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Character name: Orryn, Knight of the Abyss Walker

Covenant/Affiliation: Disciples of Artorias

Birthplace/Home country: Mirrah

Appearance: WIP

Backstory: Born in Mirrah, the land of the sword, Orryn was always destined to become a skilled warrior. He took to his training as if born with a sword in his hand, and despite his slim build he had the strength to wield a greatsword with ease. WIP
(This will be updated soon)


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[[Since whole lore of DS/DS2 is about how time and space is distorred, thought i might aswell use some D&D]]
[Edit: It escaped my mind when I wrote this that Eberron is campaign setting, while the Khorvaire is the continent.]

Character name: Arthur of Khorvaire

Covenant/Affiliation: Mostly a freelancer who doesn't seem to be with a covenant for too long.

Birthplace/Home country: When asked, he speaks of a distant place called "Khorvaire", although no records of the place exists. Even he starts thinking that Khorvaire might just be a figment of his imagination.

Appearance: A man in his forties with black hair and short beard. His longing red eyes match perfectly the red dragoncrest tattoo on his cheek. He mostly wears black clothes or armor along with a hood.


How did it go?... Ah yes... Once upon a time, in the age where avatars of gods walked among men, when archons and celestials waged war on demons, when elves and dwarfs lived "peacefully" with humans, there was a wizard. Not the kind that would go on adventuring with warrior, rouge and a priest. Nor was he of a kind that would hide up in his tower, scheming plots. He was a simple man living in a small village. The wizard had a beautifull wife, a newborn daughter, a fine young son and a cat. What was cat's color again?.. Hmmm... Ah yes, black of course. Wife would spend her days cooking, cleaning and looking after their new member of the family. Boy would be running around with his friends, catching monstrous beetles like butterflies and bugs. The cat was... What?.. Ah wizard? Of course.. The wizard was just as you imagine one. Fairly Old, grey beard, robe, pointy hat and a staff. When he was young, his blue eyes could woo just about any girl and he still rants about how he got the Green Dragonmark of Magic on his cheek.
The wizard had just about anything he wished for. He would make trinkets for passing adventurers for some coin, or would help the villagers with some trivial things for food. And when he had time, he would go down in his library and read books, do research and from time to time think of naughty things. Soon enough he stumbled across an interesting book, wich would spark his passion about magic once more. His new research would not be about how elemental mephits get droppings with out eating, or why demons puke after eating his wifes cooking. No, it was about one thing that not even gods could obtain...

Day and night he stayed in his basement, reading and writing. Ofcourse i say day and night, but it's not like he didn't make any time for his family. What did you think? Just what kind of douche would leave family for this stuff?... Jeesh... AH!, Anyway... His search went for many years, son became a fine warrior of House Deneith, his daughter got married to a farmer and now has a small family. His wife passed away from illness. Now he was all alone in his house.. It was then, when he discovered the secret he was looking for. He reached for it and grabbed what was given to him.
The joy of his discovery did not last long, however. The gods, wich also seeked the secret, were furious that a mere human got the gift while they could not. In anger and desperation, they placed a curse upon him. Wizards eyes and dragonmark turned red as he screamed in agony. How ever it was only after he was slain by an assassin sent by the same gods, he would realise how terrible the curse was. He was immortal, alright.. He got what he wanted.. When ever he died he would rise anew like a phoenix... Except no ashes and flame and flashy explosions.
Just like that, falling and rising up again he went through countless cycles. Magic distortion that would cause massive rifts among the world. Civilazations coming from below and conquering what they could see. Said magic wiping almost all life on the world, leaving barren desert. Death of the gods, who once placed curse on him now forgotten. Creation and destruction of second moon.
His curse however, prevented him from enjoying it. He was there through every cycle and yet noone was there who would remember him. Eventually, not even he remembered who he was. An adventurer, exploring ruins around the Sword Coast. A soldier in massive army of Sorcerer King.. Haunting Lordan as a black knight. Just like that, he was a simple beeing that nobody gave a thought about. Memories of once great wizard are now long gone, the knowledge of cycles now lost.
Just a shell of former glory sitting now on the wall of Lost Bastille and gazing upon the stars, barely remembering the faces of the family that once was everything to him.

