Would you want to be able to play SP and have a friend come in with a self-rolled character and background and co-op a dungeon with a couple game characters who would comment and talk about things related to what you and your friend rolled (character race/class/history wise)?

I would love to not only do the maps we have now in DAIMP but also go with a friend to a co-op area of a map like Hinterlands.  Maybe I'm just too used to doing this kind of thing in WoW.  WoW was never all that immersive for me. DA is a different beast, but with shared potential features.

What would you want to see improved for any future DA MP?  For me If it had to bethe same separate MP lobby format, i'd at least want to see longer zone maps and more novel things to encounter that would encourage slower progression (less speed run incentives).. like hidden doors, big traps, occasional friendly AI.

In general, i'd find DA MP to improve if they brought in more old school D&D features, but perhaps not everyone would agree.  Sharing a SP experience with a friend would be spectacular, esp if the environment accepted more players.


I'd prefer to keep SP and MP essentially separate. Though, considering how tiresome I found SP, maybe switching it up like how you said wouldn't be a bad thing. Not sure, though. For now, I'm happy with the option of one or the other.

As for maps, I really don't care how long they take, how expansive they are or how much there is to do per run, as long as the combat is fun and the loot (and game in general) is progressive. DAIMP has too much RNG BS trying to bank off platinum, unrewarding to the point where no one wants to spend anything on it.

Do away with promotions, have a high, hard to reach level cap with diminishing rewards and add attribute/ability rewards to challenges. That's how I'd like to see it handled, but whatever works is fine. Fun is fun. All I ever wanted was variety. More characters, more factions/enemies, more locations.

Also, I know people like the MP personalities but new classes would have been much, much easier to implement if they were more generic. I'd have been quite happy playing as Inquisition [insert class], maybe with unlockable race options and class-based legendary variants/skins (characters from the game(s)).

Most importantly, though, I'd just want to avoid the sense of regret I felt for spending so long on the game, only to have the plug pulled with hardly any added content. I came back for a while but I think I'm actually done at this point.


Do you think they made it on purpose to be boring as to discourage long term play so gamers would not hesitate on the next game MP?  I know the topic has been done to death in forums,  I still think there are some great ideas not implemented for such a game genre and Bioware is in the best situation to move them forward.

I'd thinkthat developing SP and MP side by side would make the creation of both much cheaper and simpler.  I'd like the majority of SP to remain SP, but to have a group hub with perhaps mercenary missions or whatever where you can do content with friends, I don't really see a downside.  I'm with Bioware all the way on keeping pvp out of the game. 

Promotions kind of solve the problem of needing a cap, but for players like Silver Smurf, is there really a point to gaining more Promotions?  I'd imagine there's nothing gear wise.. and as you mentioned RNG shouldn't be a focus and make players grind.  If there was a large loot table of varying items at top ends, there may not be such a focus on a player going after 1 item and never getting it.  RNG has been sort of kind to me, but if certain things wont drop until a certain prestige level.. then it annoys me a lot as i get nothing in my chests but mats which are only useful for Dragon Call...  Having perhaps at least RNG EVENTS like rare spawn mobs at the simplest level, or a rare side-path to a rare map.  Look at how popular Commander Druffy is, this is what i'm talking about.  Right now DAIMP only has that as a variance.

I hate to say but the maps are starting to put me to sleep.  ME3MP has a LOT more maps and i've never really felt bored of any of them.  ME3MP maps also tend to not be so linear a sandbox (get from Point A to Point B).  Perhaps some survival type maps would have benefitted DAIMP.

I'd love to craft my own MP character based off the stock options.  I know the voice work is a bit much.. but if Bioware really wanted to capitalize.. maybe make voice packs as optional purchases and very rare drops.  There's a ton of ideas I should be hired to help Bioware with... lol   I'm not that far from Deadmonton (it's not that bad there, I know).  I guess i get annoyed at the limited armour options, and suspect Bioware dropped the ball.  How many actually buy platiunum??  I've never, not in DAIMP or ME3MP... i just don't see the point.   If there were things that made it more fun to play, i'd be more enticed to spend a little more, especially mid game cycle when i'm jonesing for something fresh.

I know how you feel about having content pulled.  When i started playing ME3MP, i had JUST missed the last week of weekend events...  Really pissed me off, i wanted to have fun and partake, and was left out as I spent most of the first year or two playing the crap out of SP.   Bioware can't support community events carrying over to whatever they release next???  WOuldn't that show loyalty to their customer base and improve sales?    pretty lame-o.


