Hi guys,

i have some questions about the rift mage....

I know this class is very good because of mana reg and damage bonus against weakened enemies.

Are there any mobs that are immune to weakened (especially bosses like dragons)?

Because without weaken the rift mage seems to be very weak...

What causes the weaken bug (sleep)? Weaken on shocked enemies? So first weaken then shock is no bug?

And whats the point of pull of the abyss? Static cage keeps enemies in place too and you get

damage with the upgrade.

And i think the 500% dmg upgrade for pull of the abyss is not really worth 65 mana cost.

So what is your experience?



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Pull of the Abyss is useful, but like yourself, I prefer Static Cage. If one cannot have the latter, then PotA is also there for CC.
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Pull of the Abyss with the new damage toggle is amazing.  First it's a quick 500% spirit damage.  And as long as you put weakened on the enemies first, it's "free!!!!"  Second it isn't exclusive to Lightning Cage.  Get BOTH! 

The "weaken" bug:

The weaken bug happens when you try to weaken a mob with "shocked" debuff on it.  This will cause them to go to sleep instead of applying weaken.  You have to wait for the shock debuff to disappear to then reapply weaken.  All-in-all it wasn't really a problem with the new Fade Step toggle to get mana back.

The only enemy I know of that was immune to weaken completely, were Giants.  And they were a pain.  But other than that my Rift Mage playthrough (nightmare+trials) was fine.

I was using StarFlorge's Infinite Mana Rift Mage Build, which uses Lightning Cage and Chain Lightning.  I did avoid lightning staves though, because Energy Barrage with a lightning staff would cause shock debuff.  With Chain Lightning I was able to choose where and when I wanted the "asleep" debuff.

My basic kill sequence for trash went like this:

  1. Veilstrike (with weaken upgrade)
  2. Pull of the Abyss (with damage I have full mana)
  3. Lightning Cage
  4. Energy Barrage (with Energy Storm upgrade)...full mana again now
  5. Blizzard (if mana gets low, fade step through enemies..but it won't be until you apply shock debuff and reapply weaken)
  6. Chain Lightning (puts shock debuff on trash...avoid on single target)
  7. StoneFist (with weaken upgrade)
  8. Energy Barrage (causes nightmare on sleeping enemies)

By then most non-promoted trash are dead. 

For bosses I swap the upgrade on Energy Barrage.  If the boss has guard generation, I will swap the upgrade on stonefist too.

I uses that for most of the game with two exceptions.  Gurd Harofsen in Jaws of Hakkon, I swapped to a boring Flame Array / Chilling Array.  I find it really boring, but it is very effective.  And I did the latter again to speed run through the fire room in Descent.  It's better damage, but ridiculously boring IMHO.




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Another use for Pull of the Abyss that is more effective that Static Cage: put a Fire Mine/Searing Glyph down in the middle of a mob and then center a Pull of the Abyss/Shaken Veil on the mine. Pull all the mooks on the mine, watch them explode and get tossed into the air. That never gets old.

Static Cage is hit and miss, depends on who tries to leave the AoE instead of pulling all of them at the same time.


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you can add a ice mine on top of the fire mine and watch them get stuck in the air as well.