"What is Khorvaire?.. Where is Khorvaire?.. How did I come here?.."
That is his curse.. Endless battle with out ever knowing why..


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Okay here i go. My ongoing char from darksouls 1.

Name: Cris Burlow

Aka:The Hex Hunter

Age: 29

Covenant: DS1(Formerly Princess Guard) now (Heirs of the Sun)

Origin: ( Formerly Catarina ) Now Wanders Drangleic

Personality: Calm/inquisitive/light humored/ Cautious

Flaws: He has troubling thoughts of his Former Lady, along with his past.

Armor: Wanderer-Dual swordsman set/ Alva armor set/Black set /

Equipment: Claymore/ Dual Scimitars/Estoc /Black Steel Katana/Twin-blade/ Throwing knives
Shield: Royal Kite Shield / Drangleic Shield/

Lore: How long has it been?... Years? Decades?..Centuries?.. it's all a blur to him. Every since the days of lordran when he sought to link the bonfires for himself. The Fall of his House Malnova, betrayed by his own Lady to become one those detestable dragon followers. The truth of the Princess being long gone and puppeted by the prince himself and the spreading abyss that seemed unending. His faith wavered from all that has happened to him in the past. Only to find some fraction of comfort to learn that a New King has risen, succeeding into a new area of he would think.

//Lost in Time and a Hunter Found//
Cris felt like a great weight was off him. The chaos of the undead seemed like a memory and the people started to gain there senses back. However something dark also came with this peace. The rediscovery of Dark magic known as "Hexs". How did this come to past? A lost sorcery that was used in a Ancient times now has found itself to sorcerers that grew insane and fanatical, manipulating other people forming Dark cults. Could his adventures in those ancient times brought this upon the present? He's not sure. Both Clerics and even Mages a like agreed upon how foul and horrid these dark magics where and started to form bands of Warriors to stomp out this growth of heretics and the corrupt. Cris took arms to this, knowing full well how horrible it would get if Hex users were left unchecked. His knowledge of Miracles aided in the cause, working freelance, drifting from Towns and cities, looking for those that would support or practiced all things Dark. For a time, the hunts proved successful.But this was nothing compare to what came next.

//The return of the Undead Curse//
No one knows why the curse arrived so suddenly. Most panicked, others seeked magic users from clerics to even Hexers for answers. Cris grew vexed, realizing the curse had returned to the land. "Haven't they suffered enough? Or did we overlook something from the past? What brought this on us again? Cris focused on getting rid of the Hex cults, looking for answers, believing that they were tied to this ill-fate. Time passed, and the curse still remained. Things gotten worse. Whole kingdoms abandoned, towns desolated, and full of hollows. Cris was no stranger to this site, and grew tired of it from all these years. Then news came, the King, Hero and vanquisher of the initial curse, was missing. What did this mean? Where did he go? Did he find a solution to stop the curse? All these questions could only be solved if Cris looked for the king. Maybe he can finally put an end to all this madness this time.

// Faith kindled by the Sun//
Through most of Cris's travels, he seen many ill fated knights with good intentions fall, good people turn hollow, and various betrayals and back-stabbers that only want your wares or your very soul. Walking the Wanderers path is full of hardships and can certainly break the minds of many that walk it. At one time Cris's faith was unmovable. But over time things grew darker and crueler, and Cris seemed more fueled by his hatred for the Dark than by the Love of the light. Til one day he saw a ruined statute from a unknown origin... something vaguely familiar from a time and place that he may have remembered. What was it about this statue that made Cris pause? Visions of this peculiar statue.. and adored by a peculiar knight? A Knight?... what was his name? A jovial knight that talked and preached about the love of the sun. Feeling so clear, and sure of himself....he helped me didn't he? Thats right.. he wanted to help others. That was his code, his covenant to the Sun. Cris's memories recollected fondly about the Knight with emblem of the Sun on his shield. He smiled slowly looking on at the battered statue. " Well... Warrior of Sunlight... you convinced me."
“I knew then that I wanted to go home, but I had no home to go to--and that is what adventures are all about.”



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Character name: Tomas.

Covenant/Affiliation: Sons of the Sun (drangleic)/Sunbro (lordran).

