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Long story short, these are my stats;
I was thinking of min maxing for a str/pyro build that uses light armour but I've recently settelled on the zwihander/manserpent GS/claymore/gravelord S. Is it worth sticking to strength scaling or should I stop here? If not, are any of the other strength weapons worth it (I already have the d.king GA, the normal great axe, the dragons tooth and the Giants halbeird) or is the scaling better this way. If so, what other paths should I take. I have thought of reverting my plus 10 equipment into divine or magic items but Im not sure how sorcery would work in tangent to my pyromancy. Or should I scrap pyromancy(though I am quite keen on it) as it doesn't lv by soul lv.
Finally, not that this has anything to do with anything, but I traided someone a spare +10 manserpent sword for a tonne of titanite shards and chunks, 1 slab and 2 souls of sif (one of which I used). Could I use these somehow?
Ps, would I make much use out of fire/chaos/lightning weapons?
Thank you.


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11 days late here we go

i'm assuming you will want it to be a level 125 build by the end so here's my thoughts

get your vit to 50, or at least 42 with mask of the mother
use either the favor and protection ring, or havel's ring for better armor that gets at least 32 poise, or 61
at least 30 endurance is ok for stamina, it's not as important as hp, you don't want to be 1-shot

consider the Hollow Soldier Waistcloth as part of build for good poise to weight ratio (7 poise, 1.5 weight)
whatever other armor you choose, a strength build has a lot of free points to use in endurance. you need at least 32 poise to tank a 2handed katana/spear/curved sword, or just 6 for 1hand rapiers/daggers

man-serpent greatsword is a fine strength weapon. getting 27 str and two handing will be very good
zwei is the same weight, not really as great if you don't know how to use it, takes 27 str and 20-40 dex
claymore requires 27 str 40 dex but is one of the better weapons within the game, great moveset/damage
dragon tooth is bad
greataxe is really, really bad
dragon king greataxe is ok but not worth stat investment
giants halberd is not amazing but it is at least not a greataxe
gravelord sword is okay but if possible a murakumo would do you more good, even chaos murakumo

pyromancy is good, not affected in any way by sorcerery though, which is less so nice for pvp
lightning weapons do more for regular attacks, and chaos more on backstab, certain weapons like the rapier do way too little for normal r1's but the backstabs are still very good, so it is better chaos, whereas a claymore or uchigatana might benefit more from lightning for quick attacks in between criticals

you could consider making a good strength build and using a chaos weapon as a backup, and/or switch to demon's spear as a finisher, it only requires 10 dex. bandit's knife / rapier requires 12 and can be useful