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NPC_invader wrote:You want to hear it? Better see it. I plan to upload the whole thing to youtube like I did with DS1. I will duplicate some Ephemeral Eyes to keep the cooperation happening all the time. You are more than welcome to see us dying and twinked to death lol. We won't rush it because I only beat the game once, this won't be like DS1, 2 and BB, I'm gonna be disoriented thanks to my bad memory :laughing: .

Thank you again for the info.

Very cool!

I'll definitely check it out!

Im going to start watching the DeS forums here too!
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just an alternative - if fire magic is a must have, my apologies - but a build like this would be all about making the DBS damage devastating while preserving your casting of Second Chance:


this would allow you to not only maximize STR investment into the DBS, but buff on top of that as well. not meeting the requirements for the ToB is actually a part of this build, for so long as you're not casting damage spells (fireball, firestorm, etc.), it will lessen the HP drain of Cursed Weapon while still giving you a solid buff. you could also use other non-damage spells, such as Warding.

obviously this is a bit of an audible, and if DBS+fire magic is integral, this won't cut it. still, this would allow you to focus on the damage of the DBS while letting you use support magic, which could lead to some buffed defenses (50% more HP via Second Chance) and some serious AR on that DBS (let's say, 2H@50STR + Cursed Weapon).
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50/30 Str/Mag

Light Weapon, Firestorm

You'll need 30 Int for both spells, but there's an attunement ring that gives you 1 extra spell slot so that you can stay at 24 Int. If you don't want a spell buff you can stay at 18 Int, but 30 Mag seems kinda wasted for just a Firestorm.

All builds have 16 Fth minimum for Second Chance.

The softcap for Str/Dex/Mag/Fth here is 30 but it behaves alot like Bloodborne's 25, you still get good returns for high scaling weapons. Just experiment with the stats screen when leveling up.

Check out the Bramd. :twisted:
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Oh man I remember my Pure Str build...once you exile intimately familiar with the moveset of the DBS...oh man...2 skilled DBS users going at it is a crazy intense fight...
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After plaing a lot of DS3, Demon Souls has caught my attention once again. I've played it through only once, and this time I want to do it with a propper build.

So I'd like to hear your opinion for this build: https://mugenmonkey.com/demonssouls/3729
It's supposed to be some kind of a hybrid/luck build. With some spells to back it up.
Primary weapon is supposed to be the Blueblood Sword with the Northen Regalia as a backup weapon.

Spells are Light Weapon as the weapon buff and Ignite as a little surprise.
Second Chance as the miracle of choice.

I'am not sure if I should go for 30 int to get an additional slot for a projectile spell. But that would mean to either cut even more Endurance, which seems to be with 25 compared to other builds already pretty low, or to cut vit to 39 instead of 45.



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can't say much about required stats for all the stuff, but it looks like a standard BBS Luck build mixed up with the NR vit build. Not a bad choice, this is cookie cutter quality.

For min/maxed build i recommend to get only the needed stats for:

Nothing else, this is enough for ng+++ runs and nearly guaranteed PvP victory.
You can't lower vit, so be carefull with that stat, but 45 is minimum. Do the 45 vit, pump the rest in stamina and play around with it. If you feel, that you have plenty of stamina pump vit to 50 (delevel with whatever you find works best). My sl125 have always excatly 50 vit, if you use SC every point hp less counts 1.5x!

Perhaps that'll help decide:

forgot the 20-30 luck for the bbs, you need them for AR

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