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By Tolvo
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Hello there and welcome to the Community/Forum!

Before we get started you should aqquaint yourself with the rules of the Forum. Even if you've been on many forums in the past, you should check them at and get a feel for what is and is not allowed.
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I've seen quite a surge in new members lately, all looking to post in different sections of the site, PvP, Player Help/Trade, the Archives. I know some feel a bit off when joining a forum and like to lurk, so as sort of a Forum Icebreaker why not tell us a little bit about yourself? I know these threads are typically pretty successful, as well I'd love to learn a bit more about all of you. Even if you've been a member for quite some time feel free to tell us about yourself, I'm sure there's a lot we don't know about each other. As well it can help some of our newer members get an idea of the interesting types of people we have.
I'll start.

Hello there, I'm Tolvo, but my real name is Maxwell. I'm a male actor and writer working in Illinois, currently working on an English degree. I write short stories and act in indepentent films. Before you think, "Film Star, Author?" Stop right there, I write short prose stories for people, and am basically a last resort for directors haha. Still, it's a living. I love to joke around and say very silly things, at times I can make threads get pretty off topic but often I love to help people out in any way I can. I am mainly a Forest Hunter, but I actually have a toon in almost every covenant. I love to PvP, Co-Op, and when I can search for the hidden lore in Dark Souls. I also post on this forum a lot, 9/10 if you make a thread, I'll have a post in it.
Alright, now you give it a try, and Welcome!

By the way I won't be responding to everyone in this thread, but I am reading all of your posts. I will try to respond when I can, just remember I am human!

Since the previous thread will be locked soon enough or already has been I have created this second version for people to start using, however I will link the original here so everyone can still see all of the introductions in the old thread.

Introduce Yourself V1
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By LunarFog
Hello there. I'm LunarFog, but I have plans on changing my name to MoonlitQueen or some such in the near future.

I consider myself one of the most knowledgeable people on these forums regarding every aspect of the game, both in PvP to PvE. I love to find new and interesting things to do, such as discovering new and ingenious ways to cause long-lasting/permanent damage to someone's character even after I invade, building gimmicky builds, and cosplaying.

I owe this community a lot, so you can expect any threads asking for advice to have at least one post by me, and a whole lot of guides and theories once Dark Souls 2 comes out.

(Good idea Animal. We need theme songs in here too)
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By Animaaal
Hi, I'm Animaal...this is me:
Tolvo wrote:Just a reminder if you already have introduced yourself there is a link in the OP to the original thread where your original introductions are. Just for future reference.
Come to think of it, I've never introduced myself.

My name is Chad, I live in the US with my wife and 2 kids. My oldest is autistic, but no where near as severe as some of the people my wife and I associate with/know personally. For this we feel very blessed.

My wife and I are Christians, but do not have any ill will towards any person pertaining to their beliefs, nor do we try and push our beliefs on anyone. One of my best friends is agnostic, and I love him for it.

I am a mortician. I work part-time as a contractor for 6 different funeral homes and average about 10-15 hours a week. It allows me to care for my son full-time with a full-time income without the full-time hours. Although my son is not as far into the spectrum as other autistic children we know, he will still never drive a car, pay his own bills, etc. So needless to say my wife and I couldn't be happier that we both do not have work full-time and keep our son in a daycare.

I started with Demon's Souls, played in a couple tourneys, then pre-ordered Dark Souls and played in a tourney shortly after release. They are my favorite games by far, and have never experienced as much joy in an rpg as I have with the souls series...rpgs are about all I play with any amount of seriousness.

Anyway, I'd say nice to meet you all, but ya. Image
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By Rau_Le_Creuset
Hey im Poliwrath... my real name is John currently getting ready to pass highschool.. i'm the forum loner but i really enjoy being around.. i have an obsession with film and playing/ listening to music.. I got demons souls soon after it came out and became obsessed when i heard about darksouls i immediatly pre-ordered it and... here i am.. it's my favourite game. pvp is my favurite dark suls passtime but i havent played in a while .Cinnamon buns are my favourite food.. ad the lod of the rings series are my favmovies... yeah i could go on but... im boring you and mysef.

my psn is: Poliwraths

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By WhatDoesThePendantDo
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Hello, my names is Stefano, but better known as WhatDoesThePendantDo? and I like Piña Coladas and getting caught rain.
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By Archon
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Since some of the "older" members decided to post in here, I might as well do the same. I introduced myself in the other thread, but I wasn't very pleased with it, so why not do it again?! Image
[spoiler=Spoiler]My name is Eric, although you can call me Mr. Tart, Tart, Tartar Sauce, Tartilage, Tartington and anything else you could come up with... Except for Fart. Call me Fart and you're f*cking dead! Image

I'm currently 17, turning 18 this summer. I've been around the forums for... over a year I think? Bah, whatever. You'll be able to see my joining date on my profile anyway.

I love art of all forms; be it photography, music or writing.

I currently study social science and media, which is directly related to journalism. My real dream job is being a musician though; a singer to be more specific, and music is a huge part of my life.

I'm usually very active and I love to help people, although recently I haven't been as active as i'd like to be.

Some of my traits are;
I'm loyal, always honest and always helpful. Hell, the last time I lied was when I was 7. Yeah, that's right, 7. I'm also very stubborn, and picky.

As for Dark Souls, I'm not like most of the people here. I don't do challenge runs, I don't enjoy the game because it's "hard". No, I'm a roleplayer. I love making roleplaying builds, and the majority of my characters are made for that purpose. But this doesn't mean I can't handle myself in the game.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to PM me, and welcome to any new members that will be posting here!
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By Serious_Much
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Hey guys, I'm Serious(_Much), I'm a 20 y/o med student in the UK.

Some of you will know me for my epic posts, witty comments and thread derailing behaviour.

Outside of the forum I'm also a moderator of the chatroom on the wiki, head over there some time, it's a fun place Image

Oh, and you know the off topic section? Yeah, my bad.

Coming soon to a thread near you!

Serious Image (Oh yeah, and i have my own emote Image )
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damn, someone does not like you lunar lol
By Animaaal
Ya really....W...T....F???? :suspect:
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