For the PvP nuts! Debate tactics, discuss builds, and set up duels. Play nice.


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The Official Wiki Fight Club
Nightly/Weekly Fight Club, SL 100

-Random matches
-Prearranged duels where both parties agree upon rules of engagement for that fight only.
-2v2 Arena Nights
-Theme Nights: Cosplays, gear, weapons
-Topic Nights: Countering strategies, gear, weapons

Reply to this thread with online ID and you will be added to the chat.  Also, when permitted by an admin presence, the forum chatbox will be activated to allow for easier organizing.

FC will be periodically streamed at
Any participants who stream are also welcome to do so!  Just remember to nudge people to the wiki/forums for more involvement.

Universal Time
This is a 24/7 ongoing Fight Club with every Saturday being Official Fight Night!
All time zones are welcome and the FC can be scaffolded to accommodate.

Soul Level

The Depths - Giant Rat Room

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Leader/Moderator: reim0027

Hosts PS3
  • reim0027.  PSN: reim0027_4, reim0027_5, and reim0027_6
  • Emergence (Sponsored by Manny's House of Munch).  PSN: EmergenceDS
  • Maneater_Mildred.  PSN: zog1313
  • Demon Slayer.  PSN: Fuegillo
  • DemonOfFate.  PSN: DemonOfFate
  • FinPeku.  PSN: FinPeku
  • Jansports.  PSN: Wizard_Cleave
  • VaDoom.  PSN: mega_perle
  • sure-magicians.  PSN: sure-magicians
  • ChillerHR.  PSN: ChillerHR
  • mofomey.  PSN: mofomey
  • Walter_White.  PSN: Dark_Sunbro

Hosts Xbox
  • WaLKA.  GT: iHokuto Shinken ??
  • tinypantha.  GT: Tinypantha
  • Phoenix Rising.  GT: l Aim v Here l
  • RenegadeCop.  GT: KNIFE4LIFE32
  • Maltenge.  GT: Indecision22
  • OminousSquaffle .  GT: OmenofEpicness

Hosts PC
  • Mental Gear. GFWL ID: AloofMentalGear

Have Fun.  
No griping, no whining, no salt.  
Uplift and elevate the knowledge of everyone involved.  Share tips, pointers, strategies and methods.  
We are taking a minimalist approach to rules in an attempt to build a culture of adaptation and learning, but the following apply:

-No spellswapping
-Any gamebreaking glitches will be banned/added as discovered.

How to Participate
Red Sign Down up on the ledge (where you drop down after the chest with the Large Ember).  Image
Check in on this thread and in the chat to see who is around.

Sign-Up Roster

  • XachAttack.  PSN: Xach_Attack
  • CrackSouls.  PSN: Glennie67
  • miclo514.  PSN: latinking88
  • mugenis4real.  PSN: WorldspineWurm
  • Emergence.  PSN: EmergenceDS
  • billy_bayonet.  PSN: Billy-bayonet
  • Maneater_Mildred.  PSN: zog1313
  • Sneezer.  PSN: Sneezer75
  • Ghadis_God.  PSN: Ghadis_God
  • mofomey.  PSN: mofomey
  • Demon Slayer.  PSN: Fuegillo
  • grossemesser.  PSN: argent2319
  • Forum Pirate.  PSN: Forum_Pirate
  • DemonOfFate.  PSN: DemonOfFate
  • FinPeku.  PSN: FinPeku
  • Jansports.  PSN: Wizard_Cleave
  • luvz2fight.  PSN: luvz2fight2
  • quench  PSN: quenchy
  • robsthedon  PSN: robsthedon
  • murkulanvippi.  PSN: murkulanvippi
  • VaDoom. PSN: mega_perle
  • sure-magicians.  PSN: sure-magicians
  • shadowzninjaz.  PSN: shadowz_ninjaz
  • LK-8912.  PSN: LK-8912
  • Walter White.  PSN: Dark_Sunbro
  • Uparkaam.  PSN: Uparkaam
  • EeAyEss.  PSN: EeAyEss
  • crbngville2.  PSN: crbngville2
  • madmath.  PSN: MadMathy
  • Halicarnassis.  PSN: Halicarnassis
  • kazumoshi.  PSN: kazumoshi
  • IzalithFM.  PSN: IzalithFM
  • Drumock.  PSN: Nictimus
  • The Once-Ler.  PSN IDs: kingphisher2 and Once-Ler_
  • ChillerHR.  PSN: ChillerHR
  • O1va_.  PSN: o1va_
  • leonardo503.  PSN: leonardo503
  • Acarnatia.  PSN: Try-chu
  • twilightwarwolf.  PSN: twlightwarwolf and Milleneum_TnVolk
  • BrandBrandBrand.  PSN: BrandBrandBrand
  • Jwebby6.  PSN: Jwebby6
  • Myztyrio.  PSN: Myztyrio and AzureArmageddon
  • Walter_White.  PSN: Dark_Sunbro
  • the-battybusters.  PSN: the-battybusters
  • B-Star Raw.  PSN: pikachu_696969
  • inksoldier.  PSN: nakohduh
  • Squashy_Avocado.  PSN: Squashy__Avocado
  • DensetsuShun.  PSN: DensetsuShun
  • Avenger649.  PSN: Avenger649
  • Prime618.  PSN: Pickachu618
  • crackmuppet.  PSN: crackmuppetdks
  • slashemVC.  PSN: slashemvc
  • Bluebonichronic.  PSN: Bluebonichronic
  • Wilkinson324.  PSN: The_Blue_Hobbit
  • Lmaousine.  PSN: Lmaousine
  • Eko.  PSN: Oh My Pancake
  • MistahrFox.  PSN: Mr-SilentFox
  • Jovias-86.  PSN: Jovias-86
  • phastings.  PSN: robert frost
  • SageOfToads123.  PSN: SageofToads
  • TheDeviantKnight.  PSN: TheDeviantKnight
  • Japolone.  PSN: Don_Japolone
  • LintyJones.  PSN: LintyJones
  • OR2008.  PSN: OR2008
  • Phenetylaminos.  PSN: Phenetylaminos
  • OmniBot.  PSN: OmniBot
  • Ahhotep1.  PSN: Ahhotep1
  • Solid WolF.  PSN: Solid_WolF92
  • inksoldier.  PSN: nakohduh or inksoldier09
  • DyingAce.  PSNs: BloodyCheerio, BleedinAce
  • Montante.  PSN: X_-TMS-_X
  • AbyssGFX. PSN: AbyssGFX
  • Micha369. PSN: Pfirsich_bohrer