Birthplace/home country: Carim

Appearance: 6"3, 95kgs, tanned Caucasian male with pale blonde hair (the dreadlocks style in ds2 character creation). 20 years of age. Dragonslayer spear (held in the 2 handed style), changes garments depending upon situation but mainly: archdrake set (no helm), Heide knight set (no helm), alonne knight set (no helm).

Backstory: born in carim, he had to learn on the streets from an early age. He noticed how the clerics and the holy men were revered and sought after in the street for blessings and wisdom, but he never believed in the teachings, rather he recognised the power of their image and took note of their speech, tone and mannerisms for future reference. Next he noticed the proud warriors who often marched through the streets, dressed in full suits of glorious armour. He observed the other young boys and how much they idolised these soldiers and took note of their mannerisms also.

One day, a man in golden armour came through the streets, looking for a place to hide, recognising an opportunity, the boy gestured to the man to follow me. He led the man in the golden armour to his modest hiding place in the slums, where the man revealed he was on the run from the authorities and needed to know he could trust the boy to keep him secret. The boy knew he could gain gold in return for turning the man in, but he also knew there could be more to gain than just gold from the man in the golden armour, so he agreed to keep him a secret, for now.

Over the next few years, the young boy helped hide the man, who in return taught the boy how to fight, but more importantly, how to deal with others with words. The man was an expert liar, and was a devious operator - it wasn't long until he had setup a small band of thugs, thiefs and spies, who came to control the local region of the slums, with the boy learning from the man in the golden armour and his "associates". The boy rose through the ranks and looked up to the man in gold, but there was one aspect of his life that he did not - the man's obsession with a woman, who the boy, now a young man, would often hear the man talking to in the dark of the night, praying almost. One such night, the young man heard the man in gold howl in rage and storm out of their home, he followed the man, which was the beginning of what was to become a long journey.

Always keeping his distance, the young man followed the man in gold for many miles north, where they eventually came to a great wall, the man in gold entered the walled off area through a decrepit, smashed gate, so the young man did too, on the other side, the young man witnessed something he had never seen before: men and dogs, limping around the city behind the wall and crying out in inhumane tones. Even the man in gold avoided these creatures, so the young man did as well where possible.

They eventually came across a ruined church (after many trials), where the young man witnessed the man in gold kill a defenceless woman upon an altar, angered deeply by this act of murder, the young man finally confronted the man in gold as he was praying upon the bloodied body of the woman to his beloved "mistress". The man in gold turned to fight the young boy, but was overpowered and the young man locked the man in gold away, where his madness could harm no more.

As the young man was leaving the church however, he saw another man. This man appeared to be possessed - he fought like a demon, cutting down hordes of hollows and nimbly avoiding the heavy swings of the church's other guardians. The young man kept out of sight once again and witnessed a mighty battle atop the church's roof, with the warrior defeating two demonic gargoyles. The young man was amazed by this man and resolved to follow him as he had once done before. The warrior returned from the church roof and almost left until a voice, aroused by the tolling of a great bell, called out to the warrior, pleading for help. The young man was powerless to stop the warrior from releasing the man in gold from his short incarceration, but he resolved to deal with the man in gold once and for all once his travels with the warrior came to a close.

The young man followed the warrior for many months across the lands behind the wall, learning much of the warriors physical and mental resilience. Eventually they came to a place made of gold, where the young man was to find not 1, but two men in golden armour. In a great hall at the heart of the golden city, the warrior was met with two fearsome warriors - both wore golden armour but the young man could see only 1 man. The spear-wielding warrior moved gracefully across the hall, coming the closest to defeating the warrior out of any of his previous opponents. But it was the spear that caught the eye of the young man, he had never seen anything as beautiful as it. After a fierce battle, the warrior managed to knock the spear-wielding warrior to the floor, it was not a fatal blow however and as the warrior rose to his feet, the fat monster hidden beneath its golden armour mercilessly struck him down with a mad look upon its face I'm sure of it.

