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skarekrow13 wrote:Would it be less tragic if there was a good chance Sif was a she wolf?

Does not have a ****? Check
Has a female name? Check
I KNOW that Sif is female, but my brain just can't accept it.

Since you, people, necro'ed this thread. Let me go ahead and comment something people still don't get.
The Daughters of Chaos is a Witch Coven. They are not the Witch of Izalith's daughters. Some of them are, some aren't. Calling other witches sisters and the coven leader mother is a very common thing. I personally like the theory that they all belong to the same family; but that may not be.

Also some other random facts:
The place we fight the Bed of Chaos is a Throne Room. The boss was meant to be the King of Izalith, but the idea "changed".
The Witch is the giant tree-like woman. The bug inside is the Bed of Chaos itself. The Witch did not try to create the Flame with her own soul, but with someone else's soul.
Consider how we go inside the Witch to kill the Bug; we are probably doing an abortion. The Witch must have used a fetus's soul, still inside her uterus, to create the new Flame.
OR... We could be looking at some Messy Ritual involving Sex. Since FROM wanted the boss to be the King. The Bug might be the King, and since he is "inside" the Witch; there was probably some action involved; with some other witches watching and doing magic lol



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*sigh* From what lore tells us DarkLordRichard, is that the "failed attempt" is the creation of demons and the destruction and corruption of Izalith. And, as Adherent has said before, the Witch of Izalith was transformed/mutated into what we know as the Bed of Chaos. Hence why the main (middle) portion of the Bed of Chaos looks like a body if you take the time to look at it. Also, the "bug creature" is what's controlling the Bed, being its source of power.

Hence why it could drop the lord soul.