Gorath Alpha wrote...

There was no PC version demo.

True, ME1 never had a PC demo. ME2 and ME3 have demos, both without controller support.

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mirak1234 wrote...

I am also disapointed to not be able to play with a game pad

I wanted to play on my flat screen and my couch
this is not possible with a keyboard and a mouse

I have a 360 controler wired and also wireless none of them works, so obviously some here are just trolling

actually you can do that with a keyboard and mouse just use wireless ones and if the transmitter doesn't have enough range, the simple solution is to attach it to a usb cable and move it close to you.

really there should always be the option to be able to use a controller, even a dinput controller which btw has more button avaliablity that xinput which is designed around the 360 controller.

Fredvdp wrote...

Gorath Alpha wrote...

There was no PC version demo.

True, ME1 never had a PC demo. ME2 and ME3 have demos, both without controller support.

In the case of ME-2, the demo came out two months, roughly, after the game itself, and generated very little stir on its own as a result of the timing. 

There are aftermarket softwares that run as an overlay and translate controller signals to keyboard plus mouse signals that often get good recommendations.   I never liked controllers, same as I never liked consoles. 
I tried third party controller software just out of curiosity but it doesn't work well with the PC interface, which is very different from the console UI. It's better to use config tweaks but those are far from perfect.

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Replicators wrote...

This has no effect on me, m/k ftw since i won't need that aim assistance crap, and it will be all manual aiming skillz and which mouse is far more accurate than a anolog stick is. So you nubcakes with no skill at all, need controller's since you prob used them since you were born and get so closed minded when you hit the teens that you can't adapt to anything better. It cracks me up when i read posts on people asking for controller support, because keyboard (OMG, SO MANY BUTTONS!! AHHHHHHH), cause it really boggles my mind in how someone would think a anolog stick is better than a mouse when aiming at something which leads to show they never worked or tried with a m/k. It's ok people, it's only a keyboard! Don't be scared!

At least i'm not a virgin.

That has to be the most ignorant comeback from small mind's, btw if you couldn't tell i was trolling hardcore there however it is ignorant to think pc nerd's (aka smart people who are the ones making your games) don't get laid.
Does anyone have a good PC profile for the 3rd game? Found the game for cheap and would like to use a controller for a mediocre 360 port.
This is not an ME-3 forum. You should ask that in the correct forum.  The other message you posted is a cross-post and is equally off topic in the other forum that you posted it in. 

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