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Firstly, let me assure everyone that Reputation in this section works exactly the same as in every other section.

However this section has an increased possibility for misuse of the reputation system which necessitated a few reminders.

Please review the following thread (note that it's dated over a year ago, and has been the expectation with the reputation system all along):

This is the general expectations for reputation use in all forums for FextraLife. Due to the potential misuse of reputation in this particular section of the site, please note that Rule 8 in our forum guidelines has been bolstered with Rule 10, specifically prohibiting reputation boosting.

Applying the above to this section:
Reputation is NOT a currency or commodity to be used during any transaction arising from this forum.

Prohibited actions include:
:twistedevil: Requesting any amount of reputation for a trade. Or for any reason for that matter. Reputation should not be asked for
:twistedevil: Providing reputation in exchange for in game goods (the only type of goods that should be traded for here)
:twistedevil: Repeatedly using reputation to repeatedly boost a preferred user
:twistedevil: Pretty much anything other than what the rule states.

Reputation is intended as a display of sincere appreciation for a contribution to the forum. Generally this is from a helpful or especially entertaining post. If a user has made what you feel is a significant contribution, it is also acceptable to use the "Rate User" feature to show more global appreciation for the person in lieu of a specific post or thread (for example, the many unsung members who work tirelessly to keep the wikis in order would be a good use for this feature as their work is not always visible on the forum).

So to repeat, reputation is not to be sold, bought, traded or requested as it is not intended to be currency. We have currency. They're called Souls. That will remain perfectly acceptable to use as currency. As noted in my first link, all moderators can review the reputation given and suspicious activity may lead to us removing the reputation in question. If you spot suspicious activity, please PM a member of the moderating team to alert them of the situation.
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Thanks for clarifying.