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Sup guys.
So here's a piece of lore I read at one of ENBs videos... just giving it a thought, and would love to hear what the community thinks.

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by Grinder;

WOAH OK, so Ricard was born into Royalty, though nobody knows which. The Rapier states that his story is told as a monomyth, the definition of which is ''In narratology and comparative mythology, the monomyth, or the hero's journey is the common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero going on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed." He also has in his possession in the tower, a Goddess' Blessing and Rare Ring of Sacrifice. A blessing bestowed by Gwynevere, and a ring from Velka, that specifically states "This mystical ring was created in a sacrificial rite of Velka, the Goddess of Sin. The magenta-shaded ring is especially rare. Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, and will be freed from any curse whatsoever, but the ring itself breaks."

So, I think Ricard might be the Firstborn...

Due to his mistake, his name was expunged and he was banished. Before he left, his dearest sister Gwynevere gave him a token of her love, which he treasured. And so he left. Now, his very existence may have been forgotten by everybody, but he still was the son of a God, and therefore quickly gained Hero status, and though people may have known him as Prince Ricard, nobody knew him as Gwyn's son. Though he was punished harshly, he still sought after a way to reunite with his family, to expel his prior sins and find forgiveness from his father. So he sought audience with Velka, the Goddess of Sin and Forgiveness, performed various rites, even came into possession of an incredibly rare ring, blesses by Velka. And so he set off, back to Anor Londo, with his two greatest treasures, the gift from his beloved sister, and a gift almost guaranteed to grant his absolution of the curse from his father. Or possibly, upon his return, he would be executed for disobeying his banishment, and considering he is Gwyn's son, I think it would be Gwyn himself who would do it. At this point, Ricard would put on the ring, and be protected by its magic. We will lose nothing upon his death (including his life), and be freed from the curse put upon him by his father, gaining absolution

Aaaaaaannnd then we cut him down on the way to Anor Londo, in Sen's Fortress.

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A few things I disagree on.

Ricard's armor appeared very similar to the elite knight set and the Balder set. With the description of the Balder Armor mentioning a knight King Rendal, it seemed to make sense that Ricard would have been a prince of the kingdom of Balder. Especially since there are a large number of Balder Knights in the area. How I understand it is that Ricard and his nights hollowed fighting Hollow Berenike knights or succumbing to traps in Sen's.

Another note is that Ricard doesn't have the same appearance as the broken statue of Gwyn's firstborn. In fact if you angle the camera to get a good look at the statue it looks like a young Gwyn.

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