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Ok this is my first post on this site. Have looked but couldn't see a thread like this.

I just wanna ask 2 questions/points that have been bugging me about the lore.

First I want to know if Izalith was around before the lords challenged the dragons? The witch of izalith is only ever mentioned by that title. To be the witch of izalith would usually mean that she was already from there when she found her lord soul. Not sure if this has ever been covered or explained but i think it is odd as the other lords (bar the Pygmy) have been named.

The second question/point i wanna raise is concerning the pantheon of gods. Gwen came from the dark to retrieve the lord soul but he had a family already. His UNCLE is stated as being All Father Lloyd. This would mean that Lloyd existed before the age of fire as did his brother/sister. If the fire was the beginning of life/death then how where these beings around?

I haven't seen anything online yet that explains these points so thought i would bring it here to see what you think.

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There are no released canonical answers to either of those questions yet. There are many theories, yet nothing definitive in-game or released in FromSoft/Miyazaki interviews yet.

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The opening sequence says "from the dark they came and found the souls of lords within the flame"

To me this means there must have been some journey to find the souls (or they found they by accident but still they had to find them). Either way I suspect that the gods had lives before they found the souls although anymore than that is pretty difficult to judge.

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If the fire was the begining of life and death then maybe the gods were origionally undead before obtaining thier lord souls.



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G_Man wrote:If the fire was the begining of life and death then maybe the gods were origionally undead before obtaining thier lord souls.

That's always bugged me, because if you look at the Pygmy's hands in the intro film, they're Human, not Hollow.

I've always been of the opinion that Izalith was there before the discover of the First Flame, I can't reconcile a whole fully fleshed society (with political and religious hierarchies in place) just springing up at the very start of a world ie: Gwyn having Knights and an Uncle, The WoI already being an established Fire Sorcerer.

But that's just me, the video says that it all started after the discover of the First Flame, believe it or not.