Depending on the content of ME:A, it would seem plausible that BW would go this direction. Whether to go with timed map events or co-op dungeons

that would scale according to the number of players is another story. That has both pros and cons MMO players could discuss forever. I would prefer

to see SP and MP separate as Minuos pointed out. I also see DAI's SP having quite a bit of empty spaces. I enjoyed finding easter eggs in games no matter

how quirky they may get, but I also like spontaneity.

Certain games have replay value, because your choices matter. I don't want to remember when certain triggers happen: enemies appearing after a given

criteria is met. That works only in places like 5/5 of MP in DAMP when it is a part of a climactic build or a momentary pause.

I agree with KallenX about choices on the player character in MP being unique enough to be as immersive as the one in SP. Having played a few MMOs,

I tire of the same old grind. However, if the grind is fun and unpredictable, then I will be more than happy to fail and smile and learn.  :)


...but for players like Silver Smurf, is there really a point to gaining more Promotions?...

Oh sure, pick on me  :crying:



No picking, you just rock the MP game and we all know you lol    That's my point about SP, they could bring the SP and MP  players together a little by, say, having MP players be mercenaries. I mean that's already built into the SP story line, most notably with Iron Bull and the Chargers.    I think I read via Autumn that DA4 may be some sort of tactical game involving them -rumour/speculation- 

I don't really understand the aversion to having MP help out a SP play through RPG wise.  Both SP and MP can be incorporated into a whole, not sure if I see how keeping them totally separate makes sense when there is no PVP involved.  The mercs could just hang out in a tavern between matches instead on a lobby screen, and still have the queue system at hand. 

Think that failed ps3 community space which was totally useless, it was still an interesting idea at the time for being able to walk around with a body sized avatar, just no purpose to be there really, ever.   A SP PC could walk into the tavern and recruit 3 other players who would get gold from the SP player to run various levels of difficult maps/zones.  Maybe the overhaul would allow Bioware to design a lobby system that doesn't crash all the time as a bonus.  The game companies at some point are going to have to maintain MP spaces, the whole offloading of it leads to.. well you see what it does with DAIMP sessions, same thing happens in ME3MP.  It's really trashy dev work imo. mostly due to corporate decision not to host basic lobby systems or force Sony to create/host them via the now mandatory PS PLUS (idk about Xbox or PC).

I would be really happy if i could RP my SP PC and walk it into a tavern and join a MP match with her/him, then buy the tavern a round after.a successful mission, then mope back to the LI who is probably pissed I've been away all day and night.


Side-by-side development might work, but SP and MP are fundamentally different, so you might just end up with two teams constantly tripping over each other.  :P That, and wasn't there a bunch of complaining about ME3MP being linked to SP? "Never again" might be the go-to response for the notion. I'm sure they could make it work somehow, but my personal concern is that things will be pushed too far towards one thing or the other. I like being able to choose between SP and MP outright.

DAMP probably ended up being as repetitive and grindy as it is because of what the devs had to work with. Maybe there were ideas to improve things all-around, but maybe potential solutions weren't a realistic option at that stage of things, or maybe someone just said no. Maybe next time. I'm distantly hopeful, despite my misery.


I agree, which is why MP players would never have to set foot in the SP world with their MP only characters.  I guess I'm odd in that I'd like to be able to update my MP characters via SP and update some SP things with MP.  Having a tavern, like Hotel California, would at least add some entertainment value, while letting SP tie in without being forced to MP, and MP players never once having to step foot on a SP zone.  I don't get why it has to be segregated.

I also really don't get the outrage over the ME3 thing.. it was a non issue from the start as you could get the final ending without any MP war table assets/points. Wasn't easy, but I did it.  and even so, what's the big deal?  You can't ever have everything in life, pick your battles and whine less about not having entitlement feelings fulfilled.  RNG is RNG. at least it's not WoW with RNG in RNG in RNG...  Anyways, vocal minority stupidity that was, imo.  If i could have played Tali in MP, i would have done so lots (nice posterior.. i mean personality).  I didn't feel so left out i guess as the MP ME classes were/are very cool.  DAIMP enhanced the MP a lot as they added names, backgrounds and character voices/emotes/conversations.   I like that addition, it shows, albeit a small one, a move in the direction of having MP characters that matter.  I'd like to see that explored in more depth.

I think the issues are more older gamers expect convention to never be broken, but if it's never broken, you'll never get better, deeper games.


How realistic is it to create procedural generated maps in MP for the Frostbite engine?


It's always confounded me with the vastness of DAI SP why so few maps in MP. I guess they didn't want to have exterior maps (Like running through the forest, desert etc.) But I think it could have easily been done, For examples, some of the small villages in Exalted Plains of even a dungeon crawl from Descent. Maybe they were just feeling it out how successful it would be and have a more extensive MP in "DA-4 The Quest For More Money" (hee hee! Who gets that reference?)