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1)the ROB & Flynn does not increase damage on elemental infused weapons.(they do on poison & bleed) No matter how much it raises it's AR. Thet won't do more damage. So just don't use it on them. Sacred Oath does increase Phy damage on all infused weapon paths.

2) the ring of steel protection does nothing to lower infused weapons damage against you. Even if it has a huge PHY and is buffed with Sacred Oath. It does nothing to lower the damage if they use an infused weapon verse you.(this trick can be use to help infused weapons get an extra edge from SO. That pure PHY can't)

3) the ring of blades does not add a true 50 to def. So it is not scaling like real def. With the more you have. It just weakens an attack by 50. If they have a ROB on verse you it negates it, as if both of you had no rings on.

4) elemental defense rings. Do nothing to lower infused weapon damage against you. They do not lower buff damage ether. They only weaken spell damage. GMB does weaken spell, infused weps, & buffs. So don't you rings unless for spell def. Use GMB. Status rings do work verse infused weapons, unlike elemental rings.

5) every two points in base player def shows as one. Yet hold the value of 4. It is worth double NOT half. This is very important.
A base def of 200(max) PHY def. gives me 100 in the armor status screen. If after armor I have 900. Then its really
If someone with 100/50(half that of the other. After armor has 1,050 def. It is equal to 1,000+50x4=1200 real defense.
So to sum it up if base PHY is 200. Which is 100 in the armor screen. You will take the same damage, as someone with a base PHY of 100. Which is 50 is armor screen. If the first has a def of 900 verse the seconds def of 1050. Add in that defense scales, in effect with, the more you have(my def chart shows all that info), and that is why some people take so little damage. In the same armor as those you hurt.

6) base elemental works almost the same. Just 200 shows as 200 in defense. Truly it is 300. So 100 is 150. This means if your base is 200 then you are immune at 900 not 1000. If base is 100. You are immune at 950 not 1,000.
So it works the same way as phy. Just when Phy is 200 it shows 100. Really it's 400. When elemental is 200 is still shows 200. Really it's 300. So it is elementary math. Once you can see it.

7) The fact the 500 PHY AR does more damage Vs 1300 phy def. Than 650 AR in any element, does verse 200 def, of that same element. Making infused weaker under all circumstances in PvP. (Like I said up top)

8) None of this applies in PvE. Yet it all does in PvP. So all testing must be done in PvP. AND BASE STATS DO MATTER A LOT.

I hope this helps you all in your testing, to get more accurate numbers. Enjoy!

These are mostly fixes they made to rings that did not work right.

The elemental rings, do now lower infused attack damage, and buffs. Also by a very good amount.
The ROB, now does add damage to infused as well. Just a far smaller amount. (at least they work now)
The ring of steel, still does nothing to protect from infused weps. It stayed the same.

The biggest change is that PHY is no longer the strongest way to go. No matter if they had on the steel and elemental def ring. Or whether I use ROB, ROB+SO, or ROB+SO+DW. Infused was always the hardest hitting. Before it was PHY. The difference is small. Till you add in DW. Then infused wins by a lot. So they completely changed the whole AR damage system. I forgot to test if against GMB plus an ele def ring. If PHY can beat infused. I bet at that point it will. I tested with a ruler swords, old whips, & warped blades.

I'd like to give credit to btown for pointing out that infused is now better than PHY, & Skjoldr). For helping me test this.
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ace569er wrote:3) the ring of blades does not add a true 50 to def. So it is not scaling like real def. With the more you have. It just weakens an attack by 50. If they have a ROB on verse you it negates it, as if both of you had no rings on.

what on earth is he talking about??? ROB adds damage, not defence.


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Looks like an awesome thread here. Will be using a lot of this when I first get into the game!