I fully agree. Unfortunately the mods are under an obligation to remove any user links to game content, that's the problem with an official site.

So in that light I suggest people with this problem, who are in search of the english version of the BIOGame file to look for help on alternative (fan)sites.

I am unfortunately away all weekend, otherwise I wouldn't have minded helping people out via pm's or email. I just hope some people have the links bookmarked and can spread them around elsewhere. I'm all for protection of intelectual property, but it's clear most of these people already own the game, they are simply missing a single file to play the game in their preferred language.

Could someone please PM me a link to the BIOGame_INT.tlk file? I got the audio changed to English thanks to the the tip from oneword :-) Menu items and subtitles in English as well would be very welcome.

Thanks a lot!

@Bioware: How about a little civil disobedience? The digital download I bought from www.gamesload.de LACKED that one file, even though they were advertising it for sale in both languages!
Would someone please send me an PM with a link to the BIOGame_INT.tlk file as well, please?
Hello, could someone please send me a PM with the link to BIOGame_INT.tlk file as well? I'm somewhat in your shoes: I'm Hungarian and am forced to play the game with some pretty bad Hungarian texts :)

thanks for the help
I just hate it (I bought CZ version). The english version of dubbing and subtitles is there, theres just no option to choose it, and you have to rename certain files. I would hang the people who programmed it... Or made them repair it and make them apologize.

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