The warrior triumphed over the monster, which was still no match for him even with the stolen power of the spear-wielding warrior. As the warrior moved upwards, the young man entered the hall, his eyes transfixed on (no not Gwynevere's twins) the golden spear of the fallen, betrayed warrior. Picking it up, he cast aside his old trusty longsword and grasped the spear in two hands. Following the warrior up, the young man was met at the top by the sight of his old mentor, the man in the golden armour. The man was inching his way towards an open set of doors, beyond which was too dark to make out, but a female voice could be heard emnating from beyond the doors. Wordlessly, the young man approached the man until he blocked the man's path with the length of his recently acquired spear.

Slowly turning around, the man in gold faced the young man, who saw the same mad look upon his face as he had pictured the monster below making just before. A silent battle ensued, with the man in gold soon realising that if he wasn't outclassed the first time they met, he definitely was now. Seeking an escape, the man in gold ran from the spear-wielding young man, but was caught at the end of the hall's upper ramparts by a thrust through his back.

The young man turned to see the warrior watching on intently, who then, with a slight nod, knelt before one of the strange bonfires of this land and disappeared in a puff of ash. Pacing towards the fire, his footsteps echoing throughout the now empty hall, the spear-wielding warrior was interrupted by a female voice. Drawn to it, he entered the dimmly lit room and was met with a glorious sight. A strange new being appeared in the room also, half man half woman, who explained "your journey is only just beginning"...enter time travel and dark souls 2!!!



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Name: Cithen "Maliform" Jordan
Covenant: Adjudicators
Origin: Forossa
Appearance: A Caucasian male, about 20 during the Forossan Wars. Being a General, he was skilled in battle as well as in strategy. His face has never been seen by anyone, as he always wears a mask or helmet. Not even his best friend knew his face, only the mask and the voice. He is about 6'2" in height, and stayed under 200 pounds of weight. Over his life, he has been able to accomplish inhuman feats because of his strength. Even "The Judge" couldn't overcome him in an arm-wrestling match ( he has some stamina! It's too great).

Cithen, at a young age, was rather... unusual. He was a rather strong fellow, that often was able to lift more than people twice his age. He grew up on a small farm as an only child with his widowed mother. It is said that his efficiency in farming amounted to his strength at later ages, though this is uncertain.
At age 16, he was invited into an elite group of the Forossan army , but refused because he did not know of professionalism like the others did, as he grew up using unprofessional tactics to accomplish a professional task. He, a newly recruited knight and his newly found best friend, known as "The Judge" (they met in this assignment) got an assignment to go and kill a nest of Wyrms with a group of other knights. They found that there were two Wyrms present, a Male and Female, and the offspring they produced. Cithen took on one, with 3 soldiers, while "The Judge" took on the other, with 3 soldiers. It is unclear how Cithen and the other knights took down their Wyrm, but it is often said that the other knights were distracting the Wyrm while Cithen came from behind it. He climbed his back, and, with his black greatsword, sliced it's head clean off. Although, only 2 members of the 8 man group came back, and they were Cithen and "The Judge". They took the Wyrms' heads as prizes of expedition and their merit in battle.
A few years after this event, after climbing the ranks rather quickly they were both promoted to Generals in the Forossan armies. The day after this glorious day, at age 20, he made his weapons to be for the rest of his days. He asked "The Judge" for his Wyrm head hanging in the barracks, and he happily did. With the two skulls, after all the meat had been cleaned off, he ripped each one in two at the jawline. He then formed a handle out of the spines that had been left for him, as they also took the spines because it would be too much of a hassle cutting or breaking the spines off. In just a few short hours, he had made his weapons. They were rather light for their size, to be used more as club with teeth; to cut into the flesh and armor of opponents. He wielded them both with ease, often switching his combat patterns, often attacking with both separately and at the same time to confuse and gain the upper hand over his opponents.
One year later, after a war with whomever the war was with (this was lost to time and memory), Forossa fell to chaos. The kingdom collapsed, and many people fled the land. All Forossan Knights were out of work and needed a job to support themselves and uphold their abilities in combat. Many fell to thievery of fellow countrymen. Soon after, A job offer came in from King Vendrick of Drangleic, asking for mercenaries to help fight his war with the giants. Many knights went, but three of them are rather unorthodox: Vengarl, Cithen, and "The Judge". The group of warriors soon came upon the castle, only to be sent out immediately to battle.
Cithen and "The Judge" were put in the same squadron of mercenaries, and they brought many a tree to the land; slaying endless amounts of Giants before Drangleic was victorious, but at a very hefty price. The Giant Lord was killed, but the Undead Curse that had been plaguing the land for some time, now started to take its toll on the world. Cithen and "The Judge" were soon afflicted by the curse, after the collapse of Vendrick's empire of Drangleic. Lost and again out of work, they scouted the land, soon finding that there was no way to go back to Forossa.
Turning back from the castle, they trekked toward the Ruined Fork Road(s), with no where else to go but forward. They soon found themselves sitting next to the Head Of Vengarl, and learned of his decapitation. After this, they found themselves at Majula (This hastening is the display of the effect of the Undead Curse). There was no one there at their arrival, and they found some tools in the house near the ocean. They used the tools to repair their weapons to a reasonable state. During this time, Cithen noticed that his two Wyrm skulls had seemed to become... Malformed from their use.(This, is why Cithen's nickname is "Maliform".) Then, after locking the door with a spare key they found, they set off, toward their final destination, the Cathedral Of Blue.
Upon arrival, Cithen and "The Judge" met with Targray, which recognized their abilities. He asked them to join the Blue Sentinels. Cithen and "The Judge" agreed that they would on one condition: if they could make their own sect. Targray agreed on these terms, and led them down into the statue room. Upon a spoken phrase, in a language lost to time, the statues spun to reveal a passageway to two soul fragments. Cithen and "The Judge", upon seeing the fragments, knew they would be theirs to take. Targray explained that they needed to make a completely separate covenant in order for it to be a sect of the Blue Sentinels. They agreed on the "Adjudicators", the name they were known as for killing so many giants.
So they wait, at the gates of the Blue Sentinels, for fresh, new blood to show up at their doorstep. They have resolved to protect the weak and punish the guilty, and hope for others to do the same. The Maliformed Adjudicator, as Cithen is called, and "The Judge" hope to bring good and hope to the world, before it is all lost....



