Windows 7 Professional 64bit

AMD FX 8120 8-core CPU 3.10GHz

16GB Corsair Vengeance(4x4GB)

HIS Radeon HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2GB x 2(Crossfire @ 4GB)

ME2 Digital Deluxe purchased originally from Steam but switched over to Origin earlier this month.

No other programs running(ie anti virus, or media server etc.)

ME2 Config @ 1920x1080, fullscreen, visual effects running from software render rather than using GPU tweaks as I tried using several tweaks prior to using Catalyst but caused some hiccups more often than when just letting the software handle the graphics.

Overlord has yet to crash anywhere else, seems to be isolated to entering/loading Prometheus Station area post loadout screen.

Crashes with or without completing Vulcan prior to Prometheus.(and with or without Data Hound completion)

UPDATE: Also tried in windowed mode hoping that it'd be a work around similar to the hallway crash on Ilium(which is still a problem) and also tried Running As Admin(still getting used to Win7 so this never made sense to me as I am the admin anywas lol but I'm not MS so I dont know the reasons just saw it suggested to run as admin, gave it a try still same result)

DLC Installed Genesis, Overlord, Arrival, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Cerb weap armor, firepower, firewalker, crash site, terminus, incisor, blood dragon, collectors, recon, Kasumi, Zaeed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is intended to be my final savegame(after I do Arrival and LotSB hopefully anyways)


ps I am aware of the "problem" with Legion being a squadmate for Prometheus, however it has been described as "taking too much memory" or something along those lines, my system diagnostics never go above 30% use of RAM and barely 20%-25% of my CPU, and all temps are stable as well, therefore I don't see this as being a rational explanation as my PC runs BF3 and other visually demanding games maxed out and not so much as a drop in fps even in MP(excluding lag when it rears it's ugly head).

I will try now without Legion, but seriously a character likely made up of similar amount of resources as other characters being the one thing to crash because of "memory" usage......I just cant see that as a legitimate reason for the crash, and if it's this widespread then why isn't it being fixed considering Overlord is PAID dlc and Legion is a perfectly reasonable character to have along(I do recall taking him along on the 360 version of Overlord so what gives?).

UPDATE: Lol Kasumi crashed just as with Legion.....Tried Garrus + Tali and finally got through however note to BW seeing as this is a "workaround" and not a FIX I hope you plan on patching a fix for this as well as the other problems ie: Ilium hallway crash and the like rather than release ME3 and just forget that people paid for your prior products trusting in you to back them up with proper support post release.
If you advise I contact EA for support...well I'll just assume it means BW has no plans to continue support via fixing paid products for your consumers.

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UPDATE: Decided to run the save for Prometheus using GPU's with and without Crossfire Enabled, and allowed just the GPU(s) to handle the AA, Vsync, etc. Still no dice with Legion for Prometheus Station. Still resulting in crash upon exiting loadout screen......Play your way choose your story eh?

NOTE: Both Vulcan and Atlas work with Legion and Kasumi(for me at least with the config from above post), so there you go devs it's ISOLATED TO PROMETHEUS so yeah maybe look at Prometheus to figure out what the issue is so your customers can Play their way and Choose their story.

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i've got the same problem

amgj wrote...

i've got the same problem

I don't believe that the OP wrote that he was using a way below minimum clunker to try to play the game on.  Chances are this new symptom is just a further instance of Intel video failure, as you should be expecting, until you have a good enough system to use for gaming purposes. 


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Nope same problem as operative 84, I did it with tali and kasumi instead of tali and legion and it worked fine.
I used to think this crash always occurs when taking Legion and/or Kasumi. However, the real issue is that bringing either of these characters is for some reason taxing on the CPU. I'm not very tech savvy so I can't go into more details, but basically you have a better chance of getting through this section with these characters if you have a fast processor.

On my old PC with an AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ (3.0 Ghz dual core) the crash always occured immediately after squad selection. I haven't tested it yet on my newer PC.

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I've been having same problem when selecting tali and legion, and using a i7 quad core 3.4GHz with 8GB RAM and 2GB Graphics memory, is it just a legion issue here?