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I've recently began continuing my first playthrough of The Witcher 3. I haven't wanted to actually finish the game until all the DLC had been released. After going nearly a year without touching it, except briefly for the Hearts of Stone expansion, I'd forgotten just how good this game is. The writing is just superb, the combat engaging, and the atmosphere beautiful. Do yourself a favor and play the expansions if you, like me, have not played it for a while.
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I've heard that a lot, both online and offline. Must be getting close to a year since I have played the game. I sort of went too hard playing it at first and got bored after I did every quest and side quest (as I'm wont to). Apparently they've just been improving the game with each new update, so seems I've missed out on a lot. Might just have to pop The Witcher 3 back into the ol' PS4 and escape for a bit.
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Agreed, OP. :)

For some reason I've never wanted to be a completionist in this game. That serves me well, because I feel less forced playing all the side quests and it also allows me to discover new things on new playthroughs.

Up until recently I always skipped Dandelion's personal quest, because it starts silly. When I finally did it, there was more silliness and suddenly the whole atmosphere changed and it turned into a true horror story. One of the best quests in the game. I'm doing another run and I'm not planning to skip that one now. ;)

That quest doesn't end well, though. :(
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