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Title: Awesome Japanese Translation: We cannot understand any bit of scription.
Repro Steps: whole Japanese Translation
Actual Result: We cannot understand any bit of scription.
Expected Result and solution:
we have tried to re-translate the scription in game data, but it was too complicated.
so iF it is ok, please mail me English scription to
i will translate them into living, vivid, splendid Japanese.
this game is very interesting and i want to play it in native please!
I used one of the items for "stealing" a sanctuary, at the bandit hideout.
After defeating all the knights who spawned, nothing happened. No ability to place my candles on the altar, no ability to leave the room. NO NOTHING!
I had to use a horn to go back to my first sanctuary, and when i got back to the bandit hideout, i had to fight ALL the knights again. BUT this time, i got instantly juggled to death. Am i missing some step, or is this a bug? I killed all of them, stood there for over 10 minutes.... WTF?!