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When it comes to items from chests and dragons, the only way to get anything is by getting lucky.

I have seen a lot of false information being posted by people that simply is not true. They claim they've tested these things when it's impossible to do so. To test opening a chest, one would have to do the impossible task of opening a chest to see what they got, then undo opening that same exact chest only to open that same exact chest again to see if the outcome would have been any different

To say one chest gives you better odds over another, opening a chest at a higher level or difficulty or opening a certain amount are all false statements which is proven simply by being able to open the chest once making it impossible to know how the outcome COULD be.

As far as exp goes between the Fighting the Dragon vs not fighting the dragon. Doing one or the other is not going to net you any more exp than the other. Fighting more guys has no relevance to anything it's the amount of EXP each individual enemy you kill gives off that matters...

If the dragon on perilous is worth 1200 EXP, if you fight the guys at the end instead and each enemy you kill is only worth 5-10 exp each, then you would need to kill over 200 enemies at the end to equal the exp the dragon gives off.

People somehow think that because they're fighting more enemies that they will get more exp and the fact is that the total exp the dragon gives is around the same exact amount of exp fighting all the enemies combined. Sure you can get support exp and kill streaks but it is such a minute amount that it's not noticeable.