Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble obtaining a Cerberus Code for Mass Effect 2. Let me start from the beginning...

1. A friend of mine gave me a free code to get ME2 on Origins last year. It was from a Bioware promotional event, where users who already purchased or pre-ordered Dragon Age 2 got ME2 free.

2. I installed the game, but only just got around to playing it (yeah yeah, I know I'm behind).

3. I found out that I should have received a Cerberus Code with this game, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the Origins interface: only the product key.

4. I talked to EA customer support over the phone, and they could use my one-time courtesy to give me a new code. I declined, because why use that when I should have received the code anyway? I then told them about the promotional event, and they said "Ohhh, you'll need to contact Bioware! Here's their number."

5. I call the number I was given, and get the help line for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Their help line told me to use the number on their site.

6. I went to Bioware's site, called that number, and got EA's customer support again because apparently EA handles all ME support requests (http://masseffect.bi...support_pc.html is where I got the number).

7. That line tells me to file a ticket on EA's help site, which is what I did at first. It's just a giant cycle now.

They were so good with helping me get the Bring Down the Sky DLC from ME1, that was resolved in a matter of minutes. What can I do to get my code?

EDIT: I forgot to mention: I searched for a previous topic on this, and it was suggested that I register the game on here and go to the Content for your Games page to see if it shows up there. I only have some Dragon Age 2 things, nothing regarding ME.

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I gave my free copy of ME2 to a friend and he also did not receive the Cerberus code. I then told him to email EA's support. He told EA that he had a new copy of ME2 registered to his Origin account and that all new copies are supposed to come with a Cerberus code, which he did not get. EA then replied to his email with a working code. If this doesn't work, try again and hope that another EA eployee gives you a code.

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It worked - I sent another e-mail and they gave me one. Was a bit confusing this time, but thanks again EA! Now if I can just get it to stop having "connection lost" when the game starts up and requires me to enter my login again...

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Please, somebody tell me what's the e-amil adress of EA's support! I've been looking for it everywhere but i'm about to give up... Oh and of corse the problem is a missing Cerberus code.
They are slower than a dying snail via eMail. You want to use the Live Chat instead.

But both are linked at the bottom of every page (Bioware Game Support is the link for EA Help, where you can get in the queue for Live Chat).

P. S. You must be logged in on EA's site, then you must choose your platform, and your game, and possibly your country also (I recall four things being wanted), then you can use the Live Chat link. 

(Added in Edit: it appears that the simpler route for answering those four things that was previously reached via the "eMail Us" link was removed for some reason, so now both the eMail form page and the Chat Line take the long way around, complicating things immensely.) 

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Thank you! :) I agree! :)
Oh, you mean the EA support web site https://help.ea.com/? ... No comment :D
I could find there everything but an answer... :D It says "e-mail us" then it jumps to the EA help site... and there is still NO e-amil adress!!!! Why people? Why so complicated?? ;(
I'm certain you will be much happier with the Live Chat, although you may strike a "Dud" of a Game Adviser who insists on following a strict script that is actually a guide for his use, not a requirement. Keep trying.
Thanks for all the help, the dying snail was surprisingly fast! :)
I had to change the country at the EA Help site, becouse it turned out that EA doesn't have an option for mail or chat in Hungary. I selected the UK, and sent a mail. I got the answer in 12 hours, AND the Cerberus code! So happy end! :)