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aceluby wrote:
ChizFreak wrote:
aceluby wrote:Upgrading bows to elemental/divine/magic only effects the bows damage (R2), not the arrows it shoots. In fact, due to the removal of scaling, it will usually result in LESS damage to upgrade them along one of these paths.

Bows can't attack in anyway if not shooting arrows. Pressing R2/L2 will only change the type of arrows you're going to shoot. Pressing L1 zooms. Pressing R1 shoots. If you one hand it, pressing R2/L2 will change arrows too.

You are correct. I also read that divine bows do kill the skeletons in the catacombs, however I don't think it adds any damage. It's hard to verify since it definitely doesn't give any visual indication. I'll give it a go when I get home to see if a lightning bow does less damage than a lightning +1. I don't think it does.

If you could get someone else to test this with you, the ultimate test would be to shoot someone with a divine bow, have them cast Great Magic Barrier, and shoot them again. If the damage changes, then the bow is applying magic damage. You could also do it with a fire bow and Water Veil. The problem with the +1 lightning upgrade is that it also increases base physical damage over the plain lightning weapon, right? How would you know whether the increased damage was lightning or physical?



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Well, right away, I think you pretty much disproved the theory that arrows of the same element would somehow also make the bow's element do damage.

I think you're on the right track, just keep getting more numbers so we can draw more conclusions.

- Like ace suggested, check the damage an elemental bow does at each upgrade level. Are your gains in damage at each level corresponding only to the amount of physical damage the bow gained, or is it more?

If it's more, it could be that your opponent's defenses are soaking up the majority of the elemental damage. But if the increase in damage is the same as the increase in phys, and no more, then test it on a few more enemies. If it stays true for all enemies, then you've disproved that elemental arrows will stack with the bow's elemental damage.

- Also, test out different upgrade paths on the same bow. Try to get the same attack rating purely physical and split phys/ elemental, with the same bow, by de-upgrading it then going a different path.

If they're both at the same attack rating, but the physical-only one outperforms the elemental one against all enemies, then you'd have proven that elemental damage does, in fact, not work for bows.

Edit: I was writing while Strangejoy posted, but that's a good suggestion too!


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Put this on the Archives section I will be needing this for my new DEX/Faith build! And thanks everyone!
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bump* this topic was recently moved to The Archives so I'm bumping so people in this forum can help me with this research. Please read the full topic before posting.
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