraph this attack, so use that to move to the right side of his wound, to keep close to it and still avoid the attack.

Old Hero
Old Hero is a strange bossfight. The boss is blind and has very weak defences to all manner of attacks. To make up for this, he is able to deal huge amounts of damage and even kill with one strike.

  • Old Hero is blind and navigates only by sound and touch. Take your time with the fight. While he will attack sometimes, it is purely random and is not aimed towards the player.
  • To exploit Old Hero's blindness, remove all heavy armor, because it makes your steps loud. Also, you can equip Thief's Ring to make your footsteps completely silent, no matter what armor you wear. Like this, you can freely walk, yes walk, not run, nor sprint around the location and the boss won't know about you, unless you attack him, or touch him.
  • After you attack the boss and he doesn't know your location, he will do an animation in which he moves his hands, raises his head and cries out. If you hit him again in the duration of this animation, Old Hero will know where you are and immediately counter attack to your location.
  • Old Hero can kneel down. This is not a weakness, instead, it's an AoE attack. Best keep your distance when he kneels down.
  • While being sneaky, or using hit&run tactics is the safest approach to this fight, you can alternatively go and duke it out with Old Hero. However keep in mind that his attacks do really big damage and can be hard to predict thanks to his disability.

Storm King
I'm sure you have been annoyed by the many flying Stormbeasts you met along the way. Welcome to their nest and meet their creator, the Archdemon of Shrine of Storms, the Storm King.

  • At first, the boss is not present in the area and has to be summoned to actually fight it. To do so, you must kill some of the Stormbeasts prowling the area. The boss will then descend to an altitude where you can attack him.
  • Storm King will do periodical sweeps over the location, shooting many slightly homing projectiles at the player at the beginning and the end of its sweeps.
  • There is no way to damage the boss with melee attacks. You can use spells and ranged attacks when it gets down to damage it.
  • On the left side of the area, near the cliff, overlooking the sea, is a sword stabbed in the ground. This sword is the Stormruler and it's the only way for purely melee builds to defeat the Storm King. The sword can be carried by any build and has no Stat Requirements.
  • Stormruler has a special ability, which works only in this particular location. All of its attacks will do long range horizontal shockwave that does damage to anything in its path. You can use Stormruler to attack Stormbeasts and Storm King.
  • On the right side of the area is a destroyed building. You can enter the building from behind and hide inside. If you will get into a corner, most, if not all of the Stormbeats' and Storm King's attacks will be stopped by the wall, but you can use Stromruler to attack through the wall.
  • Alternatively, you can hide behind one of the huge rocks near the cliff, by the fog you entered through. Here, Stormbeasts will not aggro on you and Storm King's attacks will hit the rock instead of you.

Valley of Defilement

Leechmonger is weak to fire, but to be fair, it's weak to everything else as well. To make up for this, it can regenerate its HP very quickly. Even so, the fight is fairly easy.

  • You can use ranged attacks and spells from several spots above Leechmonger to attack it and if you position yourself correctly, it won't be able to attack you.
  • If you're planning to use melee attacks, buffing your weapon with Turpentine, or Sticky White Stuff will greatly increase your damage.
  • Leechmonger will throw large balls of leeches towards the player. If they hit you, they will slow you down and do a little damage over the time.
  • Leechmonger can draw leeches to it and create a glowing blob in its middle, which will heal its HP. If you attack this glowing spot enough times, it will break and stop the healing, making the fight much easier.
  • If you decide to use melee, be careful when Leechmonger starts raging and trashing it's arms around. It can knock you down and damage you when you get up as well, dealing big damage.
  • There are a lot of items, most of the Grasses at the bottom of the Leechmonger's area.

Dirty Colossus
Dirty Colossus can be a very annoying fight thanks to its flies, but it's overall still one of the easier fights in the game.

  • Dirty Colossus is weak to magic and very weak to fire. Even so, using melee is the best way to fight this boss as it really can't do anything to you if you keep close to its back.
  • If you get hit by its flies, seek one of the torches in the area and touch them to burn yourself, removing the flies in the process. The flies will do continuous damage to you for a long period of time. The small damage you get for getting burned by the torch is tiny in comparison.
  • Even if you block its flies, they will still cling onto you and damage you, so it's best to avoid them.
  • If you get behind the boss, you can hack away as much as you please as all of its attacks, with one exception will not hit you there. Buff your weapon with Magic, or Fire to deal massive damage to the boss.
  • The only attack that threatens you when you attack the boss' back is it's AoE blast, which is telegraphed by a swarm of flies gathering around the boss and the boss itself slightly curling into a ball. Make some distance between you and after the attack, you can resume to hack away at its back.
  • If you wish to use ranged attacks, or spells, keep strafing two sides at all times, or you will get hit by the flies the boss hurls towards you. Those attacks are not homing, but are very quick instead, so keeping mobile makes them miss all the time.

