BIG thanks to Kael13! It did not only help with the problem but also removed loading times! Awesome! And also thanks to Cymrich for me being stupid.
Thanks Kael13 your solution worked.
Also in case it helps anyone else I have the steam version and the target line of the shortcut is:
"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Mass Effect 2\\Binaries\\MassEffect2.exe" -nomoviestartup
Note that you must have a space between MassEffect2.exe" and -nomoviestartup otherwise windows will give you an error box that says something like invalid target.
Thanks for this! worked here for me
The -nomoviestartup parameter worked for me also, thank you!
Kael13, should have a medal or something, Atleast I now know Hocks movementpattern for the entire fight. Thanks again.