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Hey guys i was fighting the GD yesterday and it occurred to me that we don't have anything on his origin or what he is doing in the depths. As he is a dragon it stands to reason that he is intelligent but the game doesn't tell us why he lives down there. Any theories?


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From what I recall from the description of the Dragon King Greataxe, the gaping dragon is a distant descendant of the everlasting dragons. However it was also deformed because of it's hunger, resulting in it forming that weird mouth.

Where the hunger came from I cannot exactly remember but my best guess is that it had something to do with Blight Town's waters being infected.
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The Everlasting Dragon in Ash Lake is sheltered away in hiding, so other Everlasting Dragons may have found their way into caves and such that were near the waterways of the Depths when it was built later on. Thus as they bred on their own it resulted in the eventual birth of the Gaping Dragon, which is of course a descendant of the Everlasting Dragons.

Which is wai you sei it crawling out from below massive waterfall because it probably leads to lower caves and natural water-ways where the dragon(s) had made their homes for many years.

And as stated above it became deformed due to it's hunger. Though that may also have been evolution over all the years that the Dragons were breeding down there, if they were.

I was moar focused on the fact that the massive hole in the wall at the back of the map with light shining through it, is shaped like South America. Or something..