Maiden Astraea and Carl Vinland
Maiden Astraea is the Archdemon of the Valley of Defilement, however she has no will to fight you and would prefer if you left her and Carl Vinland alone. Regrettably we cannot do that, because she has to die, for the player to be able to lull the Old One.

The fight can be split into two different parts, because there are actually two enemies to fight, yet only one needs to die to achieve our goal.

Carl Vinland
Carl Vinland is Maiden Astraea's lover and as such will defend her. Even so he will not aggro on the player and will simply stand guard at the only safe path leading to Astraea, refusing to move.

  • If you get too close to him, he will attack you, but he will not pursue you.
  • His choice of location is poor and thus his weapon can get easily stuck on the ceiling above him, which can be exploited to attack him indefinitely.
  • Still, do not underestimate him. His weapon can do huge damage. He can use Miracles Heal and God's Wrath and he will try to parry you if you hit him with more than three consecutive hits.
  • He wields the Dark Silver Shield which has 100% Magic Damage Reduction, thus will make your spells ineffective against Carl. You can still use Fire spells to damage him through the shield though.

After you kill Carl Vinland, you can simply go and talk to Astraea. She will despair over the loss of her lover and will commit suicide.
Alternatively, you can still attack her and fight her anyway.

Maiden Astraea
You can go around Carl Vinland by traversing the plagued swamp below. The place is filled with babies, which will attack you and respawn indefinitely. You can lure them away with Soul Remains and proceed peacefully to reach Maiden Astraea.

  • The dear Maiden has only one form of attack and that is God's Wrath. She will spam the spell without fail. The swamp around her makes rolling impossible, which makes melee very difficult.
  • If you killed Carl Vinland before attacking Astraea, you can use Carl’s Dark Silver Shield to block all of the damage her God's Wrath does.
  • You can still use spells and ranged attacks to attack Astraea outside of her God's Wrath range.
  • Astraea can heal herself with the Miracle Heal, which she will accompany with a dialogue, telegraphing her intentions.

If you kill Astraea before Carl Vinland, he will silently stand on his spot with lowered head. He will aggro on you if you attack him. If you load the game, you will find Carl's Dark Silver Armor set and his Dark Silver Shield at the place where he stood, because he committed a suicide after losing his beloved Astraea.

For Dark Souls players only!
Maiden Astraea drops Ring of Sincere Prayer. The ring increases Miracle damage by 50%, but also makes the casting animation slightly longer.
Try putting the ring on and cast a Miracle.
Any Miracle will do. Image

Below the Nexus

True King Allant
This is the last battle before the end of the game.
The guide will not include any tips for this particular fight, because they are not needed.

The Maiden in Black will give you a Blue and White Eye Stones after defeating Phalanx and talking to the Monumental.
Blue Eye Stone is used to place your summon sign when you're in Soul Form and White Eye Stone is used to return to your world, or to send Blue Phantoms back to their worlds.

Remember that you can play only with other players that are in certain SL range from you. This range is 10 SLs + 10% of your current SL.
An example.
Let's say you have SL 80. The formula in this case is 10+10%(which is 8)=18. That means you can play with players if their SL is anywhere in the range from 62 to 98.
This knowledge is very useful when you're trying to play with a specific friend.

Summoned phantoms have no limitations in healing items and thus can use all Grasses and Spices as they wish. This makes the phantoms job a bit easier. The host can still use Miracles to recover his phantoms HP. However some phantoms will want to have low HP on purpose to use Hyper Mode (Morion Blade with Clever Rat's Ring), which raises their damage when they have low HP.

Be careful. If you die as a Blue Phantom to a Black Phantom, you will lose half of the Souls in your current possession.

Players can give each other rating when they engage in jolly cooperation by pressing Select Button anytime after the co-op session ends. The rating is given by a one of the following letters.

"S", "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E".

