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Is it worth it to buy Darksouls 1 for the PC nowadays? I am interested in PvP. I enjoy the PvP of Bloodborne and Darksouls 2.


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It's definitely slowed down, after all it came out in 2011. However, I still find plenty of people to fight. Even without pvp the pve is fantastic, and worth the money.


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On PC it's definitely worth it, just make sure to also download dsfix and set up the .ini file to unlock 30 fps and change around settings to what runs the fastest for you, because the port From Software made is bad. It's been as cheap as $5 on Steam before but it's still worth the full 20. PC version also comes with DLC so you're saving a little money compared to console.

It's more active recently than around 1 year ago I've found, still a lot of players and regulars who you can find in township. I think people are returning to das with word of ds3 being like it, whether that's true or not. There's a lot of idiots running around with 1 hit kill weapons and modded stats, but with watchdogs you can kick them out, or use cheat engine and the latest table yourself. The level you want to be at is 125 or 135 for the most part, so you can easily get PVP.

Here's a mule youtube video tutorial thing, so you can have all items upgraded and level up to what you want. You can use Cheat Engine to take the face data of a character you created and copy paste it onto the mule if you want to keep your own character, or add stuff individually to your own game save. Otherwise just building a character through the game will be fine, and of course is the best for normal playthrough, but if you are getting it for PVP then a mule is the quickest way to get into it. is a great way to experiment with build ideas, and using a mule/ce/both is a fast way to test them, I don't really join steam groups but you will learn who the better players are by fighting them if you PVP. It's a very exciting experience and also very technical compared to ds2, I hope you will enjoy it.