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Go to any bonfire in a quiet place. The Chamber of the Princess is a good spot. Listen carefully to the sound made by the fire. Turn up the volume or use recording software. It is a women's voice. She is quickly repeating:

"Don't even think with your head at all."

If you really concentrate, then the discordant noise surrounding the bonfire transforms into a constant hypnotic beat of the Tibetan bowl/bell resounding again and again to program the phrase into you. It is in perfect sync with the phrase!

There are also more subliminal messages throughout the game. In Duke's Archives, there are a mix of female/male/Japanese/American voices. These begin once you turn off the alarm at the archives. They will also appear at times for the rest of the game. The voices are barely audible, so use some recording software to pull out the noise. I can catch some of the words:

When you say: hands off of things or Jesus Christ or kick your ***...
trust the essence of things...
that's when you say that they took ...
kill yourself all day.. (this one is by a female Japanese voice and is the most obvious)
even when your doing the slightest move or advance

I wish I could make out every word spoken, but some spots are heavily garbled.

Anyway, I just find it all amusing, mainly because even with this added hidden layer of difficulty, a portion of us still managed to beat the game despite all the odds against us!


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Some people wanted proof, so here it is! I was hoping that at least a few would prove to themselves that there actually are hidden messages to be found, maybe tinker on their own to see what happens. That would be the ideal approach. For those that won't bother, here is what I recorded, believe what you will. I used Goldwave for recording from the PC version. On "Dark Souls - Subliminal Bonfire", the bonfire loops for a full minute. I have two versions in the file. The mp3 was converted from the waveform, so both are actually the same. On "Dark Souls - Duke's Archives subliminals", this is just a part of the entire message. I want to focus on the most obvious part, which is at 0:12 on that track. This is the female Japanese voice quickly saying "kill yourself all day".

As a bonus, I am also including the creepy-as-hell track "Dark Souls - Painted World of Ariamis Boxyard". This is three minutes of pure damnation that I recorded in the same area where you were invaded by the dark spirit Xanthous King, Jeremiah. Don't even ask me what is being said here! Most of you will toss it without hesitation - and I would not stop you. I could not find this anywhere on the internet, so I had to record it myself.

Files are good for at least 100 days. Let me know if it becomes a dead link: ... 4239453802

I also found three tracks on the internet that do not appear on the official soundtrack:
Dark Souls - Character Creation
Dark Souls - Gywn's Faithful Black Knights (open the Firelink Altar door)
Dark Souls - The Ballad of the Dying Sun (end song)
I do not think I can share those tracks here, but the links out there should still be good for those of you who still want them.

One more thing: I translated a strange message someone recorded while fighting Manus. It can be found here:
Dark Souls - Secret Message In Manus Intro? (Glitch Causes Strange Voice)


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... What the **** did I just read.

Subliminal messages have long since been known to not work, to the point where the reason advertisers don't use them isn't because they're technically illegal (it's damn near impossible to prove there's a subliminal message in something, let alone if/when it supposedly affects a person), but because any effect they may have on the behavior of people is insignificant to the point where they'd make a better return on the ad money spent by not spending it in the first place.

Fun fact: it is extraordinarily hard to make someone do something they don't want to do when hypnotized. Your morals, ethics, normal behavior patterns, and general attitude run deeper than just your conscious awareness. Changing a person's normal state of mind is a time-consuming process, and requires a lot more communication with the person in question than just repeating something over and over quietly enough so that they can't hear it. There's a reason why the more successful militaries on the planet make their soldiers run drills instead of showing them a video loaded with magical mind-control phrases; it's not just to make them better at shooting people, it's to make the action automatic so they will shoot people before they can think about it. And even then, killing is a traumatic experience for all but the psychopaths who shouldn't be trusted with guns in the first place.

I'm not going to download anything off tinyupload, but the Youtube video just sounds like garbled audio, probably from Dusk (who's technically there when the area is loading, but doesn't appear until you kill Manus). You'd be surprised how voice-like random noises can become, especially when you're actively looking for hidden messages and doubly especially when you start looking for different languages to match the weird sounds you're trying to string together into a coherent narrative. Other fun facts: you can't subconsciously understand any languages you've never learned. Any messages in languages you don't speak wouldn't do anything to you, if this were some alternate reality where subliminal messages worked.

Just to give you an idea of how easy it is to get completely lost in this sort of thing, at one point there used to be an entire website devoted to people convinced they've found hidden messages from the future in the static between radio stations... in one of the Fallout games. And I mean real-life future, not hidden dev messages about future DLCs or whatnot. Do be careful about how closely you analyze those sounds you're trying to hear, especially if you're trying to discern them by ear. It'd be much, much better to try and find the source of the sound first, as this will often answer any questions on its own.

That, or Manus was Zalgo the whole time.