Assume the fights take place in the Denerim Market square.

1. The Warden vs Hawke

2. Alistair vs Aveline

3. Sten vs Fenris

4. Morrigan vs Merril

5. Wynne vs Anders

6. Leliana vs Varric

7. Zevran vs Isabela

8. Shale vs the Arishok

1. Warden. My Warden was an Arcane Warrior, it's not even fair.

2. Tough one. I'd say Alistair, but not by much.

3. Sten

4. Morrigan

5. Wynne. She almost became First Enchanter.

6. Varric?

7. Another tough one. Zev.

8. The Arishok. That guy was a chore to kill.

I loved the companions in DA2, but the DAO party is more experienced.

1. The Warden defeats Hawke because his story is more epic.

2. Aveline defeats Alistair 'cause she's mean.

3. Sten defeats  Fenris 'cause he's qunari.

4. Morrigan defeats Merril  'cause she's badass.

5.  Anders defeats wynne 'cause he's a guy.

6. Varric  defeats Leliana because Varric has a better skill tree.

7. Zevran defeats Isabela but it's close because Zevran is master assassin but Isabela is a duelist.

8. the Arishok pummels Shale.  Shouldn't be close.
1. Depends on class and circumstance.

2. Alistair, if only because sword and shield warriors were tougher in DAO.

3. Fenris. Sten was a glass cannon in DAO and Fenris' lyrium markings give him more durability.

4. Merrill can soak up tremendous damage and blood magic easily trumps shape changing, assuming Morrigan hasn't figured out her mom's dragon trick.

5. Pretty close, but Anders is more geared for offence than Wynne.

6. At range, Varric has the edge. But Leliana is more deadly in close quarters, so it depends on when and how they fight.

7. Zevran, by a hair.

8. The Arishok was quite a bit tougher than Shale.

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1. Good one. Hawke's faster, but the Warden is tougher. The Warden has more varied skills and abilities across every class including having more specialities, but Hawke has enough to match it. Ultimately it comes down to experience and strategy which I'm giving to the Warden. The Warden's accomplishments encompass everything that Hawke has done and much more.

2. Seeing that Alistair was able to match and defeat Stenshok, I don't see any reason why he couldn't beat Aveline.

3. Sten's strong, but Fenris can use his lyrium tattoos to reach into people's hearts and crush them. Even then, Fenris is strong enough to match Sten blow for blow and considerable faster as well.

4. All Merrill has to do is Blood Wound Morrigan in place and it's pretty much over from there.

5. No contest, Wynne is more experienced, more skilled, more mature and much more level-headed. Anders wouldn't have a chance.

6. Tough...Leliana has the advantage up close, but Varric is good at long range. Ultimately, I'd say Varric as he would be quick and agile enough to utilize Bianca at close range and Leliana is a bit rusty from her bard days.

7. They'd end up in bed after a stalemate battle...fight again and then back to bed, rinse and lather until they depart after a "parting" dance. But in all seriousness, Zevran has been fooled by pretty face in the past and Isabella doesn't exactly play nice when all things come down to the wire.

8. The Arishok is strong, but Shale can pick up boulders and throw them with one hand. She can also punch the ground hard enough to emulate an earthquake. If Shale can pick up boulders as large as she is with one hand, think of what she'll do with the Arishok! Exactly what she does to birds.

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1. The Warden
2. Alistair
3. Fenris
4. Morrigan
5. Wynne
6. Leliana
7. Isabela
8. Shale

1. The Warden vs Hawke

Warden - My Hawke was a wimp who couldn't even keep his own companions in line.

2. Alistair vs Aveline

Close one but I think Alistair would pull it out.  He beat Loghain after all.

3. Sten vs Fenris

I think Fenris would take Sten. The Lyrium Ghost thing is pretty cool.

4. Morrigan vs Merril

Morrigan-She'd distract Merril with kittens then kill all of them while they weren't looking.

5. Wynne vs Anders

I think Anders could take Wynne

6. Leliana vs Varric

Varric  He has Bianca to back him up.

7. Zevran vs Isabela
Isabela would easily distract Zevran with cleavage and then stab him where it hurts.
8. Shale vs the Arishok

Shale - The Arishok couldn't get through the first layer of rock.


1. Depends

2. Aveline

3. Fenris

4. Morrigan

5. Anders

6. Leliana

7. Zevran

8. Shale


imo it's

1. Warden by a landslide. Hawke fought the Arishok and a High Dragon, The Warden fought and killed the Archdemon, Branka/Cairdin, Flemeth, The Architect, The Mother.

He has leadership, experience and superior equipment. 

2. Alistair rather easily.

Aveline is a sturdy woman, sure, but she is nothing out of the ordinary.

Alistair is an ex-templar, a Grey Warden that fought through the Blight with The Warden and a king.

He wins in the training/equipment department by a landslide.

3. Sten.

Bigger, stronger, fought his whole life.

Fenris was a slave.

4. Morrigan.

I don't know how much Blood Magic Merril knows ( she seems completely oblivious to how powerful demons are ) but The Dark Ritual puts Morrigan way above her in my eyes, as far as Blood Magic knowledge goes.

That and when she runs out of mana she can just go spider form.

5. I'd say Wynne.

I do not know if her spirit is stronger than Justice, but she is surely more skilled and experienced than Anders is.

6. Leliana, due to being a top tier bard and having superior experience.

Varric was nothing extraordinary until he met Hawke, Leliana ran with the big guys back in Orlais.

7. Zevran, no question.

Isabella is good against sloppy brawlers, but Zevran is an assassin, not an amateur.

8. The Arishok.


Hard to say.

My Warden would kick my Hawke's butt. 

Alistair and Aveline would give it a good go, but Alistair is a Grey Warden, with all the natural strength that comes from the taint, and he beat Loghain and Stenashok, so I'd give it to Alistair.

Based on how much damage they gave out and how much they could take in my party, I'd say Fenris is tougher than Sten.

I love Merrill, I really do, but Morrigan would kick her butt any day of the week. 

Hmm, Wynne vs Anders...doesn't matter. I executed Anders and Wynne died in Asunder. 

Leliana and Varric is also a tough one. Chances are they'd stop fighting, tell each other a few stories, Leliana would try to seduce him, he'd buy her a pint, and they would leave each other with a butt load of stories of varying truth. 

Zevran and Isabella would start out fighting and end up making love before agreeing to try again later. 

Arishok would beat Shale..