By Silversmurf
Might as well. Forum is closing.

What can they do? Give you a warning point?
By HunterKipling

I don't know where to start (drops the list of glitches and hears a loud thud)

By Rhorim

You want gold, xp, game mechanics, visual, or easter eggs first?  Little direction here Smurf!

By Silversmurf
All and sundry
By Silversmurf
Like for example the one we all already know

Keeper with Mana Surge casts barrier on Virtuoso to give infinite mana. Let barrier expire. Boom.

That kind of thing.

Cause not knowing exactly how to do the Swashbuckle thing is killing me lol. After loads of practice...

And I know there is more out there ....
By Rhorim

Button smash glitches work as well.  Any talents that require setup seems to be the key.  Was able to time wombo combo with livid (Think thats whats it called).  But cooldown never popped, got a free one most of the time 

By Minuos

The dragon doesn't reset Killer Set, so Zither can play a sequence of songs and hit her for stupid damage with every subsequent basic attack. Looking forward to fighting the dragon like this is half the reason I even played as Zither.

Darkspawn emissaries, including the alpha, have projectiles homed towards them. Leaping Shot = 12 guaranteed hits, a shot with Griffon/Hakkon = 3 guaranteed hits, etc.

Spamming upgraded War Cry with no enemies in range lets you stack the armor bonus infinitely (up to 9,999 armor). It'll start wearing of when the cooldown is triggered, but it's fun to be the nigh-invincible bolter magnet if you get the chance.

That's all I got...

By Terrell
A little tip on the swashbuckle glitch. No I don't know the exact circumstances to get it but I have gotten it twice from using Russ's build. I got it once with three elusive tokens staying instead of one. This was way more powerful than the time I got it with one elusive token staying. Every spammable swashbuckle hit for about 17K.
By b00g13man
Posts Posts

I stopped playing well over a year ago. Best glitch ever.

By russ4ua16
I can't repeat the swashbuckle glitch on purpose. It just happens in almost every match. Wish I could help. I will say ambush and flashing steel are the two best skills for making it happen. Slakka got it to work with 3 elusives but after several hours on routine with inquisition daggers, I couldn't make it happen. The easiest way is to be hit while you gain ONE stack.

The only other major bug I've found was the Elementalist's Fade Cloak/Flashpoint spam glitch that I reported and was fixxed. Yup, they fixxed a bug.