With "S" being the highest rating and "E" being the lowest rating.

When viewing yours and other player's summon sign, you can see the player's rating. With the number total online sessions done by the player and the % number of ratings he received. You can use these ratings to see how skilled the player is in co-op, or to avoid a possible troll, or griefer.

~This guide has been created in collaboration with Walter_White, Emergence and FexDS.
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Now that we covered both general mechanics of the game and PvE, it's time for a few tips about PvP. The game has far less players than Dark Souls, so it's unlike to run into an invader, but you're quite likely to be able to invade someone instead. Unlike Dark Souls, Demon's Souls really motivates its players to be in Body Form, and thus they are open to invasions, but cannot invade themselves.

General Tips
  • Everybody is nervous in their first PvP fight. You will panic, lose your cool, your hands will sweat and you will probably die. This will repeat a few times before you get used to PvP and then you will be the one doing the killing. No matter how many times you die, or how impossible the situation seems, never give up.
  • PvP in Souls games is more about the player's skill more than anything else. Hone your fighting spirit and you shall achieve victory regardless of your gear and SL.
  • Your opponent has Stamina just like you. It may be larger, or smaller, but just like you, he can run out of Stamina and become vulnerable. Always keep this in mind when you PvP.
  • Everybody can heal with Grasses and Spices in online play. As you already know from PvE, using these items is very fast and thus is hard to punish. This forces players to be more aggressive in random PvP where no rules apply, so that they can't heal.
  • No matter what build you're making, I strongly suggest that you obtain the Miracle Second Chance. Upon casting, this Miracle will give the player a self buff with infinite duration which will revive the player when his HP reaches 0 with 50% of his max HP. This effect is instantaneous and it will break you free from any combos you may have been staggered into prior to buff's activation.
    Second Chance is created from Old Hero's Souls (4-2 boss), is taught by Saint Urbain, costs 2 Miracle Slots to equip and 100 MP to cast.
  • Some weapons, most notably Str weapons featured a sort of hyper armor, that lets you soak up a few hits, so that you can finish the long attack animation, typical for Str weapons.
  • Backstabs have small window of opportunity to land and are canceled if the receiving player rolls. Roll's invincibility frames are also applied to backstabs here, so backstab fishing is not a reliable tactic anymore.
  • Parrying has short window of opportunity as well, mostly thanks to lag. A failed parry attempt can prove fatal, so use it only when you're certain that it will connect.

Invader Tips
  • To start invading, you need to obtain a Black Eye Stone. It will drop from whichever nameless NPC Black Phantom you kill first. There are three places to find these. 2-2, 3-2 and 4-2. After you obtain the Black Eye Stone you can use it to invade other players. However you must be in Soul Form and in specific places to use it. The places to invade are scattered among the locations, but in most cases there's one right at the start of each location.
  • You will lose one Soul Level, if one of the following happens to you as a Black Phantom.
    • Die to anything but another player. This includes every form of environmental damage, traps etc.
    • If you use White Eye Stone to return to your world.
    • If you get hit by the Miracle Banish.
  • You can invade only in your Soul Form and as such you will be affected by your host's World Tendency. Also, if you manage to kill the host, you will return to your world in Body Form and with some Souls for your kill. If you wish to invade again, you must return to Soul Form. This will explain to you why you see so many suiciding players and bloodstains in Nexus.
  • You are not safe as you spawn in host's world, so make a habit of rolling immediately as you spawn to prevent spawn campers.
  • You can use Thief's Ring to make yourself invisible to the host and his phantoms, or the Sorcery Cloak, which reduces the distance needed for you to be seen by the Host even further than the ring.
    Unlike Ring of Fog, these make you literally invisible, unless you have any sort of buff on you, which will give away your position. The invisibility applies only on distance, so if you get too close to the host, you will be visible.
  • You can damage and kill enemies in host's world as an invader. They will never aggro on you, no matter what you do to them. Keep this in mind when you're invading, because you can kill your potentional allies if you keep swinging blindly.
  • If you kill a Blue Phantom in the host world, you will receive souls equal in value to half the Souls needed for the last SL that blue phantom reached.
    The same goes for any subsequent Blue Phantoms that you kill in the same host's world. However, if you are killed by either the host or a Blue Phantom, you return to your world with any souls you may have gained minus half the value of the last kill.
  • If you kill a host as an invader, your CT will shift towards Black and you will regain your Body Form. That means you have to die to get in Soul Form if you wish to invade again.
  • Stack Pure Black Character Tendency with Foe's Ring to get a 40% bonus to your damage. However, having PBCT lowers your HP in Soul Form, so it might be a good idea to make up for that by putting on Cling Ring.

