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I thought it would be fun and a good idea to list some tips, tricks, and secrets that we may have found throughout DAO that others can use as a reference. I know after being on this forum for a while that I've come across some things in DAO that I have always known but found that others didn't know and vice versa.

1) Sten's Cage in Lothering: I mentioned this in the "Revered Mother in Lothering" thread, but I'll list it here again in case people didn't see it there. When you meet Sten in Lothering, you can pick the lock on his cage yourself if you're a rogue or have Leliana do it. You DO NOT have to ask the Revered Mother for the key. Then bring him to the Chantry and enjoy people's reactions. :)

2) "Lost to the Memories" Quest in Orzammar: After returning the papers from Ortan Thaig to Orta in the Shaperate and then meeting her in the Assembly, you can ask her for a reward, and she will give you five sovereigns and you will get XP. Now for the extra part: Leave Orzammar and travel to anywhere else (the Party Camp doesn't count), then return to Orzammar and go revisit Orta in the Assembly. She will tell you about the success of her expedition to Ortan Thaig, and then she will give you an additional 10 sovereigns plus more XP. This was quite a nice little bonus.

3) Master Tilver: You will have to steal Master Tilver's key during the third stealing part of Slim Couldry's "Crime Wave" questline. Of course, you can walk up to him and flirt with him, stealing the key that way, or tell him you know him from Bann Darby's party, which gives you another option to steal the key. If you have a rogue with the Stealth ability and the Stealing skill, you can also sneak up and pickpocket the key from Master Tilver. There is yet another option, which I discovered during my current playthrough. Let me just say one thing: Master Tilver is a pervert and a pedophile! If you choose to do it this way (believe me, it was not my original intention. I was just trying to get close enough to steal without talking to him, and then I heard the guards chatting and decided to see what happened.), you will likely be disgusted. I know I was. But here it is if you're curious: 

Take the route beside Goldanna's house, which brings you behind the Mages' Collective Liason. Walk very slowly and stop when the restless guard (he has Fenris' voice) starts talking to the other guard about a prostitute from the Pearl. Listen and wait for them to finish their conversation, then approach Tilver. The Fenris-voiced guard will stop you, so tell him you're from the Pearl. Tilver will order them to let you through. He will ask about Eloise, and you will have several options. Tell him she's running late because she wanted to make herself pretty for him. Here's where it gets disgusting. Tilver will then ask you if Eloise is truly "untasted." You will then have the option to either berate Tilver and call him a lech for wanting to sleep with a child, which will cause the Fenris-voiced guard to agree with you but tell you to leave, making it impossible to get the key that way; or you can confirm that Eloise is a virgin, which will please Tilver and cause the Fenris-voiced guard to leave because he is disgusted. Also, if you are a female Warden and you "praise" Tilver, he will tell you he would be interested in the female Warden if she were "younger." So gross. I wish there had been an option to slap Tilver or even to kill him.

4) "Summoning Sciences" Fourth Summoning Font: There is a fourth Summoning Font in the circular room that contains the stairs to the second level in the Circle Tower. It is behind the bookcases on the left. To activate this font, touch the Summoning Font in the main library room, click on all the objects from the first three fonts (follow the exact order from the first three Summoning Fonts but combine them together). Before you click the fourth Summoning Font, make sure you are controlling someone with the Stealing skill. Click the fourth Summoning Font, then QUICKLY steal from the man who appears (Arl Foreshadow). You will get a random inventory item, along with the codex "The Notes of Arl Foreshadow."

Anyone else have anything interesting they've discovered? List them here!

By Kipper

Senior Enchanter Sweeney.

In the mage Origin quest, after Owain asks you for a signed form from a senior enchanter, you can return to Jowan and ask him what to do.

Jowan suggests that you ask Old Sweeney for help (but adds that Wynne would be his first choice if she wasn't at Ostagar). He'll then tell you a little story about Sweeney. That he was married to a non-mage and that his children came by a while ago and asked to take him home, but were denied since Sweeney was so old and frail. You can then ask Sweeney about it, he says it's not so bad and comments on his bowels. 

It's an interesting little story about an interesting character. (Also, if you haven't talked to Sweeney before. Do it, he's funny and adorable.)

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I love Sweeney. 

Tower's too boring lately. Tell you what, I'll put my name on this form... like so... ... and if you get the chance, burn a big hole in the seat of the trousers of the templar that patrols the library. Do that for old Sweeney, won't you? Bastard's always giving me the stink-eye.


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I think MadHarridan that a lot of your post was answereing me. :D  Bless you girl and maybe pin it?

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I would be happy to pin it, but I don't know how. Anybody else know? :)

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Great thread! I didn't know about Sten and his cage.

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One can gain a small dialogue with Duncan in Ostegar if Pickpocket is used around the camp, including him. Also, a nice sigh of exasperation from him is gained when agreeing with Alistair about remaining on the battlefield.

For the scoundrels, if Coercion is used on the Elven lad moving about the Ostegar camp, a better than normal sword may be procured.
By Jaison1986

During the human noble Origin, when you meet your mother with lady Landra, if you respond with the line "if you say so" as an male warden, Landra will deliver one of the most naughty comments in the entire game. I totally did not saw that coming.

Taking Sten to places will unlock many dialogues with him were he gives his views on many subjects. Not sure if everyone knows that.

When dealing with the mad Hermit in the Brecilian forest, take the acorn from the stump with Zevran in the party. The dialogue is golden.

If you work for Bhelen, and you go rescue an noble in the deep roads, ask him an monetary reward for saving him from the deep stalkers. He will reward you with an really neat discount with Gorim in Denerim, allowing to make an considerable extra money, especially if you use the potent lyrium potion exploit. "Fine dwarven crafts!"

By Lavaeolus

If you go out to the Wilds to progress the Joining, meet Morrigan, say you still want to look around first, then head back to Duncan, you get a different, slightly longer conversation telling Duncan about her:


It's nothing major, but it's something you probably won't see unless you intend to deliberately trigger it.

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By theskymoves
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There are a couple of other small dialogues in the Prelude that one needs to actively search out.
Duncan has some that is only accessible if you speak to him at his fire prior to finding Alistair:

and Alistair has an interesting wee bit to say about his half-brother, if you follow him after the Joining, instead of going immediately to the strategy meeting with Cailan and Loghain: