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I have some small things bothering me to add to the thread, these are mostly logic based, and made me wonder about the npc's.
The goal isn't really to find an answer for these, it's to just think about it for a while and imagine some scenarios, I love that.

- How long has the crest fallen warrior been there? Surely he can't have been there for countless years? Surely that would've hollowed him? But he knows every npc that has visited the firelink shrine, and what's more important he's the only one seemingly aware of Frampt! How would he know if he himself has never rung the bell of awakening? This would mean that he was a witness to someone else ringing both bells and awakening the serpent, but how long do you imagine that was? I know time is warped in Lordran, but I still can't get over the fact that he's aware of Frampt, it amazes me.

- Why do the painting guardians forget their duty? Their clothes reveal that they have been protecting the painting for generations while having forgotten why, meaning that they were told at some point, didn't they think it important to pass this knowledge on to make sure future disciples know what they're fighting for and won't at some point abandon post thinking they're just protecting a stupid painting?

Also how did the doll end up in the Undead Asylum?

- Why is the hydra triggered by us but not by crystal golems?

- In the New Londo ruins, there are vengefull ghosts everywhere and Ingward (the guardian of the seal) says that he "never gets a visitor, other than ghosts", meaning that he encounters ghosts quite often. Why are these ghosts not agressive against the man who was partly responsible for their demise? If I got drowned for the mistake of some other person, and It forced me to haunt ruins forever, i'd be a little pissy with the guy responsible.

- Where do mimics come from?

- Why does the shopkeeper who sells boss armor (with the weird outfit) pick such horrible spots to set up shop, this man did not go to marketing school.


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Most answers I can give you will be speculation.

But I'll give you my best guesses.

In order to see Frampt the Crestfallen warrior only needed to watch Oscar of Astora or Iron Tarkus fail at their quests.

With the Painting Guardians, I'm just going to assume Hollowing is a factor in the forgetting.

My guess is a Black Knight brought the doll to the Asylum.

Maybe being a dragon makes it see better than the Golems. That and the Golems seem to lack eyes.

I'm just going to go with Game Mechanics. Otherwise he would die before you ever meet him.

Apparantly it was a greedy race that got cursed. As for specifics...Well no one knows.
Monsters head resembling a treasure chest. Once an ancient god, it is said this is the symbol of shame imposed on a long lost clan, exiled for the sin of avarice.
Wearing this slightly raises soul absorbtion and item discovery, but also affects its wearer with the curse of the branded.

Maybe it was to make it hard for hollows to seek him out since he would be collecting a lot of souls.

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The dark doesn't need the first flame to survive though. "Soon the flames will fade and only dark will remain.'" Humanity doesn't need the first flame to survive. The gods do, however.


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XYZsolution wrote:The dark doesn't need the first flame to survive though. "Soon the flames will fade and only dark will remain.'" Humanity doesn't need the first flame to survive. The gods do, however.

Makes me wonder how true the opposite is. It's implied more than once that the human form as seen in the game isn't necessarily the real human form, and then there's the multiple cases of humans turning into freaky eldritch **** when exposed to too much dark.

dn1nd wrote:@tsmp,

When I mentioned using the Darksign and it consuming your Humanity, I was referring to the Soft Humanity held in the Counter, not the being in Human/Revived form.

Even says in the description it takes your humanity.

The Darksign signifies an accursed Undead. Those branded with it are reborn after death, but will one day lose their mind and go hollow.
Death triggers the Darksign, which returns its bearer to the last bonfire rested at, but at the cost of all humanity and souls

I just loaded and tested this in DS1 and It does take your humanity when you use the Darksign.

The issue with the Primordial Crystal id we can only speculate on its significance. We do not know exactly how it grants invulnerability or even how many can be affected.

Does it? I'm sorry, I'd completely forgotten about that.

n3t wrote:You guys talk about the primordial crystal a lot like it just has an immortal aura that makes everything untouchable, but don't forget seath had to go through years of archives and experiments until he could actually use the cristal for immortality, and not without using the power of crystals on himself changing his appearance and apparently making him blind.

When the war was fought, I don't think the dragons could use it to become invulnerable, if they could then why would Seath struggle for so long to make it work on himself? The scales surely can't be the reason why dragons could randomly use a crystal for immortality? Nothing else is different between Seath and his kin.

What do you think?

Seath's appearance remains unchanged from the dragon war, as seen in the cutscene, so saying that he used the power of crystals to change his appearance and become blind is... unfounded. As far as it's possible to know, Seath was always that way. Unless there's something in the game that explicitly says he wasn't (which would contradict the cutscene), then the best guess is that he's always been a blind, legless, half-crystallized fairy dragon.

There's nothing in the game that states Seath had to study the crystal for X amount of time before he could access it, either. I'm fairly certain I made no mention of time one way or the other, specifically because the game doesn't specify.