As you may know, there's quite a lot of morphing parameters that can't be accessed with in-game character creator. Things like size of the eyes, shape of the nose and lips and so on. I used to change them by hex editing ME1 save files, but that was quite difficult to say the least. Now i finally figured that this can be done relatively easily with memory editor, such as Cheat Engine. 
So here's a table for Cheat Engine containing addresses for all of the extra morph features that you can adjust during character creation: http://www.mediafire.../
This table will work for both ME1 and ME2.
Now, these addresses change every time you restart the game, and although there are supposed to be static addresses from which these could be derived, i wasn't able to find them. So making the table work takes some doing. What you'll need is to start the game and go to character creator. Then in cheat engine search for a float with a value of "0.6000000238" (this is the value for default facial structure). You'll probably find some few hundred addresses, so you'll need to filter through them. In character editor change the facial structure to some other one, then go back to CE and filter results that changed to 0. If you still have more than one result, change facial structure back to default one and filter out results that changed back to 0.6000000238. Repeat the process if needed until you have a single result. Now open the table and calculate the difference between the address you found and address for "race_iconic" from the table. After that select every item in the table, right click - recalculate new address, put in the difference in offset and click ok. And that should be it.
Most of the features can be adjusted right away, except for the ones at the bottom of the table. These are more tricky. In order to change them, you have to replace one of the features above with them. This is a bit difficult for me to explain, since i don't understand it myself well enough, but basically in the game's memory, before each value is an "id" of sorts, that determines which feature is affected by the value. And this "id" is what you need to change. In the table there are 2 byte values with names like "activate eyeshape_iconic - 50277 / 57540". 50277 here is for ME1, and 57540 is for ME2, and that's what you need to change the value to in order for eyeshape_iconic feature to work. Now these values will only be correct ones if you just launched the game and went straight into character editor. And maybe they will only be correct if you have a steam version of the games (and with no DLC's?). 
So i can't guarantee that you'll be able to make these features at the bottom to work without having to figure out how to do it by yourself, but even then there's still a lot of morphing features to play around with if you're into it. Good luck.