I started a new game and noticed that Fenris' eyes are not the beautiful green that I remember from previous play throughs. His eyes are not the only ones that have changed however,Anders eyes are amber around the pupil and have a blue ring around the outside, Fenris' eyes have a dark ring around the outer edge and are a washed out light green around the pupil. Aveline's eyes are like Fenris' and so are Merrill's. NPC eyes have also changed somewhat. 

This is a list of the mods I'm using:

Metal Ink Tattoos

Morozik75 Arsenal
Rune Expansion Pack
Sketchy on the Deatils Fix
Sunnies DA2 Custom Items 1 
Sunnies Icons
WyldTats Complete
50 Tactics Slots
Backpack Mod
Bidelles Cosmetics II with Eyes
Custom Female Hair Pack
Diversified Follower Armors
Friendly File
LOTC_s Hair Tints
No More Bloody Teeth
PTs Vibrant Colors for DA2
Valuable Junk
Zevran Romance Dialogue Fix
GT Merrill Regeneration
  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you




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Bidelles Cosmetics II with Eyes

This should be the culprit. From the mod description: "This will replace the TEXTURE for every normal eyed NPC and player in the game. The COLOR of the eyes will stay normal. (Fenris with green, Sebastian with blue, etc.) It brings the vibrancy of the eyes up dramatically while keeping the colors intact."