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*Yes this is a copy Pasta from another post in the Covenant thread. I am trying to meet any and all PC Rpers to start some stories and have an awesome time with. Please contact me sorry if the copypasta is an inconvenience I will update both posts as more info comes to light.

This is currently subject to change but this is the initial idea. I will probably edit this as time passes and more story develops. I'm not sure how much I like and how much I want to reveal if we are going to have actual RP so I am going to try and give some backstory in item descriptions for something different! While I do use normal items I'm going to try and tie what I wear to what I am so I'm going to give new names to things so it's not in conflict with current actual lore.

Asryen the Wanderer

Lvl 175 SM 3.7 Mil currently trying to collect all the items and kill a few more bosses before moving to NG+

Steam Name: Thaddius "Danger" Hawk

Notable items!

Rusted Manacle (Penal Handcuffs)
In the years following the fall of Forossa many of the citizens of the fallen kingdom fell victim to rampant sickness and death. It has been rumored that many children of the land were spared this fate only to be sent to the far east where the trading of humans was less frowned upon.

Shroud of Madness (Hexxer's Hood)
Rumors of a great swordsman clad in bones and his chained ward began to spread throughout the land. It was said the boy hid who he was out of shame but during battle his eyes would burn like a great flame.

Viper's Fang (Manslayer)
Death followed the young man as he followed Death. Granted an ancient blade said to be forged in the blood of serpents, the boy was trained to kill the greatest of warriors. The chipped blade will eat away at anything it touches.

"The Twin Dragons" (White + Black Blacksteel Katanas)
A pair of holy swords once wielded by the Grandmasters Ketra and Serian. It is said that Death came for the pair long ago but their love fought off the wretched being. From that day onward the Dragons hunted after the demon who came for them until a great black fire burned away all but their swords.

Ibliss (Bewitched Alonne Sword)
Sword of Death. Ibliss is an ancient blade forged for something that was not quite human. The great blade drank in souls for ages becoming synonymous with destruction and carnage. Legends say it eventually passed onto Death himself and that all who face this blade become a part of it's power.

