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Bloyamind wrote:So if I read correctly, you believe Seath Authored all those books, or people under his command did. As far as his fascination with Dusk's Oolacile magic... Isn't he far older then Oolacile, or am I missing something? That basically brings us back to my first question, although I now see that research might in this case be 'researching something new' not 'researching old books for the answer'.

He created channelers to kidnap maidens to **** make esperiments, if we assume that "pisacas" were once human ladies. Channeler's trident description: "Trident of the Six-eyed Channelers,sorcerers who serve Seath the Scaleless in collecting human specimens"
I believe that he uses his channelers to collect books aswell, as it's almost impossible for him to take them alone and bring them to the archives, especially the libraries in the smaller rooms.
We also know that he betrayed dragons and the only possible reason for that is that he was jelous of other dragon's immortality, so the books are probably related to immortality, as we know that he found a alternative way to achieve immortality, the primordial crystal.
Of course the crystal could not be a defnitive solution, because of it's fragility, so he kept searching for the scales, and became blind and crazy.
On a side note I don't think he needs to kidnap dusk to achieve knowledge of oolacile's majick, because he was alive during the age where the city existed and he could've asked them, instead of waiting thousand(s) years to kidnap a girl. And seriously, why in hell can someone fall in love with dusk, when he's married with Gwynevere!?
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Just throwing a few thoughts out there for the group to mull.

The channelers likely serve another purpose. I'm too lazy to quote the exact descriptions but the helm describes Seath as "sightless" or something similar to that and that the channelers make up for that with their six eyes. While some channelers are out and about stealing ladies, there are some also back at the ranch. My guess is that, since Seath is blind/sightless/crappy sight, they're the ones doing the actual reading and writing. They're also mostly human sized books (channeler sized books?) in a structure with few rooms built for a dragon. Imagine the learning possibilities of many channelers all channeling information to him at the same time. The definition of "channeling" or "to channel" is basically transmitting information.

Evidence that he has collected books:
-If you take a look at the bindings of the books, one actually has a title and a real world counterpart. The book title is based on a collection of works that detail the British (I believe) royal lineage. In other words a set of genealogy. As the only title that gives a clue on what the books contain, it's safe to assume that the idea was to hint that genealogy or possibly genetics/ancestry or something similar are part of the research he was conducting.
-Why is this evidence of collecting rather than writing? Well part of the title's parody of the real world book seems to suggest an author. "Playfail" I think it was that we could read. The title is something like "Playfail's Book of Antiquities." I have a picture somewhere. All the other books in the library are more vague like "Vol. IX" or similar

Evidence he was documenting his work as well
-First off, why wouldn't he? You do research you take notes
-Logan. He dives in and learns some of Seath's secrets seemingly.

In other words, it's what you'd expect out of a library of someone conducting research. There's both things others have done that he wants to know as well as his own works.

EDIT: I forgot to tie into the what I think he's researching. The best guess is he's trying to become a complete and more importantly immortal dragon. The crystal he found/made is a fragile and temporary solution. As he's an anomaly there's probably not a whole lot of prior research conducted on "sightless, albino, scaleless dragons" so he's starting from scratch. As there's a limited sample of Dragon DNA as well, he might not have the means to compare his own with that of what he wants it to be. Also, that's heavier science than magic and in the real world there's little to suggest that it's easier to alter DNA that's already in motion than it would be to manipulate the end result. In other words, he wants to know how to make a substitute probably, rather than mutating himself. He's clearly deep into magic research and using that to get to his goal. It would make sense then for him to collect as many specimens of powerful magic as he can and combine them to make his ultimate goal.

Crystals are generally accepted as one of two main functions in supernatural concepts.
1. Batteries for magic or spiritual energy. They can contain near limitless external power in much lore and his crystal that we smash seems to be of this. When tied to one specific creature as is the case here, the limitless energy is in essence limiteless life. Sadly it's fragile
2. Conduits for amplifying power. Similar to a catalyst in game, crystals help one focus and amplify innate ability. An entire cave of crystals might be nice.

Just some more stuff to think about regarding Seath
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I've often wondered how Seath manages to read normal-sized books - that Channeller theory works it out brilliantly. Nicely done.