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If any of you have seen limit break's video ( it should be pretty obvious just how great greatshields are in the right hand. They're still able to block while attacking 1 handed yet i never see anyone use it. I was just kinda curious as to why? the greatshield's r1 and r2 put together with any weapon in the left hand allows you to be more aggressive and do more combo's.


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Bearing in mind that left-handed weapons deals less damage comparing to right hand because it was decided to be the more dominant hand, therefore your output is totally relying on the r2 damage of great shield?


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they do not really need to be used in the right hand to be OP frankly.


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Well. Since we're talking Dark Souls 2 and not Dark Souls 3. That's backstab bait. Roll forward and behind him. Unless he's wearing a Jester's/Gower's/Turtle Shell. If he's doing that. Just use the Estoc. 2 handed 2. He's done. I've seen many, many fights and a Large Shield build like that never gets even past the 2nd kill in a fight club.

NM. Disregard. Just realized your video was about Dark Souls 3.
then yeah.