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Use the lloyds talisman, keep a close distance and make sure to rush if you see the start of the estus animation then punish them with a backstab. So keep a knife of sorts on you if you plan on doing a lot of damage to the chugging host.
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If it's a 1v1 situation just parry/BS them and then throw a loyds on their corpse. Most usually don't have enough speed to roll away from that.

Can't give you much advise on ganks though. Never been great at dealing with them.
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If you invade/get invaded you should be prepared for healers but if you get summoned you would frown upon healing
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Estus is hell'a annoying in PvP, Ive been getting back into DS1 recently on a level 55 invader, my advice would be to use lloyds talismans. They wear off in a certain range I think, but if you can down your opponent then hit them with another one. Its a shame theres no reliable arena mode, so we have to make do with the host-favoured PvP.

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if someone uses Estus one up them with Divine Blessings and Mushrooms