Host Tips

  • Equip Nexial Binding, or Shard of Archstone to your hotkey to detect incoming invaders. The item will darken and you will be unable to use. Invader will come to your world shortly afterwards this happens.
  • Be observant to avoid griefers. Early on in the game, you can find Baby's Nail, which inflicts Plague, a deadly ailment that can do up to 7 HP damage per second and halves your Stamina recovery rate. Further down the game you can make a Scraping Spear which does 10 Durability damage to anything you have equipped on each hit you receive.
  • You can use Graverobber's Ring to make yourself invisible to the invader, or the Miracle Hidden Soul, which reduces the distance needed for you to be seen by the invader even further than the ring.
    These make you literally invisible, unless you have any sort of buff on you, which will give away your position. The invisibility applies only on distance, so if you get too close to the invader, you will be visible.
  • Make sure you never leave your game and go away when you're in Body Form in a world where you can be invaded. As unlikely as it is, there exists a possibility that you will be invaded by a player with the spell Soulsucker which can be used to lower your SL until you get back to base stats.

Duel Tips

  • Duels are done by using Red Eye Stone. Which is obtained upon a particular evil choice at the game's end. It is subject to the usual summoning formula.
  • You can use Red Eye Stone in Human Form, but you will be summoned in your Soul Form, with your HP lowered just like normally.
  • If you die as a Black Phantom summoned via Red Eye Stone, you will lose one SL. This applies to any and every death in the host's world.

~This guide has been created in collaboration with Walter_White, Emergence and FexDS.
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Due to CT and WT and the slightly different online mode in Demons Souls compared to Dark Souls there are some things to take account of for a fair and honorable duel. You can't just host and fight invader/red summons or set your red sign/invade and fight a host if you want a even playground and fair chances for both. A fair duel on even playground always involves a host, that is not fighting, but only gives you the room for a fair duel.

The meta SL 120 in Dark Souls is a heritage from Demons Souls. Most builds are made for SL 125, because you will often lose some SL. In fact SL 120-130 is the meta. When making a build this should also work on SL120.

Builds, Weapons, Armor Shields and Spells should be chosen good to perform well in a duel. I will give some examples without claiming to be exhaustive - just the top tier and some of my personal preferences.

SL 125 Duels / Fight Clubs

Even Playground
  • CT and WT affects both defence and attack power, so you have to even the ground.
  • Soul form HP ist only 50% of max HP in Body form, so a fight against a host is NEVER fair.

The best way to even the ground is:
  • Host isn't fighting, he is only looking for new summon signs, to keep the fights running. It's always blue vs red.
  • Host has neutral WT - if you come from the server median kill yourself twice in Body form in the world you want to host and go back to nexus, to make the WT change happen
  • Everybody uses Second Chance (SC), or nobody uses SC
  • The blue phantom should have PWCT and the Friends Ring together with the Cling Ring (20% attack up + 20% attack up + 75% of the max HP in Body form as a phantom in Soul form)
  • The red phantom should have PBCT and the Foes Ring together with the Cling Ring (20% attack up + 20% attack up + 75% of the max HP in Body form as a phantom in Soul form)

You also can even the ground if both don't use the boosts from CT and rings - but how to enforce that rule and how to check wether everybody follows that rule? No way, so allow all possible boosts, if someone isn't using it, it's his problem. SC you can control and enforce people to not use it, but once stunlocked in a combo a fight can be over pretty fast. Same for a parry and riposte (this is dealing a lot more damage than a BS in Demons Souls), fight can be over at once. SC makes it a bit longer.
As you can see, there is no ring choice in this scenario. You can choose other rings, but there is only one case in which this is good: Hypermode
But Hypermode is boring (OHKO or get OHKOed) and on EU Server frowned upon.

The red is fighting the blue. Only one red can be in a world, but two blue can be there, so the better player should be the red one, to make the duels run smoother (The host can look for a new blue, while the 2nd blue can fight the red one).

