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Hello Everyone!,

I would just like to begin by stating that I finally finished dark souls after buying it at launch ( dat blood, sweat, and tears). I used the search feature but I was unable to find the answer and I thought I would get assistance for a question I had.

When you first meet Artorias and he kills that monster you don't see any dark aura around him initially when he looks at you. Does this mean up to this point he was actually "good" as in fighting demons and when you see him you actually see him finally be corrupted?


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Hello Icecastle! And be welcome :)

Congratulations that you finished DS1. It's such a great game. Very hard but fair game mechanics with great characters I would say :-)

Artorias is one of my favorite characters. And I have to admit that I am no 'lore expert' and a lot of the threads in this forum are baseed on speculation. From Software gives us only small pieces of storyline that we are supposed to put together :-)

I think Artorias were corrupted by the Abyss a while before he killed the monster. Maybe he even met Manus, the Father of the Abyss and were defeated but not killed by him.
The fact that his young companion, the wolf Sif, is trapped in the depth of the Abyss gives us a small hint that Artorias perhaps made his way to that point of the area, too.

And until then he had been corrupted by the Dark and fights everyone and everything in his way.

As I remember the giant friend of Artorias (forgot his name) who you met in the tower right after the Artorias-Fight tells you that he got weird the last time. This means he recognized a change in the behaviour of Artorias a while before the fight with you.

To summarize this, I think he were corrupted a period of time before you enter the fight with him.

Hope this answers your question. Or maybe other people in this forum will share their thoughts about Artorias :)



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I think the aura is symbolic to some extent. There's evidence in the geography of the Royal Woods (Darkroot but "eaten" by dark) and other places that the Abyss is corrosive.

Note that Artorias' sword, armor and shield from the DLC also show the same signs of corrosion. My guess is that he attempted to stop the spread of the Dark (in other words, kill Manus) and was hit by an extremely potent blast of the Abyss. The shield being near Sif might suggest he used the shield to protect his companion and took more of the hit himself. The sword and armor might have been the only things defending Artorias himself.

Taking a look at his armor looks when it's on us, it could be that the Darkness actually consumed part of his physical self as well. Note how skinny your legs get when you wear his boots.

Anyway, all of this is a long way of me saying, in all likelihood he's been exposed to high levels of Abyss already. As the stories about him all discuss him glowingly, it's safe to say he was originally a noble individual which seems in contrast to how we find him.

There could be some internal struggle going on which brings me back to the aura.

The Dark makes him stronger each time he uses it. Each instance in which he self buffs might be a symbol of him losing that internal conflict and the dark taking more complete control. It's already there, but in his desperation/anger/etc. that progresses in your fight with him, he gives in more and more.

A perhaps lesser known piece of the puzzle was the dialogue he was originally going to have but then was removed. I don't have time to look for the clip now, but he warns you to stay back I believe. His voice is actually made up of many, which corresponds with the idea that the Abyss is a manifestation of pure humanity that is all consuming.
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Thank you both for the awesome answers and the warm welcome! :cheers:


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Watch on
Here is the cut Dialogue.

What happens with the Dialogue is what I assumed with the cutscene without it.

Artorias is losing his mind to the corruption of the Dark/Abyss. In other words he is hollowing. His last act before he yields to hollowing is killing the villager in the cutscens. Once he starts emanating the Aura of Dark, he loses his mind to the corruption of the Abyss and hollows. Thus attacking you, since hollows yearn for souls and you would have a number of them.

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Yeah he is misunderstood.