(Used copy) My friend gave me a copy of ME2 not too long ago and I finally got into the game. He didn't tell me about the Cebereus Network and the benefits. I feel like I got robbed of the full experience of the game since I am already far into the game. So Can I still download the Cebereus Network, view the interactive comic, and  play the character DLC after I beat Mass Effect 2 the first time. I wondering if it will work under New Game plus. I want to do everything in the second playthrough when I do New Game plus and prey to god everything imports to ME3. I <3 this game soo much...love the series. 

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Yes the interactive comic does work for new game+, but I don't know wether or not you can recruit Zaeed after the suiside mission. My guess would be no, as that wouldn't make any sence.
Well I think you can. New game plus requires you to recruit everyone again
Zaeed is a DLC from Cerberus network, so no he won't be there with New game+. You can either pass on him or get Cerberus network DLC at PSN (€14.99).
Zaeed comes in the Cerberus Network. That's the plan. Purchasing the Network DLC when I play New game +
What about purchasing it now? I just finished Garrus loyality mission. Either way I'm going to do a second playthrough. Will Zaeed appear?
Hmm Zaeed should show up as soon as you install Cerberus network DLC, he's at the entrance to Omega.

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yeah hes beatin a guy up in the corridor , i like him hes fun lol