The breakpoint where more stat points don't give you more, or a lot less benefit vary a bit from stat to stat.
  • Vit: 50
    If you use SC every HP less counts 1.5 times, so everything under 50 should have a very good reason. Over 50 only makes sens for a Northern Regalia (NR) VIT build, where you can go up to 70 vit. There is enough left for other stats, i strongly recommend to achieve excatly 50 vit!
  • Int: 40
    Only for caster go higher than 18 (3 magic slots, 119 MP). Max magic slots at 40.
  • End: 40
    No more Stamina after 40, Equip Burden doesn't matter any longer at this point, because armor is for style only (no poise!). Don't go over 40. With good stamina managment even a DBS build is working with 35 end.
  • Strg: 50
    Weapon requirement maximum is 36 for Bramd. For a Strg build be between 40 and 50.
  • Dex: 50
    Weapon requirement maximum is 24. For a Dex build be between 40 and 50.
  • Magic: Magic Power = Magic x 100 - so it ends at 99
    Weapon requirement maximum is 24. Rarely makes sense to go over 50.
  • Faith: Miracle Power = Faith x 100 - so it ends at 99
    Weapon requirement maximum is 24. Max miracle slots at 36. Rarely makes sense to go over 50.
  • Luck: don't touch it except for BBS Build where you go for 20-30

  • There is no poise (can't state that often enough)! Armor is for style only.
  • Don't take anything that gives you penalty on stamina regeneration.
  • If you have to choose between a piece of armor and a better/heavier shield or weapon, choose the better/heavier shield or weapon.
  • In some cases the Silver Coronet is needed to raise your max MP.
  • NEVER go over 50% equip burden! No fast rolling with 25%.

Some infamous weapons often used in PvP - because they work very good.
  • Blueblood Sword (BBS)
    • Special build required to perform good
    • Used with Light Weapong (LW)
    • Fast combos with insane damage as long as LW runs
    • If LW runs out, Northern Regalia (NR) is a good backup
    • Best used 1handed
  • Dragon Bone Smasher (DBS)
    • Strg. build weapon
    • Very good with Cursed Weapon (CW), cast CW with broken ToB (explained in the Spells/Talisman/Catalyst section), some FCs don't allow CW
    • Time your attacks and watch out for the correct distance to your opponent, or you get BSed
    • 1handed roll+r1, 2handed r1 and running 2handed r1 are the best attacks
  • Northern Regalia (NR)
    • Special build required, you can go up to 70 vit with that build
    • PBCT or PWCT is a MUST for that weapon
    • use it 2handed only, or you get BSed, 1handed only the roll+r1
  • Kilij / Uchigatana
    • Very fast dex weapons, upgrade path sharp (S scaling on dex)
    • Use it 1 or 2handed, great combos, spamable unlocked (nearly zero chance for a parry if unlocked)
  • Crescent Axe
    • OK for Strg. builds when upgraded via crushing, or for Faith builds with blessed upgrade path
    • Overhead vertical chop got an insane phantom range

Talisman / Catalyst
I always have it equiped in the left hand, because in the right hand you do a little step forward while casting. In the left hand you stay exactly where you are.
Only two worth to mention. In the cases not mentioned for the two, use Wooden Catalyst or Talisman of God.
  • Talisman of Beasts (ToB)
    • Can cast Miracles and Magic
    • In 99% of the cases used as a "broken" (or cracked) ToB for Cursed Weapon (CW), means you don't have the stats to use it, but that doesn't matters for Second Chance (SC) and is better for CW. You get the full damage bonus, but halves the HP drain from CW.
    • In very rare cases used as a "pushed" ToB (means Faith and Magic parallel leveled over 35 - very rare in SL 125 PvP)
  • Insantiy Catalyst
    • Halves max MP
    • In some cases need to equip the Silver Coronet to have still enough MP
    • In most cases used to cast Light Weapon (LW) on the BBS
    • Can be used for magic attacks, if you got enough max MP

Spells / Miracles
Rarely used in FCs, most go melee, but with some exceptions.
  • Second Chance (SC)
    • Revive at once with half of max HP where you died.
    • If you have 5 HP left and you get damage of 300, the 295 are not substracted from the halved max HP you revive with
    • Stunlock Combo is broken, if SC jumps in
    • Very common in PvP in general and in FCs
    • As soon as you spawn, cast it and eat an old spice
  • Cursed Weapon
    • 1.5 multiplier for physical attack AFTER calculating the defense
    • Used on a DBS in most cases, sometimes on the Meat Cleaver
    • Used in 99% of the cases with a "broken" (sometimes also called "cracked") ToB to half the HP drain
  • Light Weapon
    • Adds Magic damage
    • Scales with Magic stat
    • Should be used with Insanity Catalyst
    • Without that the BBS is crap
  • Fire Spray
    • Low fire damage
    • Medium range
    • Can be fired while moving (like fire spray in DkS)
    • Used to finish a opponent, if you don't want to get near him