Visage of Fear (Dark Mask)
An ancient mask passed down through the ages in by a small cult who's name is now lost to time. Said to once be the mask of the agents of the Abyss it has found it's way into more recent folklore. Tales of a swordsman clad in bone once dominated conversations in the land until it seemed Death had abruptly left the east. More whispers of Death have begun to surface, a Demon of Black fire who favors a tattered blade said to burn it's victims souls.





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I already posted this on the Sun Creed Covenants, but I'll share here too. I love the stories of all of your characters!

Character name: Balthjorn Frostwind

Covenant/Affiliation: Sun Creed, Heirs to the Sun, Blades of the Night, Blue Sentinels

Birthplace/Home country: Skaldjor - Frozen Lands north of Drangleic, across the most Northern Ocean.

Appearance: 7'6", roughly 400lbs, Pale Skinned, Immensily muscular with a body hardened by the harsh conditions of his homeland and upbrining in the far North Lands. Long black hair braided and tied behind his head with the sides shaved (long braided male hair in DS2), his clans light black war point striped across the left side of his face, pale green eyes, a strong chiseled jaw line, no facial hair. In battle he wears the following items - Black leather and Steel studded kilt (DS2 King's Leggings), Black leather gauntlets and boots with black steel plating (DS2 King's Gauntlets and Boots), and one of 2 helms, A black steel helm, fashioned to give the appearance of a Minotaur (DS2 Minotaur Helm), or the Horned Helm, as was the tradition of the Warriors of his kind (Gyrm Helm). His weapons of choice, a Giant Mace called Hjal'gor, fashioned from a thick branch from the strongest pines found in the North, the handle etched with symbols and markings and blessed by the tribes Druid Shaman, the Mace Head itself a replica of the tribes Hero God's Smithing Anvil, Leidolfr, marked with symbols and runes giving the weapon the blessing of lightning (DS2 Gyrm Hammer) and a Drakekeeper's Round Sheild, gifted to his father, Fyjordvik the Bear of the North, War Chief of the Skaldjorn, when he visted the Dragon Shrine at a young age, before the Drakekeeper became corrupted by the Dark.


“Balthjorn Frostwind… Son of Fyjordvik, Bane of Dragons, Ice Walker. Is that who I am, really? I cannot… I cannot remember. Such prestigious title, but no memory of any of the deeds… Who am I, really?”

“I awoke to find my home in ruins… My tribe’s men and women dead… Their bodies scattered around the village, mutilated and disfigured… maimed and gored. What happened here, and why am I the only one left?”

“My hammer is still wet with the blood of my foes… was there a battle here… or… did I do this? IMPOSSIBLE! It can’t be!”

“I remember now… They came in the night… hallowed shells of men. We underestimated them. We thought them weak and cumbersome. They outnumbered us a hundred to one… but then they came.”

“The invaders, cloaked in red. They cowered behind the hallowed ranks, picking off my tribesmen as they fought to push back the undead force. I do not remember how many of Red Spawn there were… not many, but enough… and they were skilled, but cowards none the less. They wouldn’t dare fight us face to face… The vermin…”

“But how did I survive? Why me? There were others… six men cloaked in yellow… They helped us… They saved me… But where have they gone? Their bodies are not here amongst my people.”

In the distance he could hear it. Metal against metal. Sword against sword… Was there still a battle to be won? The great warrior picked up his Battle Hammer and ascended up the snowy mountain towards the distant battle. As he came to the peak he saw them… two of the men cloaked in Yellow battled eight of the Red Invaders… and they were losing. I could see the other four warriors Cloaked in Yellow… dead or dying. Their bodies lay motionless beneath the feet of their comrades battling for their lives.

“I am Balthjorn Frostwind. Son of Fyjordvik, Bane of Dragons, Ice Walker… Last of the Warriors from the North, the Skaldjorn…”

The Invaders in Red didn’t even notice the beast of a man approaching their backs, but the men Cloaked in Yellow did…

The Northman was a giant among giants… He towered over his brothers when they had fought beside him and now they would fight beside him again. He was a thing right from the tales of the North. The stories you told your children of the Giant men from the land of Ice and Snow… They would come down in the night in their long boats and plunder villages off the shores of the Great Northern Ocean.

