Ranni's Champion Build

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Ranni's Champion Build

by psalmist » Tue Sep 20, 2022 12:39 pm
This is another untried build I've been theory crafting in my brain, since I don't yet have my steam deck to play Elden Ring (main PC died). It's a slightly different spin on the Lunar Snow build I was thinking about in my "Are these builds" viable post. This makes more sense to me in that I can use shield talisman for damage mitigation instead of a shield on a caster. Also the Dark Moon Greatsword gives me extra magic damage and frost build up with its weapon skill. So...

Ranni's Champion Build
Class: Astrologer
Weapons: RH Glintstone sword to start then Dark Moon Greatsword
LH Lazuli Meteorite to start then Carian Regal Sceptor

Armor: Snow Witches Hat and the rest from the Spellblade set.
Talisman: Radagon Icon, Godfrey Icon, Graven-Mass Talisman, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Phsyick: Cerulean Hidden Tear, Magic Shrouding cracked tear

Glintstone Icerag 1
Abdula's Moonblade 1
Carian Phalanx 1
Rock sling 1
Night Comet 1
Terra Magica 1
Ranni's Dark Moon 2
Comet Azur 2

Max main stats at: Vigor 60, Mind 50, Intelligence 80. Not much point to level
past that. Dexterity and Endurance will also help the build, but not as much as
main stats. Dexterity will increase spell casting speed and the Dark Moon
Greatsword damage. Endurance for increased stamina. Strength, Faith, and Arane
are not used. Use your best judgement when leveling armed with this knowledge.

Logic and gameplay. You arm yourself with a sword in one hand, and a glintsone staff in the other. You are a caster with a greatsword with a weapon skill that has a great buff and attack. The heavy attacks (when buffed) from the greatsword are also buffed by the Spellblade set. The Snow Witch hat buffs ice based, and the dark moon sorceries. Best for keeping distance if possible, but the great sword scales with intelligence well so it is a great alternative if using melee. Main spammable is the glintstone ice rag in keeping with our frosty theme, Abdula's moonblade, and Ranni's dark moon sorceries also benefit from the Snow Witch hat buffs. This is my untested theory anyways... Comments and improvement suggestions welcome.