Don't rely on your shield! Compared to Dark Souls shields are a bad joke in Demons Souls. Best used for blocking Magic and to parry.
  • Dark Silver Shield
    • Most used shield in PvP
    • Blocks 100% magic, raises magic defense, lowers magic spell attacks (not applied to magic weapons)
    • Low guard break reduction
    • OK against fire
    • Best compromise - it's an allrounder
  • Heater Shield
    • Very light, if you need the weight units free and at least want to have any shield
  • Knight Shield
    • Highest guard break reduction for a parry shield
  • Steel Shield
    • Bashing shield, so no parry
    • Good weight/guard break reduction ratio
    • If you fear the DBS you can at least block something with that shield
  • Purple Flame Shield
    • Bashing shield, so no parry
    • 2 weight units heavier than the Steel Shield
    • Higher fire defence than the Stel Shield, the rest is the same

Duel / FC Spots
4-1 is the duel and FC spot, right at the start, where Satsuki and the first Skeleton stands. The SL is around 125 (120 - 129 is OK). Drop your red sign anywhere between the Archstone and the gate guarded by the first skeleton and Satsuki. Sometimes there are hosts also waiting for blue signs, so a blue sign drop can bring you a duel as well.
No matter what sign you drop, you will lose one Soul Level with every fight you lose.
On EU Server hyper mode is frowned upon.

The Friday night EU FC is there from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. (GMT+1)
  • The host will have a look if you are already in the chat, if not he will invite you.
  • Drop your red or blue sign at the wall, where the first skeleton is.
  • They will dupe you the red stone and the friends / foes ring, if you need them.
  • Cast SC and wait for your turn.
  • Bow before fight.
  • Some hosts may complain about weapon buffs - it's an ongoing discussion.
  • If the host wants some sparring the fight is over, when SC jumps in.
  • No hyper mode
  • Do i have to say that? NO GRASS!
  • If you want to host, make sure to have neutral WT.
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Stickied, great collaborative work Sent and Walter. Image
This site is a bonfire. Thank you all for kindling it. "No rest for the wikid."- the eldritch wisdom of Skarekrow13

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Thank you boss.
And thank you one more time for giving us a sticky.

I hope our little Travel Guide will help a lot of Boletarian tourists. Image



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Since this is designed for veterans, it may be worth making a thread with the newbie guide Fex and I made as a companion to people new to the Souls series.
This site is a bonfire. Thank you all for kindling it. "No rest for the wikid."- the eldritch wisdom of Skarekrow13

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Emergence wrote:Since this is designed for veterans, it may be worth making a thread with the newbie guide Fex and I made as a companion to people new to the Souls series.

That shouldn't be too hard. I think that most of the things in my posts can be used for newcomers as well. I'd just remove all Dark Souls references and made a newcomer part, where I would explain the very basics of the game and it's combat. Stuff like: use your shield, be careful, watch your surroundings etc.

What says thou?


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Giving this a read-through now.  Great guide so far!  And don't hate me for being nitpicky here but in the WT section when discussing the Dragon Bone Smasher, it's to the left of the intersection, not the right Image

EDIT: Also, on character tendency, I'm pretty sure that successfully killing a boss as a Blue Phantom will raise you towards PWCT. The only reason I'm not 100% sure is because you seem to have done your research here, so maybe you leaving that out was intentional.
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I wrote the three posts and made the charts in three days time with next to no free time and sleep. Image
There's bound to be tons of typos and mistakes in it, but fear not. I plan to fix all of them.

About the CT. I used my memory of the game and the Official Guide, along with livedoor wiki and wikispaces wiki. To my surprise none of them mentioned shifting CT towards PWCT when you kill a boss as a Blue Phantom.
While I also think the CT shift happens, I decided to not include the information, as it can be false. It's quite hard to go test it myself too. I can get tons of invasions, but no one ever summons me, nor do I see any summons myself. :/