He strode down towards them… His iron helm fashioned to look like that of the Minotaur … He wore one giant steel pauldron adorned with metal spikes on his left shoulder and a cloak of black fur across his back and right shoulder, surprisingly clad for one that lived in the Ice, his bare chest exposed, showing off his massive chest and muscular form. His Gauntlets were black leather with black steel platting. His boots of the same fashion and he wore a Black Leather Kilt, metal studs lining the outside. His Black Steel Round Shield that of the DrakeKeepers… and his Battle Hammer… That Battle Hammer… It looked as if someone shoved a giant ornate stick into a Smithing Anvil and secured it in place with massive chains. As barbaric a weapon ever seen, but its design was magnificent. It was crafted with care and pride. The Northmen were known for their Smithing prowess… among other things.

He marched in as one of the Red Invaders stepped back to mock the defending men Cloaked in Yellow. The Hammer came down and crushed the Invaders body into a pile of blood and gore. That caught the attention of the others. As two of the Invaders turned to face this new threat, the hammer came in again in a wide upward sweeping motion. The horn of the Anvil pierced the chest of its next victim, lifting him from his feet in a high arc, accented by the blood pouring from the wound as he made his way through the motion of the giants swing. A rainbow of blood if you will. The two Cloaked in Yellow wasted no time and capitalized on their big friend’s presence. They cut down two of the Invaders from behind, driving their swords into the backs of the Red Devils.

Now there were but four Invaders left… The two Cloaked in Yellow and the Northman circled the four Invaders. They were outnumbered but not afraid… They held every advantage now… They closed in on their pray like sharks. One Invader managed to slip out of the killing fray. He made his way up towards the mountain. The older of the two Warriors Cloaked in Yellow pulled a magnificent bow from his back and began to notch an arrow. The Northman put his hand on the Warriors shoulder.

“This one is mine”.

The Warrior looked into the eyes of the giant and knew then that the Northman meant to make the fleeing Invader pay for all he and his had done.

“I will not aim to kill, friend. Vengeance shall be yours” The Warrior Clocked in Yellow notched the arrow again and pulled back the string. The Warriors aim was as true as his promise. The arrow found its way through the right thigh of the coward Invader as he ran, pinning him in place.

They ascended the mountain to the invader. Balthjorn would know this day who they were and why they had come for his people. He faced the man Cloaked in Red. He smelled like s**t. No doubt he had either released his bowels when he was struck by the arrow, or when he saw the Northman come in from behind. He could sense his death was on the horizon.

Balthjorn removed his helm and looked deep into the eyes of the invader. The Northman’s long black hair braided and pulled back out of his face, the sides shaved down, black war paint striped across the right side of his face, and his eyes… pale green eyes.

He was handsome the Invader thought. He had expected anything but that before the man removed his monstrous Minotaur helm.

The invader grunted through gritted teeth, “You have the look of someone wanting answers… I can give you those answers… if you spare my life.”

Words of a coward Balthjorn thought, “Why?”

The two Cloaked in Yellow looked at one another… They knew the answer.

The Invader chuckled, “You f**ks are as guilty as we. Your people spent their lives destroying, r****g and pillaging anything that wasn’t Skaldjorn. We came for the blood, you stupid oaf. We knew the undead were at your door before you did, and so we followed. We-”

“Who are you to judge us!? By what right? You cowards…”

The Invader smiled wide, “We didn’t judge you… They did, and we followed them”, pointing towards the two Cloaked in Yellow, “THEY judged your people. They are our sworn enemy, but they always lead us to the best pray. The Brethren of Sunlight… The Sun Creed. They were scouting out your land for the Blades of the Night to invade…. We just happened to see an opportunity to destroy them and you with the help of those hallowed Undead already laying siege to your home. You stupid fu-”

The Northman had heard enough. He snapped the arrow and lifted the invader into the air by his throat with one hand. The invader kicked and fought to break the strangling grip of the giants’ hand. Balthjorn jammed his small dagger into the stomach of the struggling man. He dropped the dagger and slid his hand into the gut of the man and heaved with all his might. His giant arms corded with muscles like chiseled rock, he ripped the invader in half… Then he turned his attention to the two Sun Creed…

The men pulled forth their blades, but the Northman kneelt down before them, tears in his eyes.

