Alright so I got the Mass Effect Trilogy, just finished playing Mass effect 1, and now Im moving on to Me2. I go to new char. and such and import my Me1 charcter. After the first loading screen the game freezes. I open task mngr, close and restart. I got past the part where it froze but then it froze a little bit later. After about 2 hours of trying to do this, the farthest I got was into the cutscene of the Normandy being hit. (before you even get to play the game) I have uninstalled and such twice now and Im still having trouble. Help?  http://pcpartpicker....parts/partlist/ is my parts list if that helps
There's more than hardware lists in what would be needed to attempt a diagnosis.


The link you included in your message was empty, anyway.

You should have decided ahead of time whether to choose Answer HQ to seek answers from, not in here, or vice versa.  Not at both at the same time, with the same error. 

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