After clearing the first map, I knew it is going to take too long to get to Druffy, so I tried to see if anyone is interested.  But everyone is either AFK or in a match already.   So, map 2 is assassins right?   Should be easy to die right?   So map 2... fog.. might as well light the torch and get the gold.  Did it and now I have about 12 assassins popping in and out and following me.  Oh this is fun... I could kite them around.  So ran around a few loops... got bore.. and ready to call the match...

But not so easy.... apparently assassins only attack your back if you don't move....  here is the last minute or so.... but I stopped moving long long time ago and just watching the dumb AI in shock for like 10 minutes. :P  I didn't stop in the corner btw.. I stopped in the middle of the floor and got pushed to the corner.. :P