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I had a really faint dream that I was a character in dark souls, throwing Sunlight Spears at Smough for some reason.
What about you guys?


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i always have dreams about what i was thinking about when i fall asleep. so i have had dreams about dark souls about 20 times



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Not yet. Image
Must try harder. :x
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for some reason i always seem to end up in princess guard and being the new member i have to stay with gwynever until my own quarters are funny buisness but.... still a weird dream.
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ohh yea last night i had a strange dream that i was fighting a deamon and then started to flee screeming and died....and WOHA i woke up sweety and weakend in my mind


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I've never dreamt about dark souls, but I used to dream about other games like zelda: a link to the past. sometimes I would get stuck in the game and I would dream about how to get past it, then I would wake up before school started and tried to do it and it worked most of the time. this was back before strategy guides in the internet so I couldn't just look it up if I got stuck. Ohhhhhhhhh.....the good old days....



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I've had nightmares about Pinwheel.

Well, not really. But I've had some other dreams about Dark Souls. Can't remember anything about them though.


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i just now woke up from a dream where gael and the ashen one were actually talking and chatting with each other before fighting, gael was saying that i want you to kill me if i don't make it, and actually cleared some of the lore unlike the **** game don't clarify anything