  • WhatDoesThePendantDo?  GT: DiogenesSinope7
  • WaLKA.  GT: iHokuto Shinken
  • trzzy.  GT: Tz Is Missing
  • RenegadeCop.  GT: KNIFE4LIFE32
  • xRamenatorx.  GT: xRamenatorx
  • Phoenix Rising.  GT: l Aim v Here l
  • tinypantha.  GT: Tinypantha
  • Fry1156.  GT: fry11
  • RenegadeCop.  GT: KNIFE4LIFE32
  • OmegaX105.  GT: OmegaX105
  • Dieselzilla.  GT: xGBx ReagRaptor
  • megaoptamas759.  GT: megaoptamas759
  • MegaShadow7878.  GT: HoraryHydra40
  • Maltenge.  GT: Indecision22
  • tristan7.  GT: tristan7
  • KnightOfAstora.  GT: JustinAkatsuki
  • nadnal.  GT: nadnal
  • GravityBlast.  GT: GRAVITYBLASTER
  • Bassman Bob.  GT: JazzBlaster J
  • Lich 180.  GT: Lich180
  • DARKR466. GT: D4RKR
  • JasonT816. GT: JasonT4201
  • Necroph0bic. GT: N3CR0PH0BIC
  • Siredifice. GT: siredifice
  • Akrham. GT: Shepard3817

  • cultcon.  GFWL ID: cultcon
  • Qyntius.  GFWL ID: Qyntius
  • Mental Gear. GFWL ID: AloofMentalGear
  • JacobReapers. GFWL ID: JacobReapers
  • poppop17. GFWL ID: poppop17DS
  • slay3r2. GFWL ID: slay3r33. Steam: czesiek

Reply to Post with Your PSN, Gamertag, ID

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PSN: reim0027_2,  reim0027_3, reim0027_5.  Skype: reim0027  
Tour of Lordran Soul Levels  /  Official Wiki Fight Club / Forest Invasion Soul Levels /
Low Level Invasion Rules


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First off, Give E a +1 (or 2) for helping me with this, and coming up with a great post (which I essentially copied and pasted).

We are going with a minimalistic approach here (as stated above), but may ammend the rules.

This FC is for Wiki members, but nonmembers are welcome to join, provided, they understand the rules. Also, encourage them to register so they can take advantage of the chat (and hopefully become a member here).

Host Guidelines:
  • Stay on the ledge. If you jump down, you won't be able to get back up to summon unless you go the long way around.
  • Consider wearing the Fog Ring. It will make it easier for the duellers to fight, and make it easier for you to see.
  • If you receive more than 30,132 souls, the phantom's SL was greater than 100
  • Try to summon as many different people as possible. So, pay attention to who you've summoned, and in the Chat to see who is waiting to fight.
  • As a host, you can summon 2 phantoms. You can also be invaded. This will lead to a total of 3 phantoms.
  • Let people in the chat know when you have an opening. For example, say you have room for a red (AKA red room) or room for an invader, so people can have the best chance of getting into your world.
  • If you keep saying the same signs over and over, reset and reload.

If you post here and your name isn't placed on the list, please PM me and I'll do it.

Everyone should take a turn hosting (not in the same night, but over time).

PvP Tactics and Tips

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PSN: reim0027_2,  reim0027_3, reim0027_5.  Skype: reim0027  
Tour of Lordran Soul Levels  /  Official Wiki Fight Club / Forest Invasion Soul Levels /
Low Level Invasion Rules



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My character isn't 100% complete yet, though, only a few more levels to go o/.
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SolaireOfAstora wrote:Big burly greatsword-flinging man in high heels and skirt?
mind games, brother

It's go time! Praise the soup!



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I have been participating in these, casually, for a long time. I just wish people would do FC week nights more often. It feels like it's usually done on a Saturday when I either work late or have plans.
I have two SL100, one SL55, and a few SL120s. May make a couple more too.
PSN: Glennie67



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I'm in.



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Put me down as a participant for now. If that changes I'll either PM Reim or re-post.

XBL: I Aim v Here I
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I'm hyped. Image


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Heck, here's my tag: DiogenesSinope7



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Also I have a host ready for this. EmergenceDS on PSN
This site is a bonfire. Thank you all for kindling it. "No rest for the wikid."- the eldritch wisdom of Skarekrow13

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