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Hey man thanks!

As far as spell setup, what should I change? I'm open to suggestions, like should I add more pyromancy? Ditch spell power altogether? Or keep the 16 Int just for the range? GMW vs. Gold Pine Resin? :-S:

Also I'm curious, do you play with less than 40 End? How do you like it? :bounce:

Finally, do you think you can push my Poise to 71 or is that impossible? I'm willing to make my character look homeless in that case. :laughing:
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I almost never have more than 30 end, especially with the rofap. It regenerates faster than I use it anyways.

Why 71? The breakpoint is 76 for ultras.

GFB can be manually aimed at range very effectively for zoning and has a big enough AoE to punish bs attemps which stuns long enough for a Chaos whip cast to be undodgeable at close range, which stuns long enough for a BF to be undodgeable. It's a fatal combo. If it's too tough for you, replace chaos whip with another BF and fire surge, GFB combos straight to BF as well, it's not as potent but easier to set up. (re-order the spells appropriately)

You can also kick into a BF (2 if they don't have 61 poise) for 600 damage each.

Fire surge (when used unlocked) is incredibly useful for chip damage, bs prevention and pressure.
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You've outdone yourself Pirate.

Better defense, combo pyromancy, and better poise? Yes!

Don't know why I thought 71 was a breakpoint...

Anyways I gave you a +3, great fix. :thumbs up:
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Desired Soul Level: 90/95
Str or Dex: Str
Favor Dmg, Vit, or End: Dmg
How you will use the build: Buffing, Rolling (blocking if unavoidable), hit, repeat
Other info you find useful: I would like to deal the highest damage as possible, keeping a fairly high attack
Faith/Int? None


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Thank you. :biggrin:


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I made this build a while ago, this build is based on the ''Giant Dad'' build, i'm not really experienced with PVP Builds. I'm just leaving this here just because i want to know if someone could confirm me that this build could be fairly used in PVPs, i also want to know what stats i should change thanks to everyone who took the time to help me with this :)



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Need some help with this SL 120 elite knight build:

Not sure what's most viable for pvp, to go to 28 str and keep my 46 poise (first build), to take 7 points from str and put them in end so that I can equip the Catarina Gauntlets for 53 poise without mid rolling (second build), to take the 7 points from vit instead of str (third build), to sacrifice even more vit to keep leveling strength (fourth build, stopped at 37 vit 34 str to keep HP over 1500, should I have?), or to keep the elite knight gauntlets and 46 poise so I can get str to 40 without running less than 1500 HP (fifth build). Wat do?

Won't be changing the armor except for the guantlets, it's an elite knight build. I'm set on the weapons as well. This is a relatively settled equipment setup that I'm fully aware isn't optimized, all I need to figure out are the best stats for it.