“They were not all guilty, you know? The women, the children. Would you have condemned them to the same fate as me and mine?”

The older of the Brothers of Sunlight sheathed his sword and stepped forward, “We would have only killed those guilty. We are not butchers. We would have facilitated new lives for the women and children affected by the battle. They would have gone on to live long lives.”

Balthjorn looked up to the man, “I know what must be done and I will not fight you. I haven’t the strength to heave my hammer one more time. Please, give me a Warriors death… So that I might meet my people in the Halls of Vuldenjhall.”

The older Brother looked back to the other who nodded his agreement.

“You might have been guilty, but we would not be here if not for you. If given the opportunity would you fight by our side? Join our cause and help us to destroy the wicked? Invaders are evil beings, the kind that would kill those fighting to save us all from the Curse…. But there are Evils far greater… Far more menacing.”

The younger Brother chimed in for the first time, “Aside from all of that, I would like to see what you can do with that hammer against a real Giant. I think you might be able to give those big f****s a run for their coin.”

“What do you say?” Extending his hand out, “Are you with us? Will you join the Sun Creed and give your life to the Sun?”

“And I will be able to Hunt these wretched Invaders down?”

“We protect the Innocent and destroy the Guilty. By whatever means necessary.” Looking towards the two halves of the once Invader, “I am sure there are a few more of his kind that deserve the same fate.”

“Then I will join you… Brother. I will avenge my Tribe… The guilty and the innocent, they were all my family and I will live on in their names… For Skaldjor! For Vuldenjhall! For the Sun Creed!”

“Then rest, little big brother… for tomorrow we march to the Heide’s Tower of Flame. Our home. What is your name, little big brother?”

“Balthjorn Frostwind. Son of Fyjordvik, Bane of Dragons, Ice Walker, Last of the Warriors from the North, the Skaldjorn, Brother of Sunlight.”

“Quite the name” said the younger Brother, “Do tell us of your deeds.”

With a smile, “I suppose you want to hear about the Wyrm! That big b***h thought me a meal! Was she wrong!”

The men laughed and talked and exchanged stories through the night. They marched for the Tower at first Sunlight.
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Character name: Xi of the East

Covenant/Affiliation: Brotherhood of Blood, acts as a wayward assassin on contract to take out both undead and monsters alike.

Birthplace/Home country: The Eastern Land

Appearance: Long, dreaded black hair tied up to form some makeshift ponytail accompanied with a decently full beard and moustache. He has a tribal tattoo on his forehead, an old tradition from his home that he honored and wears with pride every day. In equipment he is varying depending on the job, most of the time he seems to dress decently light, but he is known for wearing a full set of lean, brass-coloured armor. He is deceptively short and lean, though be alert for he is a nimble and agile fighter.

His main outfit consists out of: Retainer Robes, Rampart Golem Gauntlets, Heide Knight Leggings.
His secondary outfit consists out of: Ruin Sentinel Armor, Ruin Sentinel Gauntlets, Ruin Sentinel Leggings.
His weapons consist of: Silverblack Spear, Blacksteel Katana.

Backstory: Not much is known about Xi, as an assassin's life if often shrouded in mystery. Though many speculate that he came to the lands as a mercenary, with the similar goal like many: To seek great souls. After all if souls were to make one stronger then of course he would seek them, for more power means more riches. Xi appears to be trained in various weaponry, though he seems to favor an unshielded style and merely two various weapons: A spear, which he mainly uses to dispatch of opponents, and a katana, which is his go-to weapon when the fight requires a different tool. Though he's skilled in many weapons, his spearplay far outmatches the rest.

It was not long before Xi found his way to the Brotherhood of Blood, for his hands were already covered in blood. Having seen the horrors of Drangleic and sometimes stooping low enough that he had to hunt for other undead made him cold and calculating. What was once a man seeking for stronger souls was now a monster, taking whatever he deemed necessary until his next contract laid prepared. And though not perfect, being undead meaned for him that he would not stop until his target was laid waste to, and he would relentlessly chase them down to the end of the world to do so.

-Other information-

Platform: PC (SOTFS/DX11)
Soulmemory: 1.8m - Intending to cap at 2m.
Located in Western Europe.

Any and all questions feel free to PM.