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What does the mark look like? Is it the Darksign or is it that black vortex on the back of your character in the Dark Souls 2 cutscene?



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the Dark Sign is supposed to be the dark mark... from what I've understood, it's the mark of the curse.
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Fexelea wrote:the Dark Sign is supposed to be the dark mark... from what I've understood, it's the mark of the curse.

This right here, it's only available to the undead. While the actual location of the darksign is speculated for the most part it's always found in your inventory for use within both games.

The black vortex looks more like a form of dark magic of sorts used to draw undead to Drangleic seeing as it's appearance is unnatural.
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Those branded with the darksign art undead, and thy darksign shall return them to the last bonfire.


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Well, in Dark Souls 1 the mark is right on your chest, next to th heart, but in dark souls 2 we do not find it so there goes my point



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PlayerSlayer120 wrote:Those branded with the darksign art undead, and thy darksign shall return them to the last bonfire.

branded by one of those swords sticking out of the Bonfires, most likely.

the Darksign does not seem like a natural part of the Curse. I suspect that it is the working of the Church, just like the Bonfires. it seems pretty straightforward considering that the Darksign is what Gwyn needs in order for a Chosen Undead to continue the Relinking process as he/she follows the path of Bonfires, on their way to fulfilling the Legend of the Chosen Undead (another product of the Church).

a Bonfire consists of 3 parts and each part represents one of the 3 Lords.

Sword - Gwyn and his knights
Undead bones - Nito and his Undead
Flame - Witch of Izalith and her daughters that wield Flame sorcery (and later, Pyromancy)

for me, this shows how the Bonfires are a product of the 3 Lords through symbolism.

so, speculating that they did make the Bonfires, it also makes sense that they would create the 'brand' that allows an Undead to try and become the Chosen Undead.

the entire process seems very contrived, but still a great manipulation. the 'false legends of yore' spoken of by Vendrick. a way to perpetuate the 'great lie'.

taking the idea that the Lords created this system can shed light on other parts of the lore as well, if only to show how desperate they were to try and create new systems in order to manipulate the natural shifting of Ages.

for example, the chamber where you fight the Bed of Chaos can be associated with a Kiln. look at it from the outside and note how it is surrounded by the Chaos Lava. it is a large dome with a one vertical passage, a popular design for Kilns.

the Witch was trying to recreate the First Flame, but was not in the Kiln that we see at the end of DS. she was in Izalith when everything went to hell (literally) and we locate her malformed remains inside of the chamber, which was likely planned to be the New Kiln for the recreated Flame.

but it didn't work and Gwyn had to find a new means to prolong his Age. so he created the Church and instructed his children on how to fulfill the relinking process after him.

something to point out is that I don't necessarily think that all 3 Lords created the Bonfires, as much as just Gwyn and his Church. I just pointed out the symbolism because I feel that it was intentional by the devs and a means to strongly associate the Bonfires as mechanics put in place by the Lords, and not something that just sprouts out of the ground.

and it just seems funny how the Bonfires have swords sticking out, almost like how a branding tool might look. not to mention the fact that the Darksign is even referred to as a 'brand' at times.

touching the sword links you to the Bonfires, and the Darksign is what takes you back to